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Ghosts & Goblins Giveaway Hop

Ghosts & Goblins Giveaway Hop

Ghosts & Goblins Giveaway Hop

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Tell me a Ghosts or Goblins story!
Do you believe in ghosts, does the thought of goblins scare you or no?
What are you general thoughts on Ghosts & Goblins?

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  1. Jerry Marquardt

    I like ghost stories the most, but I really don’t believe in transparent ghosts.

  2. Philip Lawrence

    Sorry, I do not believe in ghosts. Wait, did your hear that? Oh, no ….help!!!!

  3. Sand

    I don’t believe in ghosts but I believe in angels. As in, I feel our loved ones return to guide us and help us out and let us know that they are in spirit.

  4. Buddy Garrett

    Ghosts don’t frighten me. I don’t believe in them but I have heard some amazing ghost stories.

  5. Leah Shumack

    I guess you’d say I believe in ghosts…but I call them spirits. When you’ve seen things that you cannot explain then you would believe in them too!

  6. Jessica Whitehouse

    I do believe that there are ghosts and spirits in our world. Most are simply “recordings” — playing over and over, doing only what they did in life. Very few are purposely disruptive.

  7. Sue E

    I don’t believe anything paranormal. Maybe that’s why I think those movies are so funny!

  8. Lisa Romine

    I believe in ghosts. In fact, there’s one that lives in my apartment with me. 🙂

  9. AEKZ2

    I don’t believe in ghosts or goblins, but reading about them is fun.

  10. Renee Rousseau

    Ghosts and Goblins are an important piece of literature, both evil and friendly fiends (or friends)!

  11. Amy Delong

    Yes I believe in ghosts

  12. Stacey A Smith

    Ghost lived in a haunted house once strange things happened all the time.

  13. Janice Crespo

    I believe in ghosts. Just over two years have passed since I lost my daughter, then 22, to suicide. Too many things have been shown to us over the time to doubt that she has come to visit. I remember having a dream with her. She gave me a message to one of my old friends from high school. Heather had never met him, yet I woke up knowing I had to tell him that he was a winner. That made no sense to me at all, but when I messaged him, he told me yes. He had just come back from the doctor, and after finding a growth similar to his brother’s before his death. It seems that Jim’s growth was not cancer and could be taken care of easily. The part that makes me know it was Heather was 1: I told her to show me that she was in Heaven and 2: Jim hadn’t even told his wife he was going for a cancer test. The fact that he was cancer free was a great “winning” surprise and made me know for sure that I would see Heather again when I got to Heaven.

  14. beth shepherd

    I believe! Thank you

  15. clynsg

    Goblins no–don’t believe they exist. Ghosts–not quite as sure. Think that they might (my mother was a firm believer because of something that happened to her as a teenager), but I am somewhat more skeptical.

  16. Amanda Whitley

    i used to work at a hotel that was haunted, it was an old mansion that belonged to a very prominent family in my area and turned into a hotel. i never experienced anything but my coworker who did night audit said one night he got a phone call from one of the offices upstairs when everyone had gone home for the night and when he went up there to check it out no one was there, lights were all out and papers were flown all over the room. also he said he saw shadowy figures every now and then and other guest reported people knocking on their doors at 3 am and smelling heavy old lady perfume.

  17. Lynne T

    I believe in spirits, not ghosts.

  18. Leela

    I’m not sure if they exist or not.

  19. Lisa

    I do not believe they exist but they do scare me. I can not watch scary movies.

  20. bunnyclem

    I do believe in ghosts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. wen budro

    Yes- I think that there are spirits around us all the time. It’s not that I’m afraid of them- I just try to avoid the negative entities.

  22. Richard Hicks

    Oh no. Don’t believe in them

  23. shirley emitt

    Been to a place where wet rocks fell from above, but I do not believe in Ghosts or Goblins.

  24. Ed

    I believe in them as a literary device to tell a story.

  25. Jodi Hassel

    I don’t believe in Ghosts or Goblins!

  26. Robin

    I think that there are ghosts in the world.

  27. Lisa Weidknecht

    The only ghost I believe in is the Holy Ghost. Goblins are make believe.

  28. Marissa M

    I don’t believe in Ghosts or Goblins!

  29. Amanda lea

    I am not sure how I really feel..Never had a ghostly experience!

  30. busyworkingmama

    I don’t believe in them. I do love to get scared watching movies about them!

  31. binabugged

    I’m not afraid of no ghosts (so now that songs in my head)

  32. Daniel M

    don’t believe in ghosts but it’s my fav horror genre

  33. Mary Gardner

    I do not believe in ghosts and goblins but I also believe never say never.

  34. Dave

    I do not believe in Ghosts.

  35. thelemondaisy

    I’m not afraid of ghosts. I have a hard time believing in them. How boring it would be to be a ghost.

