Aug 23

Glue Sticks & Crayons Giveaway Hop

Glue Sticks and Crayons Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Glue Sticks & Crayons Giveaway Hop
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What would you make with glue sticks & crayons?
How has your summer been?
Are you preparing for the back to school season?

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  1. slehan

    I think Fall is finally coming. 20 degrees cooler than Thursday.

  2. Melody Gross

    Love all the giveaways!

  3. slehan

    Happy Sunday (unless you live in Florida)

  4. Jerry Marquardt

    I love to go to take photos and enjoy an afternoon to make my fall day the perfect one. I liked the eclipse.

  5. Sand

    Lots of crafts supplies are used for school projects around here.

  6. Philip Lawrence

    I would make a gift for my grandfather from those. I had an OK Summer but I was eager to get back to school so I have been prepared for quite some time.

  7. Amy Deeter

    we would make a little flower pot.summer was good.i will miss it though.Kids started school in August. it is nice to get back on schedule

  8. Jake B

    I have had a great summer. My nieces n I would make crafts of all sorts!

  9. wen budro

    My summer has been pretty low key and relaxing. I would make a motivational back to school poster with the crayons and glue sticks.

  10. Breanne

    My summer has been relaxing.

  11. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    We started school on August 7 so it’s old hat for us now!

  12. Nicole Carter (Weasley)

    My summer has been okay. Pretty hot this year. As usual, it went by really fast.

  13. Hesper Fry

    I would make some type of craft project with my kids. My summer has been good thus far. My 3 kids just went back to school!

  14. John H.

    We would make crafts. Summer has been good and we have finished our shopping.

  15. Ed


  16. kathypease

    Not sure what I would make maybe greeting cards..My summer was awesome!

  17. Jennifer H.

    We would make crafts. Summer has been good. We have already finished our back to school shopping.

  18. Amy delong

    We have been preparing,my kids went back 2 weeks ago!

  19. Ryan

    My summer has been great! Lots of fishing and kayaking. =)

  20. Tammy ohagan

    Summer has been really good to us this year. We didn’t have time for a garden, which was disappointing but we traveled a lot so we weren’t home to take care of it!

  21. Lanicsha Wynn

    My summer has been busy but I built great memories this summer.

  22. Angelo Parcesepe

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    The summer was relaxing and so much fun.

  23. clynsg

    Summer has been interesting in several ways, kids are already back in school, and I would give the grandchildren the gluesticks and crayons and see what came of it!

  24. Shane A

    We’d use them to create Halloween decorations. Our summer was filled with fun and back to school shopping is 99% completed!

  25. Lisa

    I had a very busy summer so excited that it is fall and no plans!

  26. Jen R

    I am prepared for back to school season because I love this time of year.

  27. jerylt

    My daughter and I like to create funtivities for our blog with glue sticks and crayons. We had an awesome summer. We went to New York City and did fun things almost every weekend. I am not ready for it to end.

  28. Lisa Voyce

    Did a month’s worth of backpacking this summer. And we are set for school.

  29. Amanda Lea

    We already back to school. It is great to get back to routine!

  30. Erica B.

    Summer has been good but I’m ready for fall!

  31. Daniel M

    summer has been terrible, all my parents friends are dying and they’re having problems too

  32. Seyma Shabbir

    I would love for my kids to make an interesting photo album!

  33. Casey Everidge

    summer has been fun, and yes were preparing for back to school

  34. Michelle H.

    My summer has been pretty good, except for the heat.

  35. Zoey

    I have enjoyed my summer. I got to see a lot of my extended family.

  36. Birdie Skolfield

    Our summer has been spectacular we vacationed in Lake Tahoe and Phoenix Az

  37. Robin

    Our summer has gone by too fast, but it was a fun time.

  38. lyn212

    Back to school starts tomorrow – I think we are ready. Summer went by too fast. My 3 year old work make a beautiful craft with crayons and gluesticks.

  39. Tara Liebing

    My summer went by fast and we didn’t get to go on vacation. My son has been back in school for a couple weeks and it is nice to be back in a routine.

  40. Jeanna Massman

    My summer was great. My grandson would do lots of crafting with this prize.

