Sep 22

Pumpkin Patches & Wins Giveaway Hop

Pumpkin Patches & Wins

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Do you enjoy visiting Pumpkin Patches?
What is one of your favorite Pumpkin Patches to visit?
What are some of your favorite Autumn Activities?

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  1. Francine Anchondo

    yes love pumplkin patches. our favorite is valas

  2. Leela

    I used to love it when I was younger. I’d love to start going again.

  3. Sand

    We love to go to pumpkin patches! They are fun and memorable experiences!

  4. Seyma Shabbir

    I have been to one pumpkin patch in NC, in youngsville. It was fun and they have rides and so many fun activities. I love bobbing for apples.

  5. Heather B

    I DO enjoy visiting the pumpkin patch. In fact my son’s birthday party tomorrow is at a local pumpkin patch/ apple orchid.

  6. Jerry Marquardt

    I do enjoy visiting pumpkin patches. I also love to go to take photos and enjoy an afternoon to make my fall day the perfect one.

  7. Linda Kish

    When my son was young, we used to go to pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Now that he is an adult, we no longer do those things.

  8. Laurie Nykaza

    We love visiting the Pumpkin Patches where we live in our city there are 4 of them. Our favorite Autumn Activities are going our for hikes with our dogs the weather is so nice.

  9. Kelsey vinson

    Yes! We go every year.

  10. Buddy Garrett

    I’m not really into pumpkin patches. We buy our pumpkins at the supercenter. I enjoy all of the Fall festivals.

  11. Hope Mitchner

    I like to let the kids pick out their pumpkins for Halloween. We either go to a patch or else we grow our own.

  12. dvice12

    We do enjoy visiting Pumpkin Patches, especially at local farms.

  13. Tabitha miller

    We go to our churches pumpkin patch and to a big one in ok

  14. Tabitha miller

    Awesome thing yall are doing. I entered 3 blogs

  15. anitakayduvall

    Would you believe that I have never been to a Pumpkin Patch! Never seen a corn maze. Love Hay Rides though.

  16. Mary Gardner

    I don’t care too much about pumpkin patches but I do like to visit the mountains when the leaves are changing.

  17. thischickwins

    i’ve never visited one but i’d love to. we have great ones in upstate ny. my fav autumn activity is decorating my house for the season.

  18. kathypease

    I have never visited a pumpkin patch but I do love to go apple picking

  19. Philip Lawrence

    I like visiting pumpkin patches with my grandchildren. One of my favorite ones is in Kansas. Our favorite Fall activity is building leaf houses.

  20. Jen R

    I have not been to a pumpkin patch in many years but we did enjoy visiting one in Colorado when the kids were smaller. We enjoy visiting fall festivals and having backyard bonfires this time of year.

  21. Regina

    I don’t remember ever visiting a pumpkin patch…One of my favorite autumn activities is sitting outside on a brisk morning.

  22. jerylt

    I don’t really care about pumpkins but my kids like going to pumpkin patches. We don’t really have a favorite one,

  23. shaneazoom

    We love taking the kids to pumpkin patches. They love it as much as I did when I was their age. We like to dress them up in their costumes and make a day out of it.

  24. Shauna

    I have never been to a pumpkin patch but I would like to visit one. I really enjoy our local garden center. It is a really charming place to visit this time of year. They have a bunch of pumpkins out and do hayrides. I am really excited to take my son!

  25. Lisa Pecora

    I have never visited a pumpkin patch. I do like apple picking though.

  26. Cheryl Chervitz

    When my kids were little, we would go to a pumpkin patch every year to get our pumpkins. I think they are great.

  27. John H.

    We go to the orchard.

  28. Stephanie Liske

    I do enjoy visiting pumpkin patches. I also love haunted houses!!

  29. Jennifer H.

    We like to go to the local orchard to get pumpkins.