  36. Maria

    I believe in ghosts

  37. Margot C

    No, that’s just superstition.

  38. Mary Cloud

    I do believe in Ghosts. I actually lived in a house that was haunted when I was younger. Terrifying.

  39. Amy Deeter

    I don’t believe in them that much, but my dad said when he was younger he experience something. It was with his mom. he was the only one in the house. he felt someone tap his shoulder very gently and he turned around and no one was there. he than smell his moms favorite perfume

  40. Christina Sauve Oliver

    They don’t exist.

  41. susan smoaks

    i do believe in ghosts. i do not try to interact with them though. i stay away from them if i can.

  42. elizabeth miller

    I do not believe in ghosts. As far as my thought about them, they are cute for kids and good for Haunted Houses or movies but other then that..not lot.

  43. Wanda McHenry

    I do believe in ghosts and spirits, but not goblins. I’m not afraid of ghosts.

  44. Crystal Rose

    I do not believe in ghosts or the supernatural BUT they are one of my favorite things to read about (urban paranormal fiction).

  45. Julie Terry

    I believe in ghosts very much.

  46. Erica B.

    I believe in ghosts…I wish I had an experience with one.

  47. Jeanna Massman

    I do believe in ghosts but not as scary creatures. I believe sometimes a presence is so strong that it lingers on earth after death.

  48. Sully Sully

    I would give the wine basket as everyone loves fancy wine and cheese.

  49. Molli Vandehey-Taylor

    ive always believe in ghosts. we lied in our familes house, very old…

  50. darby

    Goblins…not a fan of. Ghosts can be either good or bad though!

  51. Laurie Nykaza

    I do not believe in goblins ghost are another matter

  52. Fe M.

    I have heard stories told by people who have encountered ghosts but I haven’t had any personal experience with them.

  53. Jamie Williams

    I believe in ghosts not goblins.

  54. Gabrielly

    I don’t believe in ghosts.

  55. desitheblonde

    i live one now and then i have been whit them since i was about 8 or 9 year old when my aunt died she came to me and said desi you got to belive in us and then do what in your heart you wont be alone she died and then tolld me to tell grandma and jack not to take the train it was going to derail and grand maa said we dirve and with in 4 hr after they left thetrain derailed and then my family beleve me i been tlakint to the sprits lot longer then most people i was usedto go to the mansion to tlakt ot the gran andd then the little girl who died there it was franklyn mansion in ohio and then i moved into over 5 house and then they were either killed or something bad hit them i have one now and he a ass hole he try to dismiss the stuff

  56. Cynthia R

    I believe in ghosts but not goblins. I have family members that have had weird dreams and feelings and thinks it was a ghost encounter.

  57. bn100

    don’t believe in ghosts

  58. melissa

    I do not believe in ghosts

  59. Helen

    They are both real, and if you pay attention, you can see them. Happy Halloween 🙂

  60. Deborah W

    I do not believe in ghosts and goblins.

  61. Sam Stamp

    I believe in Ghosts. My boyfriend’s parent’s house was built in the 1800’s. They believe there is a ghost of a woman who looks out their upstairs window waiting for her husband that never returned home from a war. I also believe that the woman who lived in my mom’s house before we moved in in 2006 is still in the house. She likes to throw Q-tips on the floor in the bathroom.

  62. Lasonda

    I don’t believe in ghosts.

  63. Cheryl VanBrunt

    No, I don’t believe in ghosts and goblins aren’t terribly scary to me.

  64. David Hollingsworth

    I don’t have a ghost or goblins story, however I do believe in them. Although I’ve never had any encounters with them, they do scare me. As for my overall thoughts, I do believe they exist.

  65. Cynthia C

    I’m not a believer in ghosts and goblins. They make for good stories, though.

  66. Ellen Stafford

    I’ve never seen a ghost and not sure if I believe in them but I believe in energies and feeling that something is there.

  67. Denise B.

    I don’t believe in ghosts as the Bible even states that God does not allow the dead to remain and roam the earth. However, it states that the devil will send demons to deceive people.

  68. Debbi Wellenstein

    I don’t really believe in ghosts or goblins-that is, I have not had any personal experience with them!

  69. rich morris

    I don’t believe in them. They’re tales just to scare imo

  70. Ashley C

    The thought of goblins and ghosts freaks me out a bit, because I don’t do scary anything! However, I don’t believe that they are real.

  71. Lisa Brown

    I do believe in ghosts but not goblins 🙂

  72. Ann Fantom

    No, I don’t believe in ghosts or goblins.

  73. susitravl

    I don’t give much thought to ghosts and goblins though I have friends that are obsessed with the idea.

  74. jlindahlj

    I’m not sure if I really believe in ghosts but I am an open-minded sceptic and I’m willing to be convinced of their existence.