  41. Robin Blankenship

    Summer was crazy. If I had glue, crayons and sticks I would make halloween decor. And School has been back in almost a month

  42. amweeks

    My favorite thing we ever used glue sticks & crayons for was making a string of decorated bats for Halloween to hang across our doorway! We did that when the kids were much younger. Now my oldest has just started college…we were preparing this summer for her departure!

  43. Kelley Moore

    my summer was very quiet my hubby started a new job

  44. Mindy Bel

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    The summer was so much fun πŸ™‚

  45. susan smoaks

    summer was fantastic but i am glad that fall is here i love football season

  46. latanya t

    a pumpkin

  47. golden storm

    we had a quiet summer. the grandkids are already back to school.

  48. Jodi Hassel

    summer has been great but way too short!

  49. Teresa A Thompson

    I have had a really good summer. Camping, hiking and hanging out with family.

  50. Diane S

    My niece would find a way to use the glue sticks to make slime or some other neat new crafty item she is working on. Haven’t done a lot outdoors…been a bit to hot and humid for me. And yes getting ready for back to school.

  51. binabugged

    My summers been fine, hope yours has been as well. We’d make tons of fridge artwork with the items, you can never have too many. I look forward to the routine of back to school in my house.

  52. Kyl Neusch

    would make some bookmarks.

  53. Heather D

    My kids use glue sticks in their crafts. I’m really looking forward to fall.

  54. mrsmchappell

    My children have just gone back to school last week. We had a lovely summer, but it did go by quickly…

  55. Debra Guillen

    I enjoyed spending time with my kids this summer. Have finished preparing for school and kids have gone back.

  56. Charity Cram

    My summer went way too quickly, it always does! I enjoyed having my sister and her kids here for a month and a half.

  57. Linda G.

    Summer was good but it went by way to fast. love to do crafts like colored chains out of paper. My grandson goes to year round school so he has been back all this month.

  58. Bruke B

    We’ve had an amazing summer! Lots of beach time, swimming and a few amusements parks.

  59. Stacy

    My summer has been busy! Spent a lot of time with family and friends.

  60. Kiara

    My summer has been great!

  61. Melina Ramirez

    My daughter loves to make slime with glue. She also likes to color. Summer has been short for us, the kids started back to school on August 1.

  62. Tara Darity

    We had a great summer! Kids are back in school now.

  63. Nikki Ooi

    Summer has been alright. Still lots to accomplish.

  64. Emily N.

    I would make some bookmarks. My summer has been good.

  65. sandra

    maybe would try to make some colorful slime?


    Glue sticks and crayons do not last long in our house. We have very busy budding artists!!! They like melting the crayons on canvas and will glue anything and everything!!!!

  67. elizabeth miller

    With glue, sticks, and crayons, I am pretty sure my daughter would figure out some way to make slime. It seems to be her little addiction this summer. We are all set for back to school on 9/6.

  68. beth shepherd

    My summer has been wonderful and chaotic. It went by so fast!

  69. darby

    My summer has been wonderful, and my son is not old enough to go to school!

  70. Cynthia R

    Summer has been okay, didn’t really get to go anywhere this summer, hoping for some travel time in the fall.

  71. Jamie Williams

    Awesome summer I’m sad it’s ending. We had many long walks.

  72. Jennylyn Gross

    This was not a good summer. I got the kids back on a school schedule

  73. Christine L

    Got all the kids stuff. At least I think we did – they just started back so things are kind of hectic. Summer is always too short.

  74. Denise B.

    We homeschool. So, we don’t have any back-to-school stuff to do. We spent most of the summer swimming in the pool.

  75. Chelsea W

    My summer has been great! Lots of swimming in the pool and camping in the mountains!

  76. Terra Heck

    Summer went by quickly. Did a few small trips. Kids are back in school. Have a sophomore and a senior. Also have a son that just started college. Thanks.

  77. kim brooks

    we had a awesome summer didnt do to much because we had to move but made the best of it ! with crayons and glue oh we could make multiple crafts ! this year will be my littles on first year in preschool !!

  78. Gina Ferrell

    My summer was great went tubing with friends and family and now my daughter is in school so now time to study and deal with homework.

