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Frightening Fun Giveaway Hop!

Frightening Fun

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Do you like to be scared? (In fun ways?)
What is the scariest FUN you have ever had?
Do you enjoy the fright season??

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  1. Cathy Truman

    I like Halloween giving out candy to our family and friends children. I do not like to scared.

  2. Shea Balentine

    I love scary movies. But the most fun we’ve ever had on Halloween is we went to Six Flags during their fright fest event… lots of fun!

  3. Shannon

    I love Halloween but I hate to be scared.

  4. AEKZ2

    I love scary stuff. I do like to be scared.

  5. JanD

    The scariest fun I’ve had involve roller coasters.

  6. Linda Kish

    When I was much younger, I used to live in the L.A. area and went to the haunted houses at Halloween. I don’t really care for them anymore.

  7. Sand

    I don’t like being frightened, unless I’m watching a scary movie!

  8. Carolyn D

    I have never been a fan of horror films and I hate being scared. I like to watch family friendly Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and Casper.

  9. Brian E.

    We like scary / horror movies, and our kids love old b&w monster movies !

  10. floridagld

    Yes..my dad has pulled some really scary things over the years..to many people..to the point grown men have run from the house..lol.

  11. Michelle H.

    I am not a big fan on Halloween type scares.

  12. Stacey A Smith

    yes love scary movies.one time as a teen I screamed and ran out of the apartment and every body scream two and ran out then thay are like looking at me and say what it was funny the movie scared me but I and my Scream scared them.

  13. Adrienne Gordon

    I like being scared by horror movies.

  14. Candace

    I use to like haunted houses but now everything scares me lol!

  15. mizztara71

    I do not like being scared other than watching horror movies and reading horror books.

  16. susan smoaks

    i love haunted houses. they are so much fun.

  17. Diane S

    I do like to be scared for fun. I went through a haunted woods tour a few years back with my best friend. We knew scares were coming, but laughs were there as well.

  18. Giant Sis (@Giantsis)

    I HATE being scared. I don’t enjoy it at all. The last time I went to a haunted house was in high school and I practically RAN all the way through it to get it over with!

  19. Abigail Gibson

    I do not like to be scared, fun or not.

  20. Buddy Garrett

    I like being scared in a fun way. We didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was growing up.

  21. Cassie Dow

    I don’t enjoy being scared at all. And truthfully I could live without Halloween. I’m a strange duck that doesn’t even like candy

  22. heather s

    I like a fun scare. I enjoy all the creative costumes

  23. Audrey Stewart

    I hate being scared.

  24. Anne Higgins

    In my younger years I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of being nervous/scared with haunted houses, roller coasters (which were AWESOME!) and other great fun activities. Even lived to share surfing with a shark next to me and caught in a photo. But now, not so much. I would rather be relaxed and without these stresses.

  25. Hesper Fry

    I really don’t like being scared. I have fun taking my kids to spooky places for Halloween. I enjoy the fright season because my kids really like it!

  26. Riri

    I’m not a big fan of scary things and I don’t like to be scared.

  27. Heather Amos

    I love scary stuff. I really love haunted houses and things like that.

  28. Seyma Shabbir

    I don’t like to be really scared just a little bit.

  29. Molli Vandehey-Taylor

    i hae being scared. i remember going to a haunted house with an old boyfriend and making out… does that count?

  30. Heather D

    I loved to be scared. Halloween is my fav time of year!

  31. earthphotographyfreespirit

    Halloween is my favorite time of year, i love being scared and going through haunted houses with my children. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity.

  32. Nikolina84

    I don’t really like to be scared or enjoy the fright season… lol

  33. Jeanna Massman

    I remember going through some terrifying haunted houses whenI was younger.

  34. Helen

    I love to be scared. My friends and I always visit the haunted houses this time of year.

  35. lamusings

    Love Halloween – hate being scared

  36. Aarone Mawdsley

    sometimes it is fun sometimes it is not

  37. kumquat8

    No, I am a big wimp and don’t like to be scared.

