Smart Weigh Digital Postal Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Scale w/ Extendable Cord and Bright Blue Back-light Display

Following the included instructions, we plugged the Smart Weigh digital display to the scale base, then plugged the outlet adapter cord into the digital display and the wall outlet. There is also an option to use 2 AAA batteries, which were included.

We did not realize this at first as we never opened the battery back. They had a safety plastic in there to keep the batteries from depleting so it didn’t automatically turn on either. Then hit the power on button, which is located on the left hand side of the digital display. All the numbers came up as 888888’s while refreshing, then changed to 0’s.

The default setting was in grams when first turned on. I pressed the mode button which cycled through the weight options.The options included, grams, lbs/ounces, lbs, kilograms,then back to grams (the default).

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Digital Shipping Scale

We have 12 week old Chihuahua puppies that we needed to give worming medicine to. We pulled out the scale to see how much each one weighed so we knew what to administer. We set it to just lbs. and got pretty accurate readings,although the pups weighed more than I thought.

There is also a tare option and hold option. The tare option allows you to place a holding box, bowl or other container on the scale, and tare the weight of it off the final total. When you hit tare, it puts the scale back at zero. When you take the holding box or whatever unit you used off, it will automatically go in the negative.

You will need to refresh it back to zero by hitting tare again.The hold button allows you to keep your total on screen and will not change until you hit hold again or change the mode. If you place other objects on the scale or items get moved etc. by hitting the hold button it saves.

The unit as a whole takes up very little space. I would guess the digital display part is two pieces hinged together. The top section has 3 x 1 back-lit number display area, and the bottom has the buttons. You can have it laying flat or you can use the hinge and bring the top part up towards you for easy reading. This section also has two opening in the back, where you can hang it on a wall above where you place the base if this is something you would like to keep stationary or in one spot. The scale is about 8 x 8 square and 1 3/4 high.

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The back-lit display will auto shut off, after about 5 minutes. It will immediately turn back on when the scale is touched or it is touched. When it comes back on from the “sleep mode” it will go back to whatever it was programmed at the time it went to sleep.

To completely shut down the unit, you need to press the off button. When you turn it completely off and go to use it again, it will go back to the last setting it was at.

I received this at a discounted rate or for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I honestly like this postal scale. I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, but when I told my husband, he told me yes. Get it. Well now I am glad we did, and since using for the puppies, I have used it to weigh out bread dough, my husband weighed his bowling ball, because he did a soak clean on it and wanted to see the difference from before and after. This has come in handy for quite a few things,and I am now thinking of trying to actually use it for shipping!

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    • Lynne B on January 6, 2017 at 3:32 am
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    Wow! You weighed a bowling ball on this scale?!!! I’ve considered getting a postal scale so I could print my own postage for packages at home. I guess you can use this to weigh luggage too.

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