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Gardening Giveaway Hop

Gardening Giveaway

Welcome to the Gardening Giveaway Hop
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What are some of your favorite gardening tips, tricks or ideas??

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  1. slehan

    My garden is most excellent this year.

  2. Jerry Marquardt

    I subscribed to your newsletter.

  3. Jerry Marquardt

    It is late, but you need to plant earlier than later.

  4. Colette S

    I don’t garden. I wish to begin though.

  5. donna porter

    Water nightly, keep weeds out and I baby my plants.

  6. Nadine

    Invest in the time and materials to make raised beds for veggies.

  7. Mary Gardner

    My best tip is to have a compost bin. It is great for your garden and a great way to use food scraps, grass clippings and leaves.

  8. alona y

    I haven’t done enough gardening to have any good tips of my own, my dad is the green thumb in our family!

  9. Jessica C

    Water them in the early morning or at night when the sun’s going to bed

  10. Sammi Dotti

    I havenโ€™t really done any gardening.. so I can’t say anything

  11. Lyndsey R.

    Use DE (diatomaceous earth) as a natural bug repellant.

  12. Danielle Papsis

    We always amend the soil and add composted manure.

  13. Francine Anchondo

    I wish i had some tricks . I am new at gardening.

  14. lyn212

    I think making sure you water the right amount is my key to sucess.

  15. Jessica W

    I always like to use plants that come back every year. It’s much cheaper to have a beautiful garden and it tends to look better each year.

  16. Meme

    My kids like to take pumpkin seeds and plant them. They did that last year and this year they have the plant with a large yellow bloom but no pumpkin yet.

  17. mixedreviewsblogger

    I love to get inspiration from various sites and videos and make it a family project.

  18. Zoey

    I haven’t really done any gardening, so I don’t have any good tips.

  19. Jeanna Massman

    I like using planters on my patio with different flowers throughout the year.

  20. Crystal Ward (@Crystal11)

    I’ve never been great at gardening, unfortunately!

  21. golden storm

    i compost all year and save rainwater in the spring and also dig my garden early and add compost to make the soil better before i plant

  22. Stacy

    I need some tips, I have a black thumb! The only thing I can keep alive is anything low maintenance, like a succulent.

  23. mizztara71

    I don’t have any tips besides watering early in the morning or late in the evenings.

  24. Jacqui Odell

    I have none. I don’t like gardening!

  25. Jodi Hassel

    I donโ€™t have property where a garden can grow

  26. Heather B

    I have to admit I have a pretty black thumb so I am loving all of these tips!

  27. Kim Pinch

    I like to catch rain water to save a little.

  28. Melina Ramirez

    I don’t have property where a garden can grow. I wish I could have a small garden, it would be nice.

  29. barbg

    I do not garden but when I was a teenager years ago my parents did it all. They had 5 acres of crops. So get up at 4am so it’s cool to do your work is my best tip. You can always take a nap when you’re done about noon.

  30. floridagld

    Catch rain. Water..let tap water sit minimum 24 hours..no standing water for mosquitos control..never water when full hot sun or windy

  31. jmesparza821

    Even though I like plants they don’t seem to like me. Most of the plants I’ve planted die on me.

  32. Natalie Gillham

    Regularly pull up the weeds in your garden, preferably after rain as it makes them easier to pull out!

  33. elizabeth miller

    My favorite tip is to pull weeds after a good rain. They typically come right out, roots and all.

  34. Carla S

    I water plants the same time everyday so I don’t forget

  35. Leela

    I water them at night.

  36. Solange

    When planting roses, pruning is crucial to keep the centre of the flower open, so sunshine can shine in. Careful pruning will keep the moisture out, and will prevent black spots and other blights from forming.

  37. tracy k

    i use coffee grounds in the soil

  38. Surso S.

    We’ve been gardening sucessfully for 6 years now i find that most of the time the garden either gets too much water or not enough (like tomatoes once established only need two inches of water a week otherwise they wilt)

  39. stheissen1990

    Don’t be cheap with soil! It is worth it to pay a little more for the good stuff.

