National Teddy Bear Day! #NationalTeddyBearDay

National Teddy Bear Day ~ Deals & Steals on Amazon ~ So how did the Teddy Bear get it’s name? It all started in the year 1902, when US President Roosevelt, took a hunting trip in Mississippi via an invitation from their Governor. As the story goes, President Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear that …

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Composting Basics & Deals

Composting Basic Understanding What is composting? Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. Compost can be created from a wide variety of organic materials from¬† kitchen scraps to waste. Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming. Healthy plants from a nutrient rich soil look better, …

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Pumpkin Spice Everything!

Pumpkin Spice Everything! ~ Deals & Steals on Amazon ~ Pumpkin Spice is a favorite flavor this time of year and people are searching for it everywhere! This autumn flavor has become a seasonal novelty in so many ways. You either love it or hate it! Personally I’m one of those people who could take …

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Hair Straightener Brush ~ Straightens Curly, Wavy Hair in Minutes!

straightening brush

Hair Straightener Brush ~ Straightens Curly, Wavy Hair in Minutes! ~ My Take… My daughter and I like straight hair, but we both have naturally curly hair.. Go figure, right!¬† Anyways.. I have seen a ton of different reviews on these hair straightening brushes. My daughter seen them back in November an has been asking …

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Bright Sound MINI Bluetooth Speaker

Bright Sound MINI Bluetooth Speaker This Bright Sound MINI Bluetooth Speaker is about 5 inches tall with about 2.25 inch diameter. The function buttons are located on the top of the speaker as well as the mic. The on/off button is located on the top outer edge of the speaker beside the line in port. …

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Expandable Patio Furniture Straight To Your Door! ~ Easy DIY Assembly!

patio furniture

Outdoor Weather Resistant Patio Furniture Shopping for patio furniture involves so much more than just picking it out and setting it up. For me, I always have to figure out who’s gonna help me get it all in may car, is it all gonna fit, what about when I get home, how do I lug …

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Plastic Easter Eggs & Fillers for Your Egg Hunt!

Plastic Easter Eggs & Fillers for Your Egg Hunt! ~ Deals & Steals on Amazon ~ Easter is one of my top holidays to spend with all the kids in the family. I never get tired of the excitement on their faces when venturing out to collect their eggs, never knowing what sweats and treats …

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March is International Hamburger & Pickle Month!

International Hamburger & Pickle Month

International Hamburger & Pickle Month! I’m not making this stuff up! There is actually a International Hamburger & Pickle Month! I love it. I would eat hamburgers with pickles on them everyday! Okay, maybe not everyday, but they are definitely a top on my list and we do make burgers for dinner quite often. Not …

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