  30. Tiffanie Davenport

    we only have one where we live that’s close but I love pumpkin patches

  31. Lisa Voyce

    Now that I have a granddaughter, it’s a blast to go to a pumpking patch with her. We have on very close by. We also like to go hiking in the Fall.

  32. `Robin

    We like taking a trip to our local pumpkin patch, the kids love the hay ride there.

  33. Renee Grosskreuz

    I haven’t visited a pumpkin patch recently.However, I visited one when I was a kid.

  34. Ed

    Yes to pumpkin patches and corn mazes!

  35. Janice Crespo

    I used to love doing any and all things Halloween. I lost my daughter almost 2 years ago on 10/26 and i just can’t get into the Halloween spirit anymore.

  36. DeeAnn

    I love pumpkin patches. we also like going thru the corn mazes too. πŸ™‚

  37. wen budro

    I don’t have any pumpkin patches where I live. My favorite Autumn activity is Halloween.

  38. Kyl Neusch

    I enjoy pumpkin patches

  39. Lauren Olivia Wood

    I love pumpkin patches! There are a few local ones near me. I also like bonfires and corn mazes.

  40. Crystal Rose

    I usually get my pumpkin at the grocery store but I do go to pumpkin patches sometimes. I like baking as soon as autumn comes.

  41. Jessica Whitehouse

    Not a “pumpkin patch”, but we usually visit the Castle of Muskogee- it’s a privately owned event center that hosts a huge Renaissance fair in the spring. In October, they have several walk-through haunted houses, hayrides, and a maze.

  42. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats

    I don’t have any children, and we live in a rural area so we don’t get any trickor treaters so we don’t really visit pumpkin patches

  43. clynsg

    Pumpkin Patches are not on our radar. Fall activities revolve around the grandchildren’s school activities.

  44. Jan Lee

    I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a pumpkin patch. I don’t do many fall activities because I have MS and don’t walk very well. πŸ™

  45. Daniel M

    nopt not anymore

  46. Erica B.

    We like the pumpkin patch at a local church.

  47. Jeanna Massman

    We love taking our grandson to the Pumpkin Patch in Marana, AZ.

  48. clumsycruiser

    I have never been to a pumpkin patch. I would love to go to one. I do love fall and hayrides.

  49. Kari M Lorz

    My favorite patch is Lee Farms in Tualatin, Oregon. They have fresh made pumpkin doughnuts!

  50. elizabeth miller

    We usually go to the pumpkin patch at a place called Milborne Orchards. The kids love it. We love doing hayrides, corn field mazes, and bonfires in the fall.

  51. sandra

    I enjoy pumpkin patches that offer other activities as well

  52. Wendy Caddy

    I love visiting Fir Point Farms in Aurora Oregon. Besides an awesome pumpkin patch, there are farm animals to visit, a tractor ride, trails, and more. Then we finish up with their fresh apple donuts and shop for apples and other goodies to take home. It is an full day of fun for us that we look forward to all year long.

  53. Melina Ramirez

    I do enjoy attending pumpkin patches. There is one locally thrown by a church. I like to attend local fall festivals with my kids.

  54. busyworkingmama

    I love visiting the pumpkin patch! It’s so much fun to get the kids together there.

  55. darby

    I love raking leaves, weirdly enough!

  56. shirley emitt

    I have a local pumpkin patch that we go to. I like baking fresh pumpkin pies.

  57. Rebecca C

    I enjoy visiting pumpkin patches but I honestly haven’t been to one in years. I really enjoy hiking, especially during the fall when the leaves are changing. I also like any excuse to drink hot chocolate so the cooler weather is great for that! Happy Fall.

  58. Robin Creager

    I love going to pumpkin patches especially with my grandson. Going on a hayride and picking out our pumpkins is our favorite thing to do when visiting Carolyn’s Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch – Kansas City

  59. susan smoaks

    we haven’t been in a long time but i do like pumpkin patches.

  60. Denise S

    I haven’t been to a real pumpkin patch in ages, but it would be fun. I like baking in the fall.