  40. JEN D

    I do raised bed gardening in galvanized metal water troughs, washtubs, and trash cans – they look adorable and the results are pretty good. I can stand up while gardening, the beds are nice and warm, weeds are minimal, and animals don’t eat my goodies. The trash cans are buried in the ground – they’re great for plants that need deep roots. Make sure to add drainage holes – I also like to elevate my troughs and tubs on pavers or broken concrete.

  41. Sushrut

    Sadly I live in a flat & we don’t have a garden…Thanks…

  42. Kaycee

    If you kill something keep trying. It takes time to figure it out sometimes. Also, I second the previous comment about compost!

  43. Erin Madigan

    My gardening tip is to have someone else do it. I don’t have a green thumb AT ALL.

  44. Kortney Lah

    Honestly, I don’t have much, but I do want to say that if you have a grandparent that you can help do these things with, or a grandchild that you can get to help you, PLEASE DO! I would give anything to garden with my grandmother once more. <3

  45. dave

    Make sure to properly ph your water

  46. judethomas21

    Try a garlic and water spray to deter pests.

  47. rsbrandt44

    Saving fallen leaves to use for mulch.

  48. Seyma Shabbir

    I get my husband to do it! LOL We collect rain water for the garden, we have 2 huge compost bins, and we grow figs, persimmons, pomegranates, olives, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, strawberries and more!

  49. Teresa A Thompson

    Keeping the weeds pulled seems to promote growth.

  50. Maria

    I love using fish based plant feeder, it makes my plants grow beautifully and veggies produce very well

  51. Angela Livingston

    Make sure to properly ph your water

  52. veronica lee

    I water the plants in my garden with the water used to wash rice.Rice water makes a great fertilizer.

  53. Connie Lee

    I have a barrel that I catch rain water in to water my flowers and garden with. My plants seem to do better with it than water from my well.

  54. Laura

    I use a blacklight to check my tomato plants for tomato hornworms.

  55. Sandy Klocinski

    Make a drip feeder using an old soda bottle.Just puncture some holes in it (a barbeque skewer works great), and then plant it next to the young plant. The bottle will enable a slow release of water near the roots.

  56. Christy Maurer

    I have a black thumb! I did used to help my dad pick stuff from the garden when I was little and he did a lot of composting.

  57. Jodi Hunter

    I love using compost.

  58. Journeys of The Zoo

    Weed as you go, composting will lead to volunteers (last year we had watermelon), only plant what you’ll really use. Thanks for giving. Besos Sarah.

  59. rochelle haynes

    I do not garden so no tips

  60. Cindy Merrill

    Stale spices are just fine for acidic loving berry plants- mix into soil for added nutrition.

  61. Ashley C

    I don’t actually garden. I would love to, but honestly it’s just not possible in the area that I’m in. It’s a rural area and we have all sorts of wildlife in our backyard. They would eat and destroy everything, sadly.

  62. farmermomwife

    I don’t garden, my father in law is the gardener of the family. Sorry I don’t have any tips. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Robyn Bellefleur

    Make your own compost for your garden. It needs it to keep the soil fertile and you can do it for free.

  64. DawnaN68

    To be honest I’m not a very good gardener .so I’ m just enjoying reading other tips.

  65. Miranda Ward

    I use vinegar and dish soap to kill weeds

  66. Cheryl Chervitz

    My tip is to not over fertilize. Research your plant and find out how to care for it.

  67. E. Diane Macauley

    A mix of (used) coffee grounds and crushed egg shells sprinkled around your plants helps keep pests away and also breaks-down to add nutrients like calcium and nitrogen to the soil. double whammy and chemical-free. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    My only tip is to bring any plants indoors when the hail comes! Too many summers we’ve lost plants & flowers to hail storms ๐Ÿ™

  69. Linda Walker

    A farmer told me to put a couple of wooden matches in the hole when you plant your peppers. I guess they love the sulfur and grow huge. I haven’t tried it yet.

  70. Alexandru Rusu

    i like to put water every morning to my flowers in garden.

  71. Kristy Hughes

    I’m not the best gardener– but, man can we grow some peppers. Mulch always helps. It’s the best way to keep the weeds away.

  72. Tara Liebing

    I don’t really have any tips or tricks because I have not been successful with gardening yet. I don’t have a yard so I have only used planters.

  73. reviewsbyabby

    No green thumb here but I try composting by planting my waste from my juicer

  74. Julie Murphy

    I like to water at night.

