Oct 19

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How do you spend the Halloween Season? Does your family Trick or Treat? What is everyone dressing up as this year?

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  1. Laura

    We didn’t dress up, but handed out lots of candy!

  2. amanda whitley

    we always trick or treat and do local Halloween things. my kids were a minion, a witch and a skeleton.

  3. Jessica Whitehouse

    We dress up and go trick or treating around our small town. This year my son was Pikachu.

  4. Jill Myrick

    We usually attend a Halloween party with our kids and all of their friends and trick or trunk. This year they dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and Superman.


  5. Kendall W.

    We do a few trunk or treats throughout the month plus door to door trick r treating on Halloween night. My son was a knight for Halloween this year!

  6. Shannon

    Just staying at home, eating candy and watching Halloween themed tv.

  7. Jeryl M.

    I took my daughter and her friend and her friend’s cousin Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. My daughter dressed up as Katie from the Broadway show School of Rock.

  8. Bella Martinez

    We all dress up…this year we did a superhero theme!

  9. Sarah Mayer

    We had to work so we just ended up passing out trick or treat candy.

  10. shelly

    We trick or treat

  11. Carolyn Daley

    We watched movies and gave out candy this year.

  12. Shannon Williams

    We went to our first trunk or treat this year, my daughter dressed up like Katniss from Hunger Games & my son dressed as an old man.

  13. Joy F

    Not anymore. We just watch horror movies.

  14. Jeanna Schirm Massman

    We participated in a Trunk or Treat activity at my grandson’s school on Halloween.

  15. Mindy Bel

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I usually lmake a pumpkin pie πŸ™‚

  16. Kathleen S.

    My kids don’t really do anything for Halloween.. they might watch a Halloween movie and I buy them pumpkins to carve..and some candy. I think we’re really waiting for the arrival of Thanksgiving! πŸ˜€

  17. Audrey Stewart

    We take all the kids to the skating rink Halloween party every year.

  18. rebecca day

    we watch scary movies order pizza and pass out candy

  19. Kimberley Thomas

    I enjoy watching the kids celebrate and dress up. I enjoy hot cider and sweaters in the fall.

  20. Angela Sims

    We went to trunk or treating at the church and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood He scored LOTS of candy!

  21. Heidi M

    This year we went trick or treating and did a harvest festival at our church

  22. janicecrespo

    This was a very quiet Halloween. We lost my youngest daughter at 22 last year on October 26 to suicide and none of us really wanted to celebrate too much. My daughter took my grandson out as Rubble and we gave out candy at the door, but we didn’t do much else except cry.

  23. Elizabeth R

    We always have a small family get together after all the goodies have been given out. A yearly tradition!

  24. Martin

    Fixing my car

  25. cutesiehaven

    We’re dressing up as a family of cats! And we’re trick or treating!

  26. Dana

    We will be trick-or-treating, but only the kids are dressing up.

  27. bn100

    Fall’s cooler weather

  28. heather s

    I like Spring with the pretty flower and pleasant temps

  29. Jaclyn Mercer

    We’ll be taking our kids trick or treating early and then handing out candy at home!

  30. reneewalters3

    Yes, we trick or treat and go to a Halloween party.


    We have a gathering and costume party. We do go trick or treating with the younger kids.

  32. Melissa

    I love decorating the house and dressing up. this year im going as a witch! πŸ™‚

  33. Surso S.

    we dont have children yet so we will be at home handing out candy

  34. Dawn Keenan

    We love to go trick or treating with our grandson. He gets so excited.

  35. Barbara R.

    My town has an annual parade with trick or treating after on Main Street

  36. Lena

    I don’t have any kids so I don’t celebrate Halloween

  37. slehan

    I have a great banana costume that is lots of fun.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  38. davisbk121

    My children still dress up to go to parties. My husband and I stay at home and hand out candy. I usually carve a pumpkin, just for fun.

  39. Jerry Marquardt

    I will be passing candy out early and then making a nice “scary” dinner later on Halloween.

  40. Deborah W

    My kids are older now but my granddaughter comes to my neighborhood to trick or treat. I don’t know what she’s dressing up as this year. She likes to surprise me on Halloween night.

