Off Grid Food Prep! Manual Food Processor w/ Salad Spinner!

Off Grid Food Processor!

The spin thing food processor really does make you off grid prep happy. When first offered this for review I debated slightly as I wasn’t sure what use it would be to me. But now I know exactly what it will be for. Camping. How awesome to have a food processor for cooking in the wild. No electricity needed. Off grid living. Homesteading.. so many people would love one of these in their bug out gear for preppers.

Off Grid Food ProcessorThe draw string pulley system used to make this little machine work, is easy to pull. The tension is just tight enough to cause a fast spin and the release back is fast as well. This is perfect to help keep consistent movements needed for chopping, blending and mixing. Although if not paying attention can be a little painful on the knuckles if you don’t catch yourself on the back slide.
Off Grid Food ProcessorI also love that it came with so many accessories. You get the chopping, cutting, slicing combo blades, you get a mini salad spinner bowl that fits inside the main container, you get a mixing wand. They have also included a snap on lid to make storing easy. But better yet it’s microwave safe and the lid has a slide cover vents for air release.

My package did not include any kind of instructions, and I kind of had to play around with it to figure it all out. It wasn’t hard and it was easy enough. There are no cords or plugs of any kind. All of the pieces are easily removable for clean up and washing.


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One thought on “Off Grid Food Prep! Manual Food Processor w/ Salad Spinner!

  • February 2, 2017 at 2:05 pm

    I don’t own a food processor and wouldn’t need it but for the odd recipe. This would be perfect for me since it takes up less space.


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