  61. Stacy

    I have never visited an actual pumpkin patch before. I think it would be fun, especially if they do hay rides and other activities.

  62. Denise B.

    I only like the pumpkin patches where they actually grow the pumpkins, and you have to pick them yourself; not the ones that have truckloads of pumpkins brought in and strewn all over a field.

  63. Gina Marie

    We have a local pumpkin patch that we try to visit every year. They offer hay rides too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  64. Lauren U

    THere’s a pumpkin patch by the church in my town that I love. I take the kids every year!

  65. Dana Matthews

    We love pumpkin patches. We have one less than two hours away called Bull Frog Bottom Farms. The corn maze is always a hit. I love fall festivals and bazaars. And nothing beats a bonfire!

  66. Jaclyn Reynolds

    We love hay rides and fall festivals. There is one at Mayfield Dairy in Athens TN that we enjoyed.


    Our family loves to visit Vala’s pumpkin patch in Gretna NE. There are so many activities that you can spend the entire day there.

  68. amber whitehead

    We go to the Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch every year and pick pumpkins to carve. We also love decorating for Fall, corn mazes and trick or treating of course.

  69. Anne Higgins

    Enjoyed a weekend of fun with the grandkids, playing at the pumpkin patch, get lost in the corn maze and taking a hay ride – so much fun!

  70. Becca

    I used to enjoy visiting pumpkin patches when I was a kid. I love making pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the fall.

  71. golden storm

    never been to a pumpkin patch but i do enjoy walking in the woods with the fall colors

  72. Jennifer L.

    I love pumpkin patches but I haven’t found any near me anymore. I love going through corn mazes and on haunted hay rides.

  73. Rosanne (@rosannepm)

    I enjoyed going to Pumpkin Patches when my kids were little. Now I have grandchildren. I like the one near Caledonia/Poplar Grove IL. I love eating apple cider donuts.

  74. tiago rosado

    What are some of your favorite Autumn Activities?

    well,unleashing my dog in piles of leaves

  75. Corey Hutton

    I’ve never visited a Pumpkin Patch, Don’t even know where one would be. But i loves me some Halloween, and enjoy giving out candy, seeing all the kids dressed up (Since i’m too old to dress up now).

  76. Renea G

    We love hay rides, choosing our Halloween pumpkins and picking a bushel of apples when we go to the local pumpkin patch at jaemor farms!

  77. pollylee

    We love taking our grandsons to the Pumpkin Patch and letting them pick out their own pumpkin. They also have a maze for the kids to play in

  78. Peggy Damon

    My favorite fall activities is decorating the front porch for autumn. The colors are beautiful and inviting

  79. Holly Thomas

    We love to go to pumpkin patches. We actually just visited our favorite one in Champaign, IL called Curtis Orchard on Monday. They make the absolute best apple cider I have ever had in my life!! Some other favorite fall activities is decorating pumpkins, bonfires, apple picking!

  80. Wendy R.

    We haven’t been to any pumpkin patches for years. We do enjoy Oktoberfest though!

  81. beth shepherd

    I love going to pumpkin patches and corn mazes with the family. There is one 10 minutes from our home and its awesome. THank you

  82. latanya t

    I do like going to pumpkin patches. We have one here that is a lot of fun

  83. gracefulcoffee

    I love pumpkin patches! I love baking in the fall πŸ™‚


  84. Chris L

    I LOVE pumpkin patches/ The 3 sisters setup is nice.. I will eat a few pumpkins, not pie pumpkins , not my fav flovor, but decorating with them is fun

  85. Lisa Ehrman

    My favorite thing to visit is apple orchards, but I also do enjoy the pumpkin patches, too.

  86. heather kaufman

    I like pumpkin patches with fun activities & animals.

  87. courtney h

    I love going to snipes in PA

  88. Kaycee

    I’ve never been but have always wanted to!

