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  1. Stacey A Smith

    no did not make one just hoping for a good year.

  2. Shea Balentine

    My only resolution is to try and be healthier and increase my endurance levels!

  3. Hesper Fry

    I do make New Year’s Resolutions, but sometimes they are hard to follow through on. One of my goals this year is to try to exercise 3-4 times per week.

  4. Seyma Shabbir

    I dont make traditional resolutions but I am hoping to learn a new language and take a great family summer vacation!

  5. Amy Deeter

    i set small goals. This year i made a goal to be more active. i usually accomplish it if its a smaller goal

  6. Jerry Marquardt

    I make and set goals on paper to keep a nice exercise program in order to lose some weight so I am able to reference where I am at at all times. I try to stick to it the best I can by viewing the reality.

  7. Leah Shumack

    This year we are working on clearing the clutter! So far it’s going well and we’ve gotten a lot of things cleaned out!

  8. Rachel Beltz

    It depends on how ambitious I am that year haha- this year it is just being nicer to myself.

  9. Katie Bellamy

    I want to be more organized this year!

  10. Linda Kish

    I don’t make resolutions any more.

  11. Buddy Garrett

    I use to make New Year’s resolutions but I always found I lacked the means to achieve them. With our economy and government it is getting impossible to achieve your resolutions. Now I make realistis ones. For 2018 I hope to manage my health better.

  12. AEKZ2

    I have no resolutions this year. Last year I resolved to not buy any clothes for myself, and I did it!

  13. Renee Rousseau

    I try to make goals every year because they give you pause! This year I want to learn more veggie recipes.

  14. kumquat8

    I don’t make resolutions, I prefer to make myself weekly goals.

  15. John H.

    I want to get on a better schedule.

  16. Jennifer H.

    Sometimes I do. I want to get more organized.

  17. Janice Crespo

    I decided that this was the year that I finally quit smoking (I started at 12 and just turned 60). I started early, had one of 11/4 and then was vaping. Cut the vape out (so I didn’t trade one habit for another). I am now a non-smoker! Yay!

  18. Lisa

    My goals are to be more organized and stress less. Looking down at my desk right now—not doing great with organizing lol.

  19. Dovile

    I resolved to save some money for a rainy day.

  20. juanita may

    I make New Years resolutions but rarely keep them.

  21. rsbrandt44

    I made a resolution this New Year’s to start up a movie blog on YouTube. So far, so good.

  22. Julieh

    My resolution has been to stress less. So far it has been hard to keep

  23. Ed

    Happy New Year!

  24. latoya

    I don’t make resolutions I make goals! I don’t make goals for the whole year, just 6 months at a time. I write them down and look at them every day to keep me motivated.

    My main goal this year is save money.

  25. kathy pease

    I don’t make New year resolutions but I would like to get more organized

  26. Mary Gardner

    I don’t make resolutions but I do try to come up with a few improvements I’d like to work on and I seem to stick to that better than resolutions. This year I am going to work towards decluttering and organizing.

  27. buffywnabe

    The closest I make to a resolution is my reading challenge goal on Goodreads.

  28. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats

    We never make resolutions, I don’t think my family did when i was growing up either

  29. helen0725

    I usually don’t make them, but this year I do need to get more organized and declutter.

  30. tiffany dayton

    I don’t do resolutions.

  31. Daniel M

    no resolutions just trying to survive another week

  32. lyn212

    Yes I do make resolutions but I find them hard to keep. I have to take one step at a time. I need to slow down a bit.

  33. Lisa Brown

    i do not make new years resolutions, i just hope for a better year all round

  34. Robin

    I’m trying to limit sugar in my diet and give up soda pop.

  35. dzstovall

    My Resolution this year is to get my house more organized! They are usually hard to stick to, but I’ve already made a little bit of progress this time. Family wise, I just want to spend more time together with my kids not arguing & competing as much! Is that too much to ask?! Lol 🙂

    1. dzstovall

      Amanda Stovall is my name, Dzstovall is the WordPress username, thanks!

  36. Julie Bickham

    Mine is to eat healthier. I make easier ones so I can stay on track.

  37. Judith R.

    I vowed to refrain from eating gluten this year and am finding it very easy to stick to my resolution.