  79. progress001

    My children have all grown up and graduated.

  80. msrodeobrat

    Our summer has been wonderful, but way too fast! We have been back to school for a few weeks now, sadly. I would love to make some Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts with gluesticks and crayons!

  81. Heather B

    My youngest son started school last week. My daughter will start on Wednesday and my oldest son on Thursday.

  82. Cynthia Conley

    I had a very nice summer concluding with a trip to the beach. So sad it’s almost over.

  83. Richard Hicks

    The summer has been fun for us. Went to the beach several times and had a blast

  84. Judith R.

    The summer was fun and we’re going to continue the summer fun (beach, etc.) until the weather is much colder (Oct.).

  85. Ann Fantom

    This has been an awesome summer, We took several day and weekend trips and then one vacation to the beach. We have completed my daughter’s back to school shopping

  86. Linda

    We would make an art poster with glue sticks and crayons. Our summer’s been great, but we are ready to go back to school.

  87. alice minx

    summer was a bit of a bust. Our pool guy messed up the pool and we’re so short staffed all I did was work almost every day. We’re going on vacation in oct to make up for it

  88. Allyson Turner

    I’ve just been waiting and waiting for classes to start, because I start college on Monday.

  89. Julie Bickham

    This week we are starting our back to school shopping. So much to do!

  90. Adriane

    It’s still hot here – but we get a nice ocean breeze. Somehow I have not had a single BBQ this summer! πŸ™

  91. Randi S

    My kid is already back in school, but we had an good summer.

  92. shannonsfun

    The schools just started this week so definitely ready for back to school.

  93. Nikki Bowling

    Our summer has been good we did alot if swimming at the pool and going places like the zoo! We do lots of crafts it’s really fun we would probably make a glue crayon painting!

  94. Lauren

    We are already in school. Summer went by too fast.

  95. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    ready to get back to school. summer has been great.

  96. Julie Lundstrom

    My summer has gone so fast. Fall will be here soon. I am busy getting ready for back to school.

  97. Katie Bellamy

    We are anxiously awaiting school. Busting butts trying to get all our ducks in a row! πŸ™‚

  98. heather s

    Good summer. We have gone to festivals, hiking and swimming

  99. pollylee

    My 4 year old grandson just loves to cut & paste. He would make some type of robot or dinosaur!

  100. gracefulcoffee

    I would make a cute picture frame!


  101. Melissa Storms

    We still have so much more shopping to do, I have most of the supplies we need but my son had a growth spurt over the summer and needs a whole wardrobe.

  102. Holly Thomas

    I do lots of crafts with the kids that uses crayons and glue sticks. My kids school year has already started. My summer was great but I am ready for Fall now!

  103. karley moore

    It was a very hot and too short summer. We had a good time, but it was over way too soon. School just started Monday and now we are getting pounded by hurricane Harvey!! This Texas weather is something else.

  104. Motionless Trees

    My summer was okay. I can’t wait for fall though, my favorite season.

  105. Ashley C

    Truthfully, this summer has been TERRIBLE. I lost my dog in the middle of June and I don’t think I’ve recovered from that yet. I don’t have any children and I haven’t been in school since 2009, so I don’t have to worry about getting ready for back to school stuff.

  106. Deborah W

    My summer was great. Now it’s time for back to school and fall weather.

  107. Mary Cloud

    My Summer was great but the kids are back in School so it’s time to slow down.

  108. Lynne T

    My summer has been pretty nice. Went to a wedding, saw a great concert (Daughtry and Nickelback), attended some parties and made a short trip to Lancaster, PA>

  109. slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at excite dot com

  110. Susan Smith

    My Summer was great. We are already back to school.

  111. Lasonda

    Our summer has been fun, spending time with family and friends.

  112. Darlene Carbajal

    My summer had been pretty good. I miss winter though!

  113. Maureen

    The summer has been hot and busy. We seem to always be going and doing things.

  114. mama_ofG (@mama_ofG)

    Not quite sure what we would do but some sort of craft. And we were semi-prepared, school has already started!

  115. Nancy

    Our summer has been great. We have had lots of fun times with the kids.