  75. Jackie Mercer

    I have begun the process of replacing our flower gardens with edible plants. It’s so much more motivating to keep my gardens healthy when I get to eat!

  76. wen budro

    A tip that I’ve learned is to start seeds out in egg shells. Then, when they become seedlings, transfer them into the ground. The egg shells are good for the soil.

  77. Dawn Ballo

    My advice is pull weeds & plant easy perennials.

  78. Linda Bradshaw

    I save my eggshells, coffee grounds and banana peels for fertilizers. I have my compost piles going too.

  79. Katrina Angele

    Use lady bugs in your garden.

  80. Holly Thomas

    I don’t garden, never have, but I am super interested in starting up a garden I am just afraid I wouldn’t take care of it since i’m deathly afraid of spiders!

  81. bn100

    pull out weeds

  82. piroska

    I add my used coffee grounds to my flowers.

  83. sylvia

    I am a terrible gardener when it comes to weeding, but I started composting last year and used it in this year’s garden. What a huge difference! I have huge plants and a great yield so far.

  84. Amber Hites

    I don’t really have any specific tips – but I think it is all about fertilizing!

  85. Julie Lundstrom

    I don’t have any tricks for I don’t have a green thumb. I am going to read some of these to see if it will help me.

  86. jeanette h sheets

    i always use miracle grow

  87. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    use only organic fertilizer.

  88. Veronica L

    My favorite garden tip that I tell all of my neighbors is to do a little something each day such as reaching down to pull a weed, because over time it makes a huge impact.

  89. Robin Abrams

    I have found talking to my plants and keeping them weeded is the best thing for them

  90. Gina Marie

    My best tip is to find the best plants for your gardening zone, and stick with the winners!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  91. Melissa

    i don’t have a garden. keep it watered and in sun light.

  92. ladymagnolia99

    I usually talk to my plants!! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!!!

  93. darby

    Always put down mulch in flower gardens!

  94. Kamla L.

    My gardening skills are non-existent. The little gardening that I do I google for advice.

  95. barbg

    Run all of your canning jars thru the dishwasher at one time so you are ready to go when you need to use them. The garden will fill up a lot of them at once.

  96. Jennifer Hedger

    The only tip I have is to stay on top of the weeding.

  97. Wendy Caddy

    I don’t have any tips as I’m a novice, but I’m enjoying reading the tips here

  98. heather s

    Use pine bark to help keep moisture around the plant in the heat of the summer

  99. gracefulcoffee

    I like using organic gardening soil!


  100. heather kaufman

    Make sure your garden gets plenty of water & sunlight.

  101. Uhunoma Aguebor

    I am not good at gardening lol! I’m trying to become better though so I can grow more fresh fruits and veggies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. ssjmommy

    I don’t have a lot of space so I did container gardening this year. I have already had many different peppers and lots of tomatoes. Key is to water and fertilize regularly. My container tip is to use crushed aluminum pop cans to fill up bottom of larger containers. Also use old dryer sheets to cover bottom holes in planter pots so dirt doesn’t go out of holes.

  103. Tracy Robertson

    I live in an apartment, so I don’t have a garden, but if I did I would love to plant strawberries.

  104. Jennylyn Gross

    Make compost for your garden

  105. pollylee

    My son & daughter in law have a huge garden. I don’t have that ‘green thumb’ They keep it free of weeds and well watered.

  106. Susan Smith

    My tip is to give your garden plants plenty of water especially when you first plant them.

  107. Michelle Ayers

    I don’t really do any gardening so I don’t have any tips!

  108. Linda

    I like using broken eggshells to keep away slugs from entering the garden.

  109. Donna B

    We save all of our scraps from fresh veggies and fruits, egg shells, coffee grounds and place them in between plants

  110. Randi S

    I wish I knew! We’re novice gardeners, so I could use the tips!

  111. progress001

    We placed two layers of paper down then covered it with the grass clippings from our yard. We have very few weeds popping through. What a time saver!

  112. monique s

    my tips are to start sprouts early indoors where it is warm and then replant outside in warmer weather


    I take over the watering etc my wife over waters and things don’t last long at our house

  114. sabrinatemplin

    I don’t have tips or tricks except a shot of Miracle Grow to indoor plants does wonders ๐Ÿ˜€

  115. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    My best tip is to look at your plants daily and protect them from caterpillars or mites.