  89. Sarah Hayes

    pumpkin patches are fun and I also enjoy going to festivals

  90. amy craft

    Pumpkin patches were a HUGE tradition with my daughter. She was born on Halloween so we did it all!

  91. Katie Bellamy

    We go to our local Pumpkin Patch every year! I love Fall & all the festivities!

  92. jlindahlj

    I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch. One thing we like to do in the Fall is drive around in the country and look at all the beautiful colours on the trees.

  93. Cassandra D.

    I enjoy it. I like to make little wreaths for the door.

  94. Jess D

    I love pumpkin patches! But I have yet to find one sine moving across the state

  95. Linda

    I haven’t yet visited a pumpkin patch. In the fall, I like to take walks.

  96. Kristin C

    I love visiting pumpkin patches and going on a hayride.

  97. Amy Deeter

    i love pumpkin patches.There is one here in our area called Coolsprings. It is so much fun.One of my favorite Autumn activities is taking walks in the cooler weather

  98. nafeza2526

    I love the idea of visiting a pumpkin patch however I have never been to one

  99. laura bernard

    We love pumpkin patches!

  100. Susan Smith

    Yes we would go to a local pumpkin patch when my kids were young.

  101. Tammy Shelton

    I brake for pumpkin patches. Halloween and Fall is my favorite time of year.

  102. ladymagnolia99

    I have been to almost every pumpkin patch in my area with the grandchildren and great grandchildren. They love to go, mainly because there is so much to do and they cater to the little ones!!

    Judy Cox

  103. amanda whitley

    i love vising pumpkin patches and apple picking and corn mazes in the fall.

  104. Chelsea Woodring

    I honestly have not been to a pumpkin patch in sooo long, but I would love to visit one in the near future!

  105. Debbi Wellenstein

    I have never been to a pumpkin patch. I like to take hikes in the fall.

  106. Judith R.

    I like travelling abroad in the autumn. The weather is milder, the crowds are thinner and the prices are lower.

  107. msrodeobrat

    I love visiting pumpkin patches! We have one locally called Lazy Acres and it is so fun. I love carving pumpkins during the fall!

  108. Jason Vaughn

    I’ve never been to a Pumpkin Patch but I love corn mazes.

  109. heather s

    Yes, I enjoy them. Our local church usually has one

  110. Motionless Trees

    I enjoy watching the changing of the leaves during autumntime.

  111. Julie Bickham

    We use to go to a certain farm every fall and pick out our pumpkins. We took a hayride to the patch. It was so much fun!

  112. Mary Cloud

    I’ve never visited a Pumpkin Patch – we don’t really have any of those around here

  113. Dawn Ballo

    We take our grandkids to the pumpkin patch every year. Its a blast. They ride ponies & go on hayrides, do corn mazes and of course get some delicious treats.

  114. Cynthia C

    I enjoy visiting the apple orchard to get fresh apples in the fall.

  115. mrsmchappell

    I love visiting pumpkin patches with my kids and taking photographs!

  116. Christina Sparks

    I like to visit the pumpkin patches that have the hay rides.

  117. Amanda

    I like going for a color drive where we look at all the trees changing colors in the fall!

  118. Lauren Becker

    I haven’t been to one in forever, but I love Fall activities like festivals and just being outside!


  119. Lois M.

    I can’t say that I’ve been to a pumpkin patch… at least as an adult. If I did as a kid, just don’t remember. But I certainly love eating pumpkins! πŸ™‚ And love when the leaves change colors too!

  120. aaron reck

    Yes, I love pumpkin patches. So many good pumpkin foods and drinks. Have you had a pumpkin roll? I like corn mazes.

  121. alice minx

    We don’t have pumpkin patches here.. but I always envision them like the grest pumpkin lol

  122. Jennylyn Gross

    I love the corn mazes

  123. Darlene Carbajal

    I go to a pumpkin patch that is like 10 mins away from my house.