  41. Dawn Monzu

    My kids are all grown up now, but my granddaughter is now trick or treating! Unfortunately, she lives in Alaska and I live in Nebraska! I can only FaceTime with her. I dress up regardless! I am handing out candy with my son this year. We will have fun! Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and God bless!

  42. Mary Cloud

    We don’t really trick or treat anymore. We just hang around the house and watch scary movies.

  43. Tiffani P.

    Yes, we trick or treat. This year my son is going to be Mastercheif from Halo.

  44. Danielle Day

    We all go trick or treating here in town. We also watch scary movies.

  45. wen budro

    This year- we are all dressing up as characters from The Walking Dead. I also give out candy and I eat too much of it too.

  46. Mary J

    I hand out candy.

  47. pollylee

    Our 2 young grandsons dress up. We usually go over to their house to see them all dressed up & help out. Always a fun evening!

  48. Cynthia R

    We buy candy for the kids in the neighborhood but we don’t get many trick or treaters, also we don’t have kids of our own. So overall, we don’t do much for halloween.

  49. jodi lasher

    Now that my kids are older teens and do their own thing, I enjoy staying home and handing out candy to all the little ones.. I love to see the creativity kids have during this time of year

  50. Darlene Carbajal

    I don’t think I’m going to trick or treat this year. Instead, I’ll be going to Halloween parties. πŸ™‚


    my little niece is going to be the snow queen

  52. Shea Balentine

    My kids are a little too old for trick or treating, so we’ve started a new tradition of watching scary movies with pizza, popcorn, and homemade hot chocolate =)

  53. momknowsbest15

    I take my boys trick or treating

  54. maleficent mcn

    I will be staying in my pjs and eating candy

  55. alona y

    Our daughter is just now getting old enough to celebrate halloween so we’ll be going trick or treating as cats this year.

  56. Karen DeVaney

    We don’t really do Halloween. None of us like getting dressed up or being scared.

  57. melina r

    We like to go out trick or treating. My kids and husband love dressing up.

  58. Tara Liebing

    I take my son trick or treating he wants to dress up as a zombie this year and our cat has an Eyore costume and I don’t dress up.

  59. Daniel M

    we just give out candy, no parties or dress up

  60. marilynnawara

    We don’t do much for Halloween anymore now that the kids are grown. We will stay home and hand out candy. I usually dress up the dogs.

  61. Jennie Yuen

    We take our little one to go trick-or-treating, carve pumpkins at home, and bake.

  62. Jennifer Rote

    I do a few decorations in and out of the house. We like to go trick or treating when possible.

  63. heather eg kaufman

    My kids dress up & we go on a neighborhood hay ride.

  64. Aine Garcia

    We join Trick or Treats and my daughter would always have different costume every year! πŸ˜‰

  65. Terra Heck

    My kids are older so they won’t be dressing up. We will hand out candy on Halloween. Thanks.

  66. Alisha Sienkiel

    I spend Halloween handing out candy and watching scary movies!

  67. Rona Berry-Morin

    I love fall. I even decorate our home.

  68. Cheryl Billings

    We pass out candy each Halloween.

  69. Mary

    We have a small party for the children in our family with games and prizes and lots of food.

  70. aimee place

    we do not trick or treat or dress up. we spend halloween just like any normal other night..family dinner, movie and then bed

  71. darby

    My son is going to be a giraffe!

  72. The Demure Life

    We get together with some friends and have dinner and the kids go trick or treating

  73. Caitlin

    My family doesn’t really celebrate Halloween.

  74. debbie

    My kids are older so we spend it passing out candy to the neighbor kids.

  75. Geri Sandoval

    Halloween is spent craving pumpkins and giving out candy. The only one who is getting dressed this year is my youngest granddaughter.

  76. Amanda

    We plan on going to a halloween party on sunday and handing out candy on monday

  77. Lana Bradstream

    We spend it trick or treating and watching scary movies

  78. Sonya Sanderson

    I love carving the pumpkins with my family.

  79. Holly Thomas

    We hit up a bunch of church trunk or treats and then officially on Halloween we go trick or treating in our town. My son is a Zombie Skeleton this year and my daughter chose to be a bee.

  80. Stacy T

    I always dress up for work, and my husband and I usually dress in a couple’s costume and attend a Halloween party. No party for us this year though, so I will just hand out candy until I have to leave for work.