  38. Daniel M

    i like scary movies

  39. Crystal Rose

    I’m not a big fan of scary things.

  40. Amy Delong

    Halloween is my favorite holiday,I love the scary stuff and so do my kids

  41. Meme

    I like making the kids costumes and watching them come up with some challenging ideas i like taking them trick or treating and handing out candy but not the scary part so much.

  42. Cheryl Chervitz

    I do like scary movies, but I’m not young enough any more to get really scared!

  43. LB

    No, I hate being scared!! I ma not a big fan of Halloween. I like seeing kids in their costumes and handing out candy. That’s about it!

  44. Mary Gardner

    I do not like to be scared. I do enjoy the dressing up and trick or treating with the kids part of Halloween, just not the scary stuff.

  45. Sammi Dotti

    I don’t enjoy scares anymore. I only love to see guy with costumes

  46. wen budro

    No- I don’t enjoy scares anymore. The best scare that I ever had was watching the original movie: Night of the Living Dead. I watched it alone on Halloween as a young teenager. It scared the heck out of me.

  47. Melody Gross

    Yes, I like to be scared in fun ways. The scariest fun I’ve ever had was at the Halloween King’s Dominion event. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  48. heather kaufman

    I like it when my kids try to scare me…they are so cute & funny.

  49. Maranda Hymes (@randanicolehyme)

    I love being scared by books and horror movies. I’m having a great fall right now with my boyfriend and I think it will be a memorable and fun one. October-December is my favorite time of year. 🙂

  50. DeAnna Keller

    I love Halloween, but I’m not a big fan of being scared.

  51. barbg

    No, I hate to be scared with a passion! I wasn’t going to enter this one since I had to leave a comment, but couldn’t resist the cand giveaway which is so awesome!

  52. joy f

    Yes, I like to be scared. Yes, we love going to Halloween Horror Night.

  53. amanda whitley

    i like to be scared when i am expecting it such as on Halloween but otherwise dont enjoy it lol. i love Halloween time!

  54. Zoey

    I don’t like to be scared.

  55. Ann Fantom

    I love Halloween because of the horror movie marathons that are on TV. I LOVE a good horror movie. The scarier the better

  56. Brandy Schwartz

    I am not a fan of being scared (even in good fun). I do love Halloween and dressing up in costume.

  57. Jenny (@jnylala)

    I do like a good fun fright here and there!

  58. elizabeth miller

    The best scared I ever got was the first time we took my daughter to a haunted attraction this year. She flipped out when the guy came out behind her with a chain saw. She is 12 so no she is not a little kid. Unfortunately she takes Krav Maga and turned and kicked the mess out of the poor guy. She was shaking like a leaf she was so scared.

  59. Jodi Hassel

    I Hate being scared

  60. Robin Abrams

    I love being scared. I love going to haunted houses. The best I have been too is the haunted prison it was great

  61. Jessica Whitehouse

    I’m not a fan of jump-scares or gore. I don’t mind a good psycological horror.

  62. gracefulcoffee

    Being scared is ok for me! I like the fright season.


  63. Jen B

    I do not like to be scared.

  64. spacey

    I used to love getting scared a bit when I was younger, but as of lately I don’t enjoy it much.

  65. Lisa Walker

    I love to be scared in fun ways!

  66. ladymagnolia99

    I enjoy Halloween but I do not like to be scared. I am a big scaredy cat!!

    Judy Cox

  67. Cheryl B

    I don’t like to be scared or frightened. I like Happy Halloween events.

  68. Renea G

    Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year! I love getting spooked. I love haunted houses and the whole nine yards!

  69. Ellen Stafford

    I don’t like being scared much…..but I love ghost trains!

  70. desitheblonde

    it was ok as kid but now no beacuse of heart problems

  71. Emeryl

    I love scary movies. I can’t wait to see IT.

    The most fun I ever had was back trick or treating with my cousins.