  38. Judy Gregory

    No resolutions. Sorry.

  39. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    I actually don’t have any New Years Resolutions, but I am working harder to get my A1C Blood Sugar level down. Does that count? Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  40. Cheryl Chervitz

    I don’t make resolutions any more. I learned a long time ago that they don’t work.

  41. Jeanna Massman

    My resolution is to spend as much time as I can with my grandson. This is an easy goal because I love having him visit us!

  42. Terra Heck

    I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I’m bad at keeping them. But, it is my goal to read more of the Bible this year. Thanks.

  43. Stephanie L.

    I tried to be more realistic with mine this year, so I decided mine would be to eat healthier with each meal. So far I’m doing great.

  44. Deb

    I don’t make resolutions but I have made a goal to be more productive. Instead of sitting around watching TV spending part of that time listening to podcasts and decluttering.

  45. Amanda L.

    I like to make resolutions to give myself goals for the year. This year I am working on losing weight and being healthier.

  46. Holli Joren

    I typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions mostly because I don’t stick to them! 😀

  47. sammi dotti

    First of all I have to find a new job!

  48. Jennifer Reed

    I do not set New Year’s Resolutions because they are easy to break. I do want to continue on with the fitness journey I have been doing for the past 2 years.

  49. elizabeth miller

    I do not typically make them but after going through menopause, I have put on a little weight so I made one to loose 15 pounds by the end of March.

  50. susan smoaks

    i always resolve to lose weight. this year i am going to do it.

  51. DB

    I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, but my goal is to spend more time with my family.

  52. Evelyn

    I have many but the top is the get better financially

  53. Zoey

    I don’t usually make new years resolutions personally.

  54. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    I hope to trade forex live this year.

  55. Michele

    Thank you for the giveaway. I plan to try and organize my time better this year. I’m a mother, wife, full time college student, and I also work. I hope to find ways to reduce time, clutter, meal prep, etc. and find more time to spend with my family. I graduated with my first degree in 2017, and I hope to graduate with my second degree by the end of this year.

  56. fldarkside

    I don’t make resolutions. I take one day at a time.

  57. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    I try to set small goals instead of big resolutions. Our goal this year is for our family to travel more. I do try to stick to them & it’s easier when the goals are more attainable.

  58. lori b

    I do make resolutions but not always followed through, i do try

  59. Nikolina84

    I decided to (at least try) eat better and healthier!

  60. Marianne

    I didn’t really make New Year’s Resolutions before New Year, but I am trying to be more consistent in updating my planner and being more frugal.

  61. Piroska

    I usually make New Year resolutions, and I always fail. This year, I’m not making any. I’m making a goal of doing one new thing (or going to a new place, experience something new) once a month. Totally do-able, and positive!

  62. Charity Cram

    I don’t make new year resolutions. If I set a goal for myself I start it then. Thank you for the chance to win!

  63. liberty

    I don’t typically make them but this year my goal is to consume less processed sugar!

  64. Antoinette M

    This year I want to organize my closets. I have already started, so I’m on track!

  65. ksceviour

    I do,and usually do`n`t stick to them! This year,I want to get fit and toned,and be more active!

  66. nadaannuha

    I usually does but I find it useless so this year, I’m just starting out fresh and see what happens next.

  67. Ashley C

    I sometimes make them. this year I want to lose my last 10 lbs of baby weight. I hope its easy to stick to!

  68. David Hollingsworth

    I usually don’t make resolutions. They’re easy on paper, but they’re hard to keep otherwise.

  69. Sara Floyd

    I am trying to lose weight. It is very hard

  70. gracefulcoffee

    I try and make mini resolutions throughout the year. Much easier for me 🙂

    name: edye


  71. Glogirl

    I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions because I don’t tend to stick to them. I find it better to set short term goals throughout the year that are more manageable.

  72. tiago rosado

    What New Years Goals have you set for yourself ?

    well,find a new job because 31 December i lost mine!!!

  73. April

    I want to exercise more to maintain my health.

  74. sgrm9514

    I did make one this year. I usually dont. I did a couple times before and did nothing about it. I want to do it this year. I know I can.