  124. Charity Cram

    I like to visit pumpkin patches as an excuse to get fresh donuts at a local farm! Thank you for the chance to win!

  125. Angela Saver

    Yes, I love going to the pumpkin patches with the family! My favorite is Campbell’s Maze Daze & Pumpkin Patch!

  126. bn100

    yes, no fav

  127. Marie Lowther

    I have been to a pumpkin patch and I want to take my son next year. One of my favorite fall activities is going to a pumpkin patch!

  128. Robin Abrams

    We love going to the local pumpkin patch. They have a corn maze for the kids we have alot of fun

  129. shannonsfun

    we like going to the corn maze and pumpkin patch.

  130. Stephanie

    I have never been to a pumpkin patch, but I would love to go to one if I had the chance. I love baking with fresh apples in the Fall.

  131. barbg

    When my kids were young we always visited the patches but not anymore. Now I just sit and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves from my patio.

  132. Kamla L.

    We used to take t he kids around Halloween when they were little. We would go on hayrides and enjoy other fall activities. I haven’t been in years now that the kids are grown.

  133. Randi S

    Yes! Love them… though admittedly I much prefer apple orchards instead! Or places that have both.

  134. Andrea Williams

    My kids have outgrown the pumpkin patches but we still enjoy the corn mazes.

  135. Lyndsey R.

    I like Leebs Farms in Ohio. They have hay rides, corn mazes, Apple picking, face painting and pumpkin patch. So fun! My favorite is the corn mazes.

  136. Adrienne Gordon

    I do like going to them and to corn mazes,.

  137. robinmblankenship

    I love Pumpkin Patches. My fave is called Devines It has a great corn maze

  138. Melissa Storms

    I do enjoy pumpkin patches, We are very rural and there are several in our area.

  139. Lasonda

    I enjoy pumpkin patches and love to decorate with pumpkins in the fall.

  140. Richard Hicks

    One thing that we do every year is visit the pumpkin patches and choose that special pumpkin

  141. Ann Fantom

    Yes, I love taking my daughter to the pumpkin patch. We have one at an apple orchard just down the street from our house.

  142. progress001

    I like going to a pumpkin patch to see who grows the largest pumpkin.

  143. Marianne

    My country doesn’t experience autumn. We just have a dry season and a wet season. As far as I know, we don’t really have pumpkin patches either.

  144. slehan

    I like going to the Denver Botanic Gardens Pumpkin Festival.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  145. kelly nicholson

    Do you enjoy visiting Pumpkin Patches? What is one of your favorite Pumpkin Patches to visit? What are some of your favorite Autumn Activities?

    went to one when i was 5..cant remember…i love football this time a season,and the weather

  146. Tyyne Petrowski

    I don’t visit pumpkin patches, but do like apple picking in the autumn.

  147. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    Pumpkin patches are okay, but I much prefer just being in the mountains when the leaves are changing.

  148. Rachel

    We enjoy going to pumpkin patches as well as apple orchards. My family loves to go hiking and enjoy the leaves changing colors.

  149. Dan Denman

    We don’t have any pumpkin patches near us. I do like to buy and decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

  150. Lynne B

    Honestly, I’ve only been to a pumpkin patch once or twice. It was fun for my kids. We carved pumpkins for Halloween. But I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t like to eat pumpkin! πŸ˜‰

  151. Wendy Hutton

    I have never visited a pumpkin patch just someones garden to get a pumpkin

  152. Deborah W

    I love going to pumpkin patches and riding the wagon to get there and back.

  153. Cynthia R

    Yes we love pumpkin patches and visit a local one each autumn to get a few pumpkins to decorate.

  154. Tara Darity

    We love going to the pumpkin patch!!

  155. janetfaye

    I have never visited a pumpkin patch. My favorite autumn activity is fitness walking.

  156. Will G

    I like going to the Elegant Farmers pumpkin patch.

  157. Lulu

    I don’t really like pumpkins. My favorite autumn activity is baking apple pies!