  72. Jan Lee

    I don’t really like to be scared. I think I diid like it when I was in my teens but as I have gotten older, not so much… I don’t want to be injured from being scared lol

  73. darby

    I LOVE halloween but don’t like to be scared.

  74. Laura B.

    I like to be scared as long as its in good fun. I like to watch scary movies to creep me out a bit.

  75. punkin0001

    Yep I sure like to be scared especially heading out on a haunted hay ride too! 😀

  76. Jess D

    I like to be scared a little, not too much


    I’m not big on being scared but my little niece loves it we went on a haunted hayride and she loved it

  78. Vera P.

    I love this time of year but I do not enjoy being scared.

  79. robinmblankenship

    I love this time of year. I love scary movies and books

  80. April Morin

    I am not a big fan of being scared unless it’s in a movie I chose to see. I usually scream then laugh.

  81. Darlene Carbajal

    I hate being scared!

  82. candy smith

    Love it if I know it is all fun like going to a venue that scares me

  83. Tammy Shelton

    Yes, I love scary fun halloween stuff. I kije attebding Hlloween Horror Nights at Universal.

  84. Andrea Williams

    I do not like being scared, so this isn’t the best holiday for me, but I love Fall.

  85. Heather A.E.

    I absolutely love being scared. The scariest fun I had was probably visiting the Adventuredome in Las Vegas during October. They make it pitch black in there and fill it with haunted houses. Love the fright season!

  86. Robin Creager

    I love fright season! It’s year-round for me as I love scary movies. My most memorable fright was going to World’s Of Fun with my oldest son (he was in his 20’s at the time) to their haunted houses…so cool and so real! Fun times!

  87. Susan Smith

    I don’t love to be scared and never watch scary movies. I like seeing all of the kids in their costumes.

  88. Candice

    I love fright season! I am looking for a haunted house in my area to go to with friends.

  89. Karen Giasson

    I do enjoy Halloween. Especially now that I have 13 grandchildren, lol.

  90. Kimmy

    Oh heck yes. I love to be scared. I know it’s not real.

  91. Heather B

    I am not a big fan of being scared. I am not a big scaredy cat I can take it most of the time but not a super fan.

  92. Michelle J.

    I like to be scared but my husband doesn’t.

  93. Kristin C

    I don’t really like to be scared, I like seeing the kids’ costumes though.

  94. Terra Heck

    I enjoy the fright season. I love watching scary movies and going through haunted houses. Thanks.

  95. Rebecca Orr

    I don’t like to be scared. I like scary movies but I don’t like to watch them alone.

  96. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    i like to be scared. watching horror movies alone at night scares me.

  97. aaron reck

    Probably fright nights at kings island near cincinnati ohio is fun place to be.

  98. Dawn Ballo

    I love Halloween and haunted houses.

  99. Katie Bellamy

    I love to be scared! I love Halloween!

  100. Charity Cram

    I don’t really care to be scared, but I do get how people like the adrenaline rush. Thank you for the chance to win!

  101. Deborah W

    The scariest fun thing I ever did was take my two youngest kids canoeing on their siblings 4-H canoe trip. First time I ever did and the last; scared to death!

  102. Jenny Scheldberg

    I have interest in touring “haunted” houses but have been too scared so far.

  103. Randi S

    Nope, I prefer NOT to be scared! lol

  104. Catherine Brown

    No I don’t like it. I went to an outdoor Halloween place with my kids and got really scared. I love the season

  105. Steve Weber

    I do not like to be scared.. I scare easily! the most fun I’ve had was going to a mashup costume concert in Milwaukee.

  106. Alexandru Rusu

    Yes , i was scared at horror movies and gave me panic.

  107. Motionless Trees

    I love the season of fright, especially being the one who does the scaring. Mwahahahahaha!

  108. Veronica Lee

    I am a scaredy cat! But I do enjoy an occasional horror movie.