  75. Laurie Nykaza

    New Years Resolutions can be hard to stick to eating right and losing weight which is what i want to do and so does the rest of my family too

  76. Cathy Truman

    I am going to be more positive every day and take my dog Bailey for more walks he loves them and they are good for both of us and to drink more water and eat more fresh veggies and fresh fruit.

  77. slehan

    No resolutions. My goal is to swim 3 times a week. Did it last year.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  78. Crystal F

    I no longer make resolutions. They are just way to hard to keep. Thank you!

  79. Christa Bengtsson

    This my goal is to declutter the house by alot. It should be easy to do 🙂

  80. Deborah Wellenstein

    I usually don’t make resolutions, because I don’t stick with them for any length of time. However, this year, I am determined to use up the stuff I have before I buy more. I don’t want my shampoo to outlive me!

  81. Julia Baxter

    I try to make realistic goals. This year my goal is to be more positive.

  82. kim brooks

    i make goals and i have always stuck with them except for the year i was pregnant, this year my goals are to loose 30 pounds and go vegan happy new year

  83. Lisa V.

    I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

  84. Jennifer Rote

    I made no resolutions and no goals this year.

  85. Jillian Too

    I make casual resolutions. I focus on ways I can be healthier like reducing refined sugar.

  86. Holly Thomas

    I do make resolutions and honestly it is hard to get started but I do usually end up accomplishing them. I usually can’t actually “stick” to making whatever it is a habit until February sometime though. My goal this year is to lose weight. I’m taking baby steps. I have gained over 50lbs since having kids and that was over 5 years ago. I have started with making sure I get up and spend at least 45 minutes a day working out, going to the gym etc. The only issue I am not able to do quite yet that I’m still working on is eating healthier.

  87. Cynthia C

    My goal is to walk daily in 2018. The hardest thing is finding the time to do it.

  88. Belinda

    I didn’t really make any resolutions but I really want to strive to be more organized this year!

  89. Sandy Klocinski

    I do not make New Year’s resolutions. I would like to get outside more this year. That might mean hiking, bike-riding or camping. But it can also mean simply being out in my back yard

  90. BookAttict

    The usual….lose some more weight, exercise more and eat healthier.

  91. Alina (@Alina_F_E)

    I mostly only make one or two as I think too many resolutions will make myself feel pressure.

  92. Tari Lawson

    I don’t really make resolutions. I do have a goal to get rid of some of the clutter I have.

  93. Wendy R.

    I stopped making resolutions years ago and just try to make the new year better than the last.

  94. Amber

    I don’t usually make New Years resolutions since I’ve never successfully kept one in the past.

  95. floridagld

    I’ve have never had resolutions..I do set goals..and, I do usually accomplish them.

  96. Chrystal D

    I sometimes make resolutions. I didn’t make any specific ones this year but I have some personal goals I want to work on. Not procrastinating so much is one of them!

  97. Sammantha D.

    I do make resolutions, and I’m fairly good at sticking to them. I might not always make it all the way, but I get as close as I can! Last year my resolution was to lose weight, this year I just have a few more vanity pounds I’d like to clean up.

  98. Jessica H.

    I do make goals, and very often they are hard to stick to, but completely worth trying. This year I am making a goal to spend more time in activities that make me happy such as reading and crafting.

  99. Linda G.

    I set a new years goal to exercise more this year.

  100. Peggy Damon

    I don’t usually do and if I do make a new year’s resolution it’s the typical “eat healthier, drink more water, exercise more” and I usually do ok, I just try to stay in check most of the time

  101. Mimi B

    I’m not a good resolution maker. I would really like to get better at blogging. I’ve got a long way to go.

  102. Charlene S.

    I make the same every year. To be kind every day of the year & let the little things go.

  103. Marianna

    I don’t make new year’s resolutions

  104. Leela

    I don’t make resolutions.. I just want a better year.

  105. aaron reck

    I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and stay focused and resolute.

  106. Francine Anchondo

    Yes I do sometimes . This year I want to pay off debt and save more of my income.

  107. Randi S

    I set more attainable goals… right now I’m working on organizing and downsizing our things.

