6pc 900 GSM Towels

900 GSM Towels
~ 6pc Egyptian Cotton ~

Product Description: These 900 GSM towels are ultra absorbent, 100-percent Egyptian cotton.

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900 GSM Towels

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Package includes: Towel Set Includes: Two Bath Towels – 30″x54″ each, Two Hand Towels – 16″x30″ each and Two Face Towels – 13″x13″ each.
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The first thing I noticed was the thickness of the towel itself. I thought the new towels I bought from the department store when I redid my bathroom were plush and soft, but when I received these I was truly amazed at the difference in quality. Not just the thickness, but the size! 30 x 55.

I had to actually look up what a standard towel was ( 27 x 52 and these are 30 x 55) because these made my other towels look like kiddie towels. You gain 3 inches in length and width with these towels!. They are big enough to wrap around your whole body and tuck away.

The hand towels are as big as my bath mat! These are the only hand towels I have ever seen that are this large and plush. They have a spa quality and feel.The wash clothes as you can imagine are just as plush and absorbent as the bath and hand towels.

You can actually see the difference with your own eyes. You don’t even have to touch them to know they are soft and plush compared to those of a lower quality. I am absolutely in love with these towels!!

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  1. I love that they have a spa quality and feel

  2. Theses fowls look very soft

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