  109. Allison Swain

    I love watching scary movies a lot. I get scared very easily though! Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Annamarie V

    I do not enjoy being scared anymore, I have a niece that is a huge fan of horror movies but it’s just not for me.

  111. Kelley Moore

    I like scary movies but not scary things jumping out at me lol.

  112. Marie Lowther

    No, I don’t like to be scared! I’m a baby lol….

  113. Marianne

    I don’t really like the scary season or watching scary movies, but for some reason, I do enjoy watching shows like The Dead Files and Ghost Adventures.

  114. Jackie Mercer

    Horror movies are my favorite. My husband and I watch them all of the time.

  115. jlindahlj

    I do enjoy safe scares like horror movies. We used to go to haunted attractions for some good scary fun.

  116. Brent Strassburg

    I love to be scared.

  117. Mary Cloud

    I’m not much on being scared although I do like scary movies

  118. Rachel

    I do not like to be scared at all. I went to a haunted house once and I’ll never go again.

  119. Stephen Gordon

    Scary movies

  120. Michelle L

    Don’t like being scared.

  121. Rebecca A Johnson

    No, I hate being scared. I don’t love that part of Haloween at all.

  122. Klydra Pugh

    I don’t enjoy being scared. At all. But do enjoy Halloween.
    Thanks for the chance.

  123. slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at yahoo dot com

  124. Linda

    I do like to watch scary movies, but only because I know they’re movies. Other than that, I like scary rides.

  125. Kayla Klontz

    Yes, I like to be scared in fun ways, haunted houses and such rock!

  126. Donna L.

    I don’t like being scared, but I like dressing up my cat.

  127. kelly nicholson

    Do you like to be scared? (In fun ways?) nope…too much real stuff scares me

    What is the scariest FUN you have ever had? thats private

    Do you enjoy the fright season?? yes i do..

  128. Sarah Mathias

    I like being scared. Going to a haunted house attraction my the most fun I had being scared. I love Halloween. Its one of my favorite holidays.

  129. slehan

    I don’t like being scared or scaring others.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  130. Soha Molina

    I like being scared.

  131. Rebecca M-Y

    I like the defanged (so to speak) parts of Halloween, but I don’t like being scared.

  132. amy craft

    I hate being scared but LOVE Halloween due to the fact my daughter was born on Halloween. So we celebrate in cutesie ways rather than scary.

  133. dontknowwhatyoucallit

    i’m the one who dose all the scarring so well as for me i don’t really scare easy

  134. Christopher Mason

    i have no interest in getting scared. i’ll do anything to avoid it.

  135. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I do not like to be scared and we try to avoid our kids from watching scary stuff this time of year. We do take them trick or treating and they dress up, but they aren’t allow to dress up as anything scary.

  136. Kristen

    I don’t particularly enjoy being scared, but I once did have fun at a haunted maze.

  137. Will G

    I sometimes enjoy being scared.

  138. Anel W

    I don’t like to be scared. I think the scariest fun I had was the first time I went on a roller coaster.
    I could do without the fright season. 🙂

  139. Lynne B

    I haven’t liked to be scared in years. I’m not into the haunted house or haunted field thing. I’ll watch a scary movie though.

  140. rhonda miotke

    Went to a haunted corn maze last year that was pretty scary. Yes i love to be scared. I love october.

  141. Kelly G

    I dont like to be scared but I can sneak up on my hubby and scare him pretty good.

  142. chrissy c

    I used to love to be scared and to go to Haunted houses but not anymore…….I’m a chicken now!

  143. Reese

    I enjoy scary movies, but because I hardly ever find them too terrifying. I’m not a big thrill-seeker

  144. Cynthia R

    I say I don’t like to be scared but I really do. I enjoy a good haunted house.

  145. Wendy Caddy

    I don’t like being scared. I do, however, enjoy the cute decorations and visiting the pumpkin patch. I like watching halloween cartoons with the kids, dressing up, and having a fun party with lots of decorations. But not anything really scary.

  146. Carole D

    I love Halloween, I like going to haunted houses and I like scary movies.