  81. Becky

    We’re empty nesters so we don’t celebrate anymore, except to hand out candy.

  82. Adriane

    I don’t dress up anymore

  83. Jeanna Schirm Massman

    We usually take my grandson trick or treating.

  84. Seyma Shabbir

    We always get dressed up and take the kids trick or treating!

  85. Gxgear (@Gxgear)

    Handing out candy on Halloween

  86. itsmede

    I pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

  87. Debbi Wellenstein

    Our kids are grown, but we do enjoy visiting with the grandchildren, and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

  88. Tracy Robertson

    I have to work this Halloween, but I enjoy being out and about and checking out everyone’s costumes.

  89. Glen Hough

    Bring on the candy!

  90. Sara Theissen

    I usually don’t do anything for Halloween! This year though, I will be going to my brother’s house to hand out candy with my niece!

  91. Cynthia C

    I hand out candy to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

  92. Shayna


  93. greentopiaries

    No dressing up, we usually just have a quiet evening at home giving out candy and eating candy lol. And carving pumpkins too! Thanks for the chance!

  94. Sherry Compton

    This year I have to work Halloween evening, but we normally watch the original Halloween and pass out candy. My grandkids will go out trick or treating.

  95. Kay M

    We used to take the boys trick-or-treating but they are both really too old now. We usually just celebrate by volunteering at the Fall Festival at the church we attend.

  96. barbg

    No dressing up here anymore since my kids are grown. Just passing out candy at the door. I still like seeing all the kids so happy and all decked out.

  97. kimlrkim

    Love decorating for the fall and Halloween season. This Halloween I will be spending it celebrating my sons wedding. He is getting married on Halloween at a haunted house.

  98. Julie Matek

    We trick or treat in our neighborhood. My daughter is going as a monster high doll;)

  99. rsbrandt44

    We just stay up past our bedtime watching spooky movies.

  100. Billy Lilley

    I spend Halloween by handing out candy with my wife. We love to see all of the costumes.

  101. Noelle

    My kids are making their costumes: a black cat and a wizard.

  102. jlindahlj

    I will be handing out treats this year.

  103. Julie Murphy

    My kids used to trick or treat but they are too old now.

  104. Ann Fantom

    My husband will be taking my daughter trick or treating while I hand out candy. She is dressing up as a pirate. After she goes to bed we’ll watch a horror movie.

  105. Charity L.

    We like to go to the fall festivals. We also go trick or treating each year.

  106. Dawn Monroe

    My family really enjoys Halloween. I especially like all the scary movies on TV. So far my grandkids are going as a turkey, a witch, Mario, a princess and Dracula.

  107. Audra O'Hara

    We do trick-or-treat every year. It’s a lot of fun; really glad we live in a place where it’s still relatively safe to go out at halloween. This year my daughter is going as a skeleton.

  108. Birgit Lehner

    Halloween isn’t as popular in Europe as it is in the US, so no dressing up around here. still I do enjoy this time of year as I love autumn in all its colors.

  109. Thomas Murphy

    My son is dressing up as batman and we go Trick or Treating.

  110. gracefulcoffee

    We do trick or treating and dress up! We also go out to dinner on Halloween night πŸ™‚

  111. Lynne B

    Our kids are older now so they trick-or-treat on their own. I help my daughter with getting ready or picking out a costume and my husband drives her.

  112. Barrie

    Hubby and I stay home to hand out candy. We love seeing the little kids and their costumes…so cute!

  113. Lauren Becker

    I’m not doing much this year, though I do like to try and watch fun Halloween movies when I can.

    -Lauren Becker

  114. Rajee Pandi

    Love fall becos of Halloween and Christmas spirit

  115. Charlene S.

    Love spending Halloween watching scary movies with my family.

  116. SaraAB87

    I am not dressing up this year.

  117. Sherrie C.

    My hubby and I don’t usually dress up but we do take our granddaughter out trick or treating. We spend the season watching scary movies and taking the grandkids to pumpkin patches.

  118. Jan Lee

    I watch scary movies and scary documentaries during the season. No real plans for Halloween, just watching the television πŸ™‚

  119. Lindsay Giedosh

    I hang out with my boyfriend/friends and watch horror movies!