  75. alice minx

    While I would like to believe, I just haven’t seen any real evidence. I’ve had some odd things occur around me or to friends, but a ghost or something seems far-fetched..

  76. Sandy Klocinski

    For me to experience a haunted house, all I had to do was live there. Yep – I’m one of probably thousands of people who believe they have experienced the “supernatural”. Laugh if you will, but until you experience something out of the ordinary yourself – well to those of us who have it’s not funny.

  77. Laura Bradley

    I don’t believe in ghosts, but only because I have never had a personal experience.

  78. Robin Abrams

    I believe in Ghost. We lived in a house that at night we seen a shadow walking the halls

  79. andie

    No – none of that bothers me. But I’m a hug Hitchcock and Christie fan.

  80. Jess D

    I totally believe in ghosts. I used to talk to my dead grandparents almost nightly for years when I was little

  81. Kate F.

    I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, but I don’t necessarily disbelieve in them, either.

  82. Randi S

    Back when I was in junior high, my sister and I were homeschooled and used to go every few weeks to a library about an hour away. One night we were watching an old TV show on ABC Family, and saw that SAME library! I’d always gotten such a creepy, some one is watching you kind of vibe there and now I know why!

  83. rebecca orr

    I honestly don’t know what I believe. I feel like their is a possibility of ghosts. Goblins less so.

  84. barbg

    I am a believer because I have seen them. My dad also saw them.

  85. pollylee

    I do believe in Ghosts! I would be afraid if I saw one for sure

  86. The_Not_So_Perfect_Mom

    We have a local ghost story. I can’t remember it exactly but here is the gist. There is an old cemetery in town with a huge crypt with an arch door. It was built for a little girl. I don’t remember the age. Every year on Halloween the arch above the door bleeds. People go visit her every year. We generally walk by it on our way through but never cross the entrance to go in. I don’t necessarily believe in that it is real but I think on the day when the veil is thinnest between the worlds that perhaps we shouldn’t disrespect the dead. Then again, maybe she wants visitors.

  87. Tara Liebing

    I believe in ghosts, there are a couple homes that have spirits where I live. One of them is in an old home that used to be a doctors office. The nurse’s spirit is in there and it takes care of people in the home when they are sick.

  88. Sully Sully

    I believe in ghosts. My dad once told me that a boogey man lived under our stairs. I was terrified but looking back it’s interesting how your mind can play tricks on you.

  89. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    I am not exactly sure if I believe in ghosts but I definitely don’t believe in goblins.

  90. Karen Giasson

    I do believe in ghosts. I have seen many ghosts in my lifetime.

  91. Sgrm9514

    My grandmother used to believe in ghosts. I didnt until I talked to her. Idk if I am just trying to keep her close or not but I would like to think they exist. If nothing else to keep her beliefs with me.

  92. Nikolina84

    I believe in ghosts – energy does not disappear! 🙂

  93. Marianne

    I’m mostly a skeptic because science is a passion for me, but ghost stories still creep me out a bit sometimes.

  94. gracefulcoffee

    I kind of believe in them… Especially around Halloween 🙂


  95. cottagebunny

    I find it hard to believe in ghosts because I have never seen one but have talked to others that have so who knows for sure. 🙂

  96. Jake B

    I do not believe in ghosts or goblins

  97. Candice

    I believe in ghosts in general, but think a lot of the ‘cases’ aren’t true.

  98. Darlene Carbajal

    Yes, I believe in ghosts!

  99. Motionless Trees

    I definitely believe in ghosts and other creatures of the night.

  100. Tara Darity

    I love to read ghost stories!

  101. Dan Denman

    I don’t believe they exist but, I do like them in books and movies.

  102. Tainan Lu (@demon1102)

    I absolutely believe in ghosts.

  103. Dayna Marsh

    I have practice Wicca and not only do I believe in the paranormal I have experienced it first handed. I have seen ghost and helped some cross over. I have also experienced Demonic presences and helped other Wiccans cast them out

  104. Ellie Di

    I don’t know if I belive in ghosts, but one thing I know: some facts are nearly impossible to explain with mere logic and sometimes I need to belive in supernatural activities.
    Goblins scare the s***** out of me since I first read “the Lord of the Rings”!!
    If ghosts are friendly, funny and what to teach you a lesson like the one in some fantasy novels, I have no problems with them…If goblins happen to be real and I find one, well…I run in the opposite direction!!!

  105. Linda

    I used to believe in ghosts when I was younger, but I don’t believe in ghosts or goblins anymore.

  106. courtafi2138

    I absolutely believe in ghosts.I have had too many strange things happen to not believe.Goblins,not so much.Those are just fun make believe creatures.