  147. Melissa Storms

    I like spooky not really scary. We used to visit the Haunted Mansion at Long Branch in NJ when I was a kid, it was scary but fun.

  148. Kimberly R

    I love Halloween but I’m not a fan of being scared.

  149. Wendy R.

    LOVE Halloween and all the scary things that go with it!

  150. Melissa

    i love halloween 🙂 every year i like going to haunted houses to get scared.

  151. tat2gurlzrock

    I enjoy Halloween and yes I like being scared!

  152. Chelsea W

    I love scary movies! I love October because that’s when all the scary movie marathons come on!

  153. Kaycee Mason

    At one time I did, but now I have cataplexy and that is just not a good combination!

  154. monique s

    no not a fan of being scared in anyway

  155. Natalie

    I actually hate to be scared! I tend to avoid scary movies at all costs.

  156. Darcy L Koch

    I do not like to be scared at all. Well, maybe by watching a scary movie. The scariest fun I had was going in a Haunted House. I do enjoy fright season and taking the kids trick or treating.

  157. Dan Denman

    I like scary movies and scary books. I used to love haunted houses. That was some scary fun!

  158. Kim Avery

    I don’t like to be scared at all but I do love the fun and festivities of Halloween!

  159. Cathy French

    No, I don’t like to be scared. I’m jumpy enough as it is. My favorite scare, tho, was when I was a teenager and went to an inside/outside haunted walk. There was a fake tombstone I walked by and there was a guy there I didn’t see that grabbed my leg. That was fun when I was young.

  160. Vicki Wurgler

    no I do not like being scared-I have been to a haunted house. but I do like Halloween with the children and their outfits

  161. Maureen

    I am not especially a fan of the fright season. It is a long story.
    I did like rollercoasters in the past but due to a health issue I can not do that.

  162. Heather Dawn

    I like being scared. The funniest scary thing I did during this time was go to the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis!

  163. MaryAnne JK

    Yeah, I DO like to get scared, in a good way though–scary I do, gory I don’t. I will never forget the time as a teenager that my older sis took me to her college haunted house….I got beyond scared when a hand grabbed my ankle as I was crawling through this cardboard tunnel, that I jumped up (into the staples that were holding it together) and ran out as fast as I could….my back was covered in blood from the staples (I’m a bleeder) which freaked out other people and THEY started screaming, so you’ve got this bunch now screaming and they hadn’t even gone in yet! When I think back on it all, it’s funny now, but at the time, it was NOT funny 🙂

  164. Mary Carmen (@mami2jcn)

    I don’t love the scary aspect of Halloween. I went to a haunted house once.

  165. Jackie

    I don’t love being scared. I use to love to watch horror movies, but not so much now.

  166. Lisa Brown

    Q) Do you like to be scared? A) No, not even in jest.

    Q) What is the scariest FUN you have ever had? A) A fun house many years ago.

    Q) Do you enjoy the fright season?? A) Yes, I do 🙂

  167. Lulu

    I like being scared on Halloween, it’s fun. On other days I don’t enjoy it much:)

  168. Lois M.

    Nah, I’m a big wimp when it comes to true horror movies or the like – give me the cute versions of all the Halloween characters, thanks! LOL

  169. Janet W.

    I’m not a huge fan of being scared. The most fun scared I’ve been is on rollercoaster rides!

  170. James Robert

    I think it can be fun during Halloween to be scared and visit Haunted houses. I keep the kids away from it though because they are scared enough to even go upstairs by themselves.

  171. rsbrandt44

    I like to stay up past my bedtime watching scary movies!The scariest fun I ever had was riding the roller coaster at Terrible’s Primm Valley.

  172. Amber Hites

    I enjoy a good scare occasionally. I like going to haunted houses…..it can be a lot of fun!
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  173. shelly peterson

    I don’t like to be scared. I am a big chicken.

  174. ccclisa

    I like to see the young children dressed up in their costumes.

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