Hair Straightener Brush ~ Straightens Curly, Wavy Hair in Minutes!

straightening brushHair Straightener Brush
~ Straightens Curly, Wavy Hair in Minutes! ~

My Take…

My daughter and I like straight hair, but we both have naturally curly hair.. Go figure, right!  Anyways.. I have seen a ton of different reviews on these hair straightening brushes. My daughter seen them back in November an has been asking for one since. With all the mixed reviews, I couldn’t justify paying the price they were asking without knowing if it worked or not. I actually had two different family members who were adamant on their stance. One thought this straightening brush was the best thing they have ever purchased for their hair and the other was adamant that these were a waste of money. I honestly chalked it up to possibly having two different brands and just kept reading and researching reviews and other information.

Then I was offered one of these straight hair brushes for free in exchange for feedback. Perfect. Now I could get one and see for myself and not have to pay a penny. Yes of course I would participate..

So here’s the deal with this. I love it. It works perfect for my hair and what I like. My daughter, the one who HAD to have this, isn’t as thrilled with it as she thought she would be. I finally figured out why (in my opinion) these have such varying reviews.

First this is a STRAIGHTENING BRUSH, NOT a FLATTENING BRUSH. That is the first thing people need to understand. I like my hair straightened. This is perfect and I had nice soft, straight hair in less than 5 minutes using this hair straightening brush.

By following the instructions, we plugged the straightening brush into the outlet, and held the power button for a few seconds until the indicator panel lite up letting us know it was on. We then set it to the highest power setting. This straightening brush heated up rather quickly. I didn’t even wait. I had washed my hair and let it air dry the night before. I have naturally semi curly deeply wavy hair. I gave it a quick brush through, although the instructions say to make sure it is completely brush through and groomed. I didn’t. I’m to lazy. I gave it a quick brush through and decided to start just using the straightener like a brush. Simply brushing through my hair. While the bristle do not move, it did go through okay, but does catch a little here and there and I may have been able to avoid this by brushing my hair a little better before starting, but eh..

Anyways. I had my daughter time me. I told her 5 minutes. She proceeded to tell me when every minute was up. I brushed one side of my hair for two minutes, very randomly. The next side for two minutes, also very randomly, then for the last minute, I flipped my head upside down and brushed the back side of my hair with the straight hair brush. When the 5 minutes was up, I immediately put down the brush, flipped my head back up. Grabbed my regular brush gave it another quick brush through and asked my kids.. So… She said wow. It’s straight, actually straighter than you usually do. I proceeded to the bathroom (yes I did all this completely blind, no mirror, no nothing, just sitting on my living room floor) took a look in the mirror and thought wow. 5 minutes. Heck yeah! I love it…

The one thing about using this straightening brush vs using a flat iron, when I woke up the next day my hair was back to it’s naturally curly wavy layers.. When I use a flat iron, I have done my hair, went camping and when I came back from the weekend my straight hair was still straight and flat. With this straightening brush, it wasn’t. Not sure why that is.. It definitely gets hot.

I do like that it’s not hot to touch, at all. But if your brush aggressively like I tend to do at times, you can slip your finger down the side of the bristles and it does burn. A LOT. But if you keep your fingers away from it, it does not burn you in anyway. Making it easy to use on kids as well.

**The one and only negative I have to say about this brush from a personal stand point, is the way I hold my brush, and my daughter. We kept hitting the temp + button while using. Since we set this at the highest setting, that doesn’t really affect the use, but if you are not using it on the highest setting, you could potentially be turning the temp up while brushing. I mean you do feel it when it happens, but still. The placement is completely wrong.

My Daughters take..

Now my daughter was ready to start doing hers.. She did not think my hair was as straight as she would like. I was so confused. My hair was straight as straight could be. What the heck did she mean. After spending dang near an hour trying to “straighten” her hair with the straightening brush, I could see she was visually disappointed. I asked, what her issue was. She just kept saying it doesn’t’ make it as straight as I want. I said so you don’t really want you hair straight.. You want it FLAT. She likes having her hair as straight and FLAT as possible. She likes how the flat iron, makes her edges look flat and sharp. If that is the look you are looking for this brush does not achieve that. It’s a brush. Not a flat panel. Once we figured out the difference there, the one thing she did mention was that while this does not give the effect she was hoping for, it does help make her hair straighter quicker so she can just go over it with the flat iron and still achieve the looks she wants, without taking up tons of time..

So overall if you like straight hair, this straightening brush is AWESOME!! I would highly recommend. Super quick and easy… If you want the FLAT iron look, you will still need to use a FLAT iron. Not a straightening brush.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Straightener Brush ~ Straightens Curly, Wavy Hair in Minutes!

  • March 21, 2018 at 7:13 am

    This looks so awesome! Id love to try on my curly hair!

  • January 25, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    I really am intrigued by straightening brushes. So I eagerly read your review. I can see how it would do great on finer hair. I’m interested for my curly-haired niece. She gets her hair straightened at the salon every so often and I thought it would help my sister out.


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