  107. Samantha Wagner

    I believe that there are spirits around. It doesn’t scare me, but I haven’t ever seen one either, so maybe it’d be different if I did. 🙂

  108. Susan Smith

    I do not believe in ghosts or goblins

  109. floridagld

    Love Halloween..I don’t believe in ghosts..spirits yes

  110. Lynne B

    I do believe in ghosts but I’ve never seen one.

  111. Katherine S

    No i dont

  112. Donna B

    I believe there are ghosts but I’ve never seen one.

  113. Katie Bellamy

    I believe in ghosts! Never seen one, but I believe! 🙂

  114. Kristin C

    I’ve never seen a ghost – but I know others who have.

  115. Allison Lancaster

    I am not sure what I believe now, but when I was a teenager my friends and I definitely believed in ghosts!

  116. progress001

    When we were very young, my dad went into the cemetery near our home and rattled chains and made weird noises. All of us kids thought it was cool.

  117. Wendy Caddy

    Well, I believe in ghosts, but I’m not really sure what they really are. I lived in a haunted house and there was a sighting when I lived there. Also, have photos that showed something very strange at a haunted decommisioned old fire house. I’m not too scared, though.

  118. Robin Creager

    I can’t say that I believe in ghosts or goblins but I do like watching scary movies that portray them.

  119. Soha Molina

    I am not sure if I believe in them or bot.

  120. Rachel

    I don’t believe in ghosts or goblins.

  121. Charity Cram

    I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in angels and demons. Thank you for the chance to win!

  122. Will G

    I do not believe in them.

  123. Beth G

    I don’t believe in ghosts. Goblins would be scary if they were real.

  124. Melissa Storms

    I believe that there could be contact with our loved ones who have passed. That may just be to preserve my mental health though.

  125. aaron reck

    I live by caves and most years they do scary stories in them in the dark. It’s pretty exhilarating. I think there are many things that I do not know, so I’m willing to accept there could be more.

  126. Janet Lee

    The entry to “Pin/Re-Pin this Giveaway!” doesn’t go to any specific pin, just to a general pinterest board which doesn’t even say if it’s yours or not. I just used the buttons under the post to pin the giveaway.

  127. Janet Lee

    I don’t know if I believe in ghosts/goblins but I guess I don’t want to find out either lol

  128. Cindy

    I do not believe in ghosts at this time.

  129. Natalie

    I do not believe in ghosts or goblins.

  130. jennifer bowen

    yes i know that ghost are real and well they don’t scare me i’m a paronomel investigator here in my town but my part in my group is that i just look up the history and info on a place’s there investigating .

  131. Lulu

    I don’t believe in ghosts but I don’t kind movies about them.

  132. KV

    I believe in ghosts.

  133. ccclisa

    I hope I never see a ghost.

  134. Kim Avery

    I believe in ghosts /spirits but not sure about goblins….I think they are a myth like fairies. I have had numerous accounts with ghosts/spirits so there’s no doubt they are around us!

  135. Michelle L

    I don’t think there are ghosts.

  136. Reese

    I don’t believe in ghosts, goblins or any of that. But I do enjoy scary movies, and I think the clown doll in Poltergeist still gives me nightmares!

  137. Jackie

    Ghosts don’t really scare me…but clowns, that’s a different story!

  138. ov099

    I dont’ believe in them, but the ideas of them (especially in horror or otherwise scary movies) definitely do! 🙂 But alas, no ghost stories that I know of that I could share!

  139. slehan

    I don’t disbelieve in ghosts & goblins. They don’t scare me.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  140. Angela Saver

    I am not afraid of ghosts, but if I were in a haunted house, I’m sure I would be scared! I love the fun around it though!

  141. Gabrielle Kinman

    I believe that there could be ghosts. Thank you very much.

  142. rsbrandt44

    Claudio Fragasso came to America from Italy to make a movie about goblins. (A boy and his family – includng his grandfather, who keeps popping up with helpful advice even though he’s dead – swap houses with a family in the country town of Niblog, or if read backwards Goblin.) He picked a small town in Utah to shoot in and rather than use professional actors, auditioned locals with mostly no experience for all the lead roles and small parts. The results were, shall we say, mixed, especially since Claudio and his crew spoke limited English (which didn’t keep Claudio from writing the script and insisting his actors speal all the lines exactly as he wrote them, even i it didn’t quite sound how Americans speak), and the European actress Laura Gemser, who had somehow been talked into coming to America to serve as wardrobe mistress, served as an unofficial translator. The movie was mostly forgotten until Claudio one day found a DVD and found his movie had been repackaged as TROLL 2 – a “sequel” in name only to a movie called TROLL, which baffled poor Claudio no end as there were no trolls in his movie, only goblins. He was even more mystified to find the movie had developed a cult following stateside, where many regard it as the worst movie ever made.

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