  108. Linda

    I make resolutions that are fairly challenging. For this year, I’ve decided to try to cook more healthy food at home.

  109. Debra Guillen

    I don’t make New Years Resolutions.

  110. Michelle J.

    I have a goal to read 50 books- kind of hard!

  111. Lauren

    My goal is to get rid of clutter.

  112. rochelle haynes

    I do not make them any more just one day at a time for me

  113. Heather B

    I do not set resolutions, I have found them too hard for me to do. Once I mess up or cheat or deviate from my goal I find myself beating myself up for it, not a good way to start out the year! I try to just live each day better than the last.

  114. Jamie (TigerStrypes) (@satrntgr)

    I don’t make resolutions, since I try to keep up with personal goals all year. 🙂

  115. ladymagnolia99

    I don’t make too many resolutions, because they are so hard to stick with. This year I am trying to get more organized and hoping I can make some headway.

    Judy Cox

  116. Shelley G

    Don’t do resolutions but my goals are to spend more time with family.

  117. sandra

    i do not make resolutions, mostly because they are too hard for me to stick to

  118. heather kaufman

    My resolution is to make more time for myself. I usually don’t stick to it for long.

  119. Carolyn D

    I have not made any resolutions yet. I think one thing I want to focus on is getting everything organized around the house.

  120. Candie Luster

    I just know I am tired of being poorer than I think I should be 🙁

  121. Robin Abrams

    My New Years goal is to eat healthier. Yes they are hard to keep

  122. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. I usually just try to make a new commitment when I feel like I can actually commit to it. lol!

  123. Polly Hall

    i normally do not make them but this year I did, hope I can keep it.

  124. TOMBO (formerly blazingdane01)

    I don’t bother making resolutions anymore.


    I made a resolution to make more time and not work so much

  126. Dee Parker

    I don’t make new year resolutions.

  127. bn100

    don’t really make them

  128. Sarah Hayes

    i dont really make them but I would like to be more organized in the future

  129. Dawn Monroe

    I make them but never keep them.

  130. Susan Smith

    I don’t make resolutions because I tend to break them. I do make goals for the year. This year my goal is to save more money.

  131. Dan Denman

    I need to eat more vegetables and less fat. It will not be easy to do.

  132. Jennylyn Gross

    I didn’t make one

  133. Donna Hufman Warrington

    I don’t really make new year’s resolutions but I do make promises to myself regarding certain things….example, losing weight.

  134. PerfectlyTolerable

    I used to make resolutions but I never kept them so I don’t do it anymore.

  135. Mary Cloud

    I don’t make New Years Resolutions because I don’t usually keep them.

  136. binabugged

    2017 WAS a very bad year for us, so I am trying to stay positive (veyr hard to do) and am trying to put a smile on my face when I jsut really want to bawl

  137. alessandra lalla

    My goal is to lose weight

  138. feeroberts64

    I don’t make resolutions. They do not work for me. I do want to get out of the house more, though.

  139. Carole D

    I dont make new years resolutions anymore because I never stick to them! I make improuvment all year long when I need to.

  140. jenny

    I always do diet resolutions and fail by February… this year, my resolution was to make time for myself!

  141. kelly nicholson

    Do you make New Years Resolutions and are they easy or hard to stick to for you?

    i dont make new years resolutions anymore..most years i just say klose the weight i gained during the holidays…standard wish

  142. Ann Fantom

    Yes, I make New Year’s resolutions and try to stick to them

    My new year’s resolution is to get more organized. I’m going to start with getting all my photos in photo albums

  143. Wendy Pesce

    i really don’t make resolutions, but I am trying to get more fit this year, we have a trip to Vegas for our anniversary this summer, and I would love to fit into a little b lack dress!

  144. Morgane Gilson

    Every year I tell myself I’ll be more organized and healthier but I never really stick to it

  145. Sue @ Crushingcinders

    I am not very good at keeping them but I do make a few each year

  146. Robyn Bellefleur

    I don’t make resolutions anymore just simply because I don’t stick to them, so no point.

  147. Chris L

    I do not make new years reslutions.

  148. Lynne Foster

    I make them every year, and they are always the same – be kinder, do a better job at using coupons and saving money, do a better job at consistently having daily devotion time, keep the house more organized.