  116. Rachel

    My gardening tip is to put a layer of newspaper over the entire garden bed after your plants come up to help decrease the amount of weeds.

  117. Katie Bellamy

    I’m the one that NEEDS the tips & tricks…I’ll be reading posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. kelly nicholson

    i hsve no tips except plant in season thanks

  119. Nicole Martin

    Cover your plants when there is frost.

  120. kelly nicholson

    i have no tip except plant in season for best results…common sense i guess

  121. Soha Molina

    I don;t garden so I have no tips, water consistently.

  122. Brent Strassburg

    Everytime I try to grow something it dies. So looking for some good tips!

  123. Kimberly R

    I like to use water soluble nutrients for my plants, I add it to water so when watering I do two things at once.

  124. Kim Avery

    Sprinkle crushed egg shells and used coffee grounds around plants to keep ants away.

  125. Dan Denman

    We make our own compost. We use fruit and veggie scraps and leaves.

  126. Candice

    I try to plant things early, and water a lot. I don’t have any great tips though.

  127. Marti Tabora

    My best tip would be to rotate the spot where you plant veggies every year. Plant something this year where you planted something different last year.

  128. Jan Lee

    I don’t garden because I’ve always rented where I’ve lived.

  129. stacey mccrary

    Cinnamon keeps cats out of you flower beds

  130. Cynthia R

    I am not a gardener at all so I’m afraid the only tip I have is to either hire it out or visit farmer’s markets.

  131. Steve Weber

    Make sure you weed and feed at least 3 times a year.

  132. jeepingeos

    I like to create my own soil using earth worms and items I recycle.

  133. Lisa Williams

    I don’t really have any tips but I always water my garden in the evening when it isn’t as hot.

  134. siegalpaula

    Sing to plants lol

  135. tat2gurlzrock

    I say the best advice is fertilize and water regularly.

  136. willgriesmer

    I’ve never gardened before so not sure.

  137. Cathy French

    My tip is to not over use miracle gro. I have a pletheral of greenery in my garden that multiplies worse than rabbits.

  138. Karen Giasson

    I really don’t have any tips. Just natural fertilizer and water does the trick for me.

  139. Michelle L

    Don’t use pesticides

  140. Melissa Storms

    My best tip is to water at the roots when the sun is shining. We have a powdery mildew and slug/snail problem here and both love wet.

  141. Christopher Mason

    Letting my wife do them so the plants survive.

  142. Natalie

    I always bring a little chair to sit on to avoid back pain when working in the garden.

  143. Kristin C

    I love getting my kids involved in gardening – it helps when it comes time to eat the vegetables we’ve grown.

  144. Tammy Shelton

    I pull weeds everyday from my front flower bed when I walk to the mailbox. Keeps it from becoming a jungle.

  145. Lulu

    I am not a gardener, but I try to water early in the morning or at night.

  146. Ann Fantom

    My gardening tip is to use a drip hose to water your plants to conserve water and reduce plant disease.

  147. Jackie

    My tip is to try to weed daily so the weeds don’t become overbearing.

  148. Jay Jackson

    When you are finished your growing season, take you last one or two grass cutting clippings and cover your garden. This will help insulate the soil and add additional nutrients from the composting of the clippings.

  149. shelly peterson

    I am not a big gardener, I don’t have any tips or ideas.

  150. James Robert

    I am not good at gardening so my tip is, let the kids help you out. It makes for great memories and they love checking in on the garden and weeding it.

  151. Jayne Townsley

    I have a black thumb and have zero plants in my home and have never even attempted a garden.

  152. Elizabeth Brooks

    Water at night

  153. slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at excite dot com

  154. Lisa Brown

    I always compost: needed and helpful if you grow vegetables in your garden.

  155. Dawn Monzu

    Well…I have to be completely honest. I am TERRIBLE at gardening! I don’t have any tips other than don’t do what I do! haha I somehow always kill any living plant.

  156. slehan

    Try to keep up with the weeds.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  157. Kathy Ross

    I always like using compost. And keep the weeds out of the garden.

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