  120. Aarone Mawdsley

    i give out candy

  121. Rachel

    We don’t celebrate Halloween at our house. We go out and do something as a family when trick or treating takes place.

  122. Michele Behlen

    I don’t do much for Halloween. My grandson is coming this weekend and we will carve a pumpkin.

  123. mita

    No trick or treating.

  124. Jess D

    I don’t have kids. But we have a family party and a friend party that we attend and we hand out candy on trick or treat night

  125. Debra Guillen

    I will be dressing up as a witch and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids this Halloween

  126. Tainan Lu

    I do not dress up

  127. rochelle haynes

    I like the fall not to cold or hot and my birthday is in the fall

  128. Alexandru Rusu

    I will spend Halloween with my family and friends but i’m ready for Trick or Treat and i will be costumed in Vampire.

  129. Andrea Williams

    My kids are too old to go trick or treating. Our youngest sometimes dresses up for school but has not decided if he will this year.

  130. Katie Bellamy

    We love Halloween. I probably have more Halloween decor than I do Christmas!!

  131. Jessica

    We watch halloween movies.

  132. Nicole Martin

    We go trick or treating. My son is going to be batman, and my daughter is going to be a cat.



  134. Shannon

    We always go camping for the weeknd of Halloween. We’re being superheroes.

  135. AC

    During the Halloween season, we don’t do much. However, I love watching all the fun and cute Halloween movies ~ Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, etc. I don’t dress up anymore.

  136. Ann

    I somewhat recently had to move away from a city that I LOVE, and am now living with family. On Halloween last year, we didn’t get ANY trick-or-treaters. This year I’ll be wearing my cat-ears headband (it’s cute!), and celebrating the glorious fact that as of November 1st, I’ll be free to shamelessly enjoy and revel in the cozy pre-Christmas season.

  137. Susan Smith

    My kids dress up and go trick or treating and I stay home and dish out candy.

  138. Jackie

    We go to my parents’ house every year for a halloween/birthday party because Halloween is also my dad’s birthday.

  139. Michelle L

    No trick or treating

  140. Brent Strassburg

    My kid is dressing up as Sully from Monsters Inc.

  141. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    We usually go trick or treating, but since Halloween is on a school night we probably won’t this year.

  142. Elena

    we go trick or treating.

  143. Rachel

    we go trick or treating, we drive to the rich neighboorhood where EVERYONE else drove to also lol. Some of the houses give out full size candybars. My sister was so happy about the one lady that gave a box of raisins after she felt sick from eating too much chocolate, raisins fixed the problem.

  144. Kaitlyn Ortega

    The kids dress up and we go trunk or treating.

    missysweepsalot at gmail dot com

  145. Jenny Scheldberg

    I will probably be manning the front door to hand out candy. I love seeing the really little kids costumes.

  146. KJ Skib

    WE love to take our daughters out trick or treating and the parents enjoy some warm spiked apple cidar.

  147. Steve Weber

    We usually hand out trick or treat candy to all the kids in the neighborhood.

  148. Tamra H

    No real plans for Halloween this year, probably just handing out candy!

  149. Kimberly R

    We do dress up, we want to dress up with day of the dead costumes.

  150. Amanda Patterson

    I spend halloween handing out candy and trying to calm my dog down from the excitement of the door bell ringing every minute!

  151. paige chandler

    Our whole family goes trick or treating. Even our pup goes.

  152. Lorraine M in sfv

    My sister lives to dress up for Halloween. I am the obligated designated-driver & official photographer

  153. Kimberly G

    We have a scary movie marathon.

  154. Tara O.

    Yes, we take our little one trick or treating and it’s a blast!

  155. Kelly D

    I go to a Halloween parade at my kid’s school. Sometimes we go to the school party and most years we trick or treat. My daughter will be a cat this year.

  156. Charity Cram

    We usually go to an extended family Tacky Party and everyone comes dressed tacky to the extreme!

  157. tat2gurlzrock

    We go to a annual neighborhood Halloween party. So fun!

  158. Natalie

    I do not dress up anymore but I do hand out candy for Haloween.

  159. violet taylor

    we trick or treat and this year we are having a party too!

  160. Candice

    I will be handing out candy on Halloween, and then possibly going out the weekend before. We haven’t decided on costumes yet this year.