  149. Stephanie

    My resolution is to exercise more frequently and I know it will be difficult for me to stick with it throughout the entire year.

  150. rich morris

    I don’t usually make resolutions because if i truly want to do it then the date doesn’t matter but each year i have an overall financial goal and this year it is to pay off my credit debt after having to get new gutters last year.

  151. Solange

    I don’t make resolutions.

  152. jeanette sheets

    no i dont really make them

  153. Rebekah

    Rebekah mercier

  154. Stacey Roberson

    My resolution is to have our family eat healthier in 2018. Less fast food and more cooking at home.

  155. Debbie P

    I stopped making resolutions because I could never keep them. But I have vowed to get healthier this year.

  156. Elizabeth Robinson

    Mine is to lose weight.

  157. Debbie Campbell

    I have a goal to write a book this year. I have started a little, so I am on track.

  158. Nicole Martin

    I usually don’t but this year I am going to try to lose 15 pounds. I know I can do it!

  159. Rachel

    I typically make one or two reasonable resolutions every year. I find that I tend to stick to my resolutions about half of the time.

  160. Soha Molina

    I don;t make any resolutions.

  161. Kathy Davis

    I do make resolutions and some have been hard to stick to, others were successful. My goal for this year is to be healthy after having 2 major back surgeries, pneumonia, and a broken foot in 2017.

  162. Lois M.

    Nah, I don’t really do resolutions – just always keep in mind those things that yeah, I’m supposed to be doing all the time and stuff. 🙂

  163. Debbie P

    I am most excited about the eyeshadow. Love it!

  164. progress001

    I don’t make any resolutions. I try to keep active and stay healthy. Those are my goals.

  165. darleneowen

    My goal is to lose weight.

  166. HS

    My goal is to stay healthy.

  167. San

    I don’t make resolutions.

  168. shelly peterson

    I usually don’t make resolutions.

  169. Patrick Siu

    i don’t make resolutions.

  170. Reese

    I don’t set NY resolutions, it’s just not my thing at all and it’d only add pressure. I set myself goals daily, it seems, mainly about eating better, reading more, etc

  171. Corey Hutton

    I try to stay away from the stupid things everyone else does.

  172. Calvin

    I set realistic goals, but usally they are just for staying active, healthy. Mine is the same this year as previous, just to stay active!

  173. Will G

    Mine was to lose 20lbs. Sure hope I can accomplish it.

  174. Natalie

    Sometimes I will make resolutions. This year my goal is to run a marathon in my best time.

  175. Allison Swain

    I don’t really make resolutions but still try to better myself in every way that I can.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  176. mamamayor

    I try to do a positive thing each day or a good deeds ,natbelinsky@verizon.net

  177. wendy hutton

    I try to sets goals and eating healthier and losing some weight is what my plan is

  178. Sheila Ressel

    I make resolutions, some that are easy to stick to and others that are not. This year I would like to get some money saved in the bank and to get healthier.

  179. shirley emitt

    My resolution is to more healthy this year.

  180. GiNa MaRiE

    I don’t make resolutions, but I make goals. I think resolutions tend to get forgotten, and they usually aren’t very specific. I like to break down goals into small manageable pieces, but I am far from perfect at sticking with them!

  181. Maria A. Malaveci

    No I don’t make any

  182. Molli Taylor

    typically i have not been great at keeping resolutions. this year i am determined become my best me!

  183. Donna K

    I do make resolution and find them hard to keep. For the new year my husband and I have made two resolutions, one to lose wait and the other is to save more this year.

  184. Jodi Hassel

    I am going to try and go to the gym more often and eat healthies

  185. Karen Giasson

    I do sometimes make resolutions. This year I hope to be more healthy.

  186. Candice

    I usually make some general resolutions, but don’t go too crazy with them. This year I want to get back into shape after a baby in March.

  187. Michele Behlen

    I have two resolutions this year. I want to lose weight and become more organized. I hope I can stick to them this year.

  188. Amanda Machonis

    I don’t usually make resolutions. I’m moving in February, so my goal will be to get settled in my new home.

  189. Maureen

    I do not usually make resolutions. I just try to be a better version the next day.

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