Cheeva’s Perfect #Makeup Brush Set w/ #Free eBook!

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13 Piece Cosmetic Brushes w/ Free Makeup Tips & Tricks

I have bought so many brush sets for my daughter and nieces, and this is by far one of the nicest sets I have gotten. I received a steep discount