  161. jjohnson46

    We have a family tradition of trick or treating with one of our friends family. We eat dinner together & then get dressed together! My kids are going as a cheerleader & Stephen Curry.

  162. kelly nicholson

    How do you spend the Halloween Season? Does your family Trick or Treat? What is everyone dressing up as this year?

    i pretty much just dribble through it by watching old horror movies..nothing special

  163. Veronica L

    I have 4 boys who all loves to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. They typically dress up like super heroes every year although they are wanting to go as Lego characters this time around πŸ™‚

  164. sohamolina1969

    We trick or treat and attend spooky festivals.

  165. tiago rosado

    here in PT we don’t have a Halloween Season like in America,so my family has little tradition(just a few kid’s como over to get some candy),me i normally go to a zombie walk!!!

  166. Patrick Siu

    We don’t go trick or treating.

  167. Ingrid Jackson

    We visit our many scarecrows in our town, which are magnificient and do games and treats with the children with our family. Such a fun time of the year!

  168. hestar69

    Taking my son trick or treating πŸ™‚

  169. Cathy French

    We aren’t celebrating Halloween this year but my birthday falls on the same weekend so we’ll be going out for a nice dinner.

  170. Nikolina84

    No, we don’t usually Trick or Treat…

  171. Betty B.

    We go pumpkin picking, decorate, bake, and dress up! Picking out costumes this weekend!

  172. Francine Anchondo

    We go trick and treating and my kids want to be Cheshire cat and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

  173. Sarah Hayes

    we dont do much but my LO likes to go out with her friends to different events.

  174. Geeky Sweetie

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We decorate the outside yard, the inside house, and everyone has fun dressing up πŸ™‚ This year we have a unicorn costume, minion costume, and leopard. Hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween!

  175. maureen

    I tend to bake and bring things to the different events that I attend and that other members of my family attend. Sometimes in the past we have gone out but this year we are staying home.

  176. rita leonard

    Halloween is for the kids and we enjoy giving out candy and seeing the costumes

  177. Dan Denman

    We eat a lot of candy corn and watch scary movies.

  178. Janet W.

    We typically go with my grandsons to trick or treat around the neighborhood. We love to spend this time of year together outdoors and visiting our local pumpkin farms.

  179. grandgiveaways

    My kids trick or treat. My daughter is going to be a chef. I don’t know yet about my sons.

    name on rafflecopter: mami2jcn

  180. nlamore79gmailcom

    We let the kids dress up and go trick or treating. Their grandparents come over and celebrate with us every year.

  181. Christopher Mason

    Wonder woman

  182. Lulu

    We don’t celebrate Halloween where I live. So for us it is just watching our friends abroad having fun)

  183. Ada

    We always go trick or treating and as for this year my boys still haven’t made up their mind what they want to be.

  184. Lisa Brown

    i give out candy, i do not dress up

  185. Will G

    My favorite time is Summer because it is a nice relief from all of the cold/snow.

  186. shelly peterson

    I like Spring Best, the sun starts coming out more and the snow has disappeared and it starts to warm up.

  187. Dexter

    I like winter because I’ve never experienced it before.

  188. Dexter

    I like winter!

  189. Janice Dean

    i love Fall best also, because of the cooler temps and the color changes!

  190. Pamela Gurganus

    Winter is my favorite time of year because I love the cold, snow and holidays!

  191. missbobloblaw

    I love Spring because it means the weather is warming up & the flowers start to bloom!

  192. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    my fav. time of the year is september. there is a huge book exhibition in Sri Lanka in september.

  193. Cindy

    I like the cooler weather in the fall.

  194. Kristen

    I like summertime because I like running around barefoot in the warm weather.

  195. Stephanie

    Fall as well. I love the cool weather without the pollen that comes with spring.

  196. Melissa Grubb

    My favorite time of year is fall because it is the perfect temperature and I love watching the leaves change color

  197. Wendy Caddy

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, even if if comes with a lot of rain. Fall feels cozy, we gather for pumpkin patch visits, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Love all the colors and decorations and special foods.

  198. Kathy Ross

    My favorite time of year is spring. It’s nice to have fresh air in the house and see the grass again.

  199. Debra G

    Fall has cool temps and colorful leaves.

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