May 25

Divatress Ponytail Wigs #Beauty #AD

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Ponytail Extensions

Divatress is a leading e-commerce company that offers a wide range of hair care products and thousands of wigs. Divatress clients range from professional stylist to students, with products to fit all your hair & beauty needs!

Where did the name Divatress come from? According to their website “A diva is a goddess or queen. ‘Tress’ is a lock of hair.” The founders selected their name to signify “beauty through hair”
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Divatress has an amazing selection of ponytail wigs and extensions that can change your everyday look in an instant. You can create buns, long braids or add body to your hair with their selection of ponytails. The ponytails have drawstrings and combs that make them easy to put on and hold secure.

You can shop top-selling brands like FreeTress Equal, Isis Collection, Outre and more. Their ponytail extensions come in a variety of hair textures and colors to help you create the look you long for.

A wide range of wig brands and pricing options will help you accomplish whatever look and style you have in mind. Find your next ponytail through Divatress online and sport the look you crave!

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  1. Lynne B

    I’d love this for Halloween. I get so hot that I don’t think I could wear it for very long.

  2. Zoey

    These wigs look very nice.

  3. slehan

    I keep my hair short since I swim 3 times a week. One of these would be fun to have.
    slehan at juno dot com

  4. Lauryn R

    Wigs have definitely come a long way! When I think of wigs I always think of the super itchy and tangled Halloween ones. I had no idea that they were so real and amazing looking now. 🙂 I would definitely try one!

  5. sihem

    great product

  6. Barrie

    I love that I can create a pony tail! My hubby will love this. He wants me to have long hair and I need it short to stay cool!

  7. Sandy Cain

    I am glad to see that their products come in gray….so hard to find any wigs, or extensions in that color. Three cheers for a company that relaizes that not all consumers are in the 18 – 34 year old age bracket! Yay, Divatress!

  8. sihem

    i love it

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