  158. monique s

    am have never been to one….they don’t really have them in my area. They look fun and the kids would love one I am sure

  159. Soha Molina

    I like the Strawberry Farm near my place.

  160. Elizabeth Robinson

    I have never visited one.

  161. Emeryl

    The local pumpkin patches aren’t very big here, but it is nice for the kids to be able to pick out pumpkins for themselves.

  162. Nancy

    Yes. We like to visit local pumpkin patches. We also like to visit local farmer’s markets.

  163. Michelle L

    The weather gets cooler, and I usually have to rake the leaves…

  164. Melissa

    I haven’t gone to a pumpkin patch since i was a little kid. i love halloween, i like decorating the house and dressing up.

  165. Jen D

    I enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch when my kids were younger….I think I’ll enjoy going w/ grand children in the future when I get them. My favorite fall activity is a drive to see the colors change.

  166. Kelly D

    Yes, we enjoy pumpkin patches. There is one near us that is free and they have a maze and little games for the kids to to play. We also like to go on nature walks in the fall.

  167. hannah

    I haven’t visited a pumpkin patch in a while, but it is certainly fun picking through to find my favorite. I love baking with apples and pumpkins, and apple picking is also a fun activity!

  168. jennifer bowen

    i love going to pumpkin farms and one of them is jerry smiths in kenosha wis the other one is sawins and thats in racine co. here in wisconsin and well there so much to do at both places at this time of year and well theres hayrides and apple picking and just so much fun and things to do.

  169. Ashley C

    I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since I was a child. I don’t even remember where it was and I don’t think we even got a pumpkin. LOL. I don’t do much in the fall — but I typically enjoy the cooler weather (not this year; it’s mid 80’s!) and watching the leaves change.

  170. Candice

    I love pumpkin picking! I remember going as a kid, and need to find one near me now.

  171. Cathy French

    I don’t think I’ve ever visited a Pumpkin Patch. There is one just south of me at a farmers market that I have visited numerous times. One of my favorite autumn activites is just taking in the sights and smells that fall nature has to offer.

  172. stacey mccrary

    We love the pumpkin patches around us. The cooler weather is enjoyable and fall festivals are a blast!

  173. stacey mccrary

    Yes we go to the pumpkin patches. Fall festivals and Halloween are our favorite things!

  174. Jay Jackson

    I use to take my niece and nephew all of the time and we loved it.

  175. Klydra Pugh

    We do enjoy going to the pumpkin patches. A favorite Fall activity is Fall festivals.
    Thanks for the chance.

  176. Maureen

    We do go to pumpkin patches. We also love to pick apples.

  177. Lisa Brown

    pumpkin patches are fun to visit, though, I have not been to one in ages.

  178. Kim Avery

    We visit a variety of pumpkin patches every weekend when they open. There is always different activities at every one! Our favorite fall activity is going to the apple orchard to pick apples!

  179. Natalie

    We used to visit pumpkin patches but now we go to an apple orchard every year and pick apples. It is a tradition!

  180. James Robert

    Yes, we go and have apple cider and hot donuts at ours.

  181. Cheryl B

    I take my Granddaughter to visit the local farm market and pumpkin patch. We love this time of the year.

  182. Janice Dean

    I go to the local pumpkiin patch with my grandchildren for pumpkins, cider and donuts!

  183. Amber Hites

    I love your info on blogging opportunities!

  184. Lisa Williams

    One of our favorite autumn activities are baking some tasty treats like Harvest Bars and pumpkin cookies,the kids love helping in the kitchen.

  185. Ellen Stafford

    We don’t really have pumpkin patches here in the UK. We do however buy pumpkins and carve them around Halloween which is fun!

  186. Kathy Ross

    I don’t go so much anymore. But, when I was young I loved going on hay rack rides!

  187. rsbrandt44

    Oh, I love anything having to do with pumpkins! One of my favorite autumn activities is getting pumpkin milkshakes.

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