  116. Madonna

    Honestly this has been the worst summer I can ever remember. A very good friend only 36 yrs old died in her sleep in June, 10 days later my best friend’s son who I had known his whole life was killed in a car accident. Then my dog got deathly ill but thankfully she has recovered. Lots of stress this year.

  117. Corey Hutton

    What would you make with glue sticks & Crayons? – I would glue the crayons to the outside of my house and see how hot it has to be out before they melted.
    How has your summer been? – Been fine, not nearly enough drinking though.
    Are you preparing for the back to school season? – Yes, I am preparing for it to be quiet out once again.

  118. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    Summer has been awesome, although extremely raining and very humid. I can’t wait for cooler weather! We are just trying to enjoy some more pool days before start back to homeschooling!

  119. Soha Molina

    My summer was great. We are already back at school.

  120. Rachel

    I am preparing for back to school. We’ve been busy shopping for school supplies.

  121. Anel W

    I had a great summer. I had my second baby! A lot of family came to visit so that was way nice!

  122. slehan

    A 4 day trip to Santa Fe for the opera.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  123. Jan Lee

    Summer here has been really hot and humid. Have one (my great niece) going to school for the first time, and she is really excited so that’s good πŸ™‚

  124. monique s

    I would make a mobile with those supplies. Summer has felt short. I am getting back to school supplies now

  125. Robin Abrams

    My summer has been way to short. We have enjoyed some camping and swimming but it is ending way to fast

  126. Dan Denman

    We had a good summer. We had a lot of good family time. School has already started back.

  127. Tammy Shelton

    The summer was way to short….I’m going to keep it going.

  128. willgriesmer

    My summer has been good, but way too short!

  129. Steve Weber

    My summer has been less busy than most.

  130. Lois M.

    Oh, summer was fine – and no kids (or me now since I graduated this year from college) to get ready for school with. πŸ™‚

  131. Natalie

    I have had a great summer! I have been training for a marathon and working a lot.

  132. Wendy Hutton

    summer has been quiet, I have not kids to prepare for the back to school

  133. Piroska

    I’d do some fabulous craft projects with my little granddaughter. Our summer’s been busy. Back-to-school shopping is all done!

  134. Peggy Damon

    My summer has been very nice and relaxing! We spent most of our time by the pool or the beach

  135. Candice

    We have had a very busy summer so far, but it has been great!

  136. Lisa Williams

    I am getting ready for back to school,I’m comparing prices,clipping coupons and getting ready for school supply and school clothes shopping,my sons are groaning at the thought but my daughter loves it.

  137. barbg

    It has been to hot for me here in Indiana. I like it when it is nice and cool kind of breezy outside. I guess I like the fall time of the year.

  138. Kim Avery

    I would make pencil holders with glue sticks and crayons by gluing the crayons into an empty (and cut to size) Pringles canister!

  139. Michele Behlen

    It has been a great summer. Our garden is doing great.

  140. Kamla L.

    It’s been a pretty laid back and relaxing summer for me so far.

  141. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    I would make a windchime with crayons & glue sticks.

    1. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

      Our summer has been great fun & yes we are getting back to school supplies and new clothes getting ready for September.

  142. Melissa

    My summer has been awesome. I started early with back to school shopping. We love doing art projects so glue sticks and crayons are a must have.

  143. Sherry Blamer

    My daughter is starting school soon. Our summer was pretty good.

  144. Stephanie

    My kids aren’t old enough for school, but we had a great summer with the birth of our second son!

  145. Michelle L

    The weather has been great, but its been a super busy summer.

  146. Lulu

    Summer is always great! I hope to spend the weekend at the beach and then I am ready for school again.

  147. Deanna

    So far, my summer has been great! My family and I went on a few small vacations and they were wonderful! πŸ™‚

  148. Jackie

    My summer has been quiet and relaxing. No vacation this year. I’m ready for back to school and getting back into a schedule.
    Thank you!

  149. James Robert

    I would let the kids take them to their church group. They make many gifts for the holidays for nursing homes and more. I am sure they would find ways to be very creative with these.

  150. janetfaye

    I would make a decorated poster.

  151. Lisa Brown

    My summer has been great, done lots outdoors; yes, getting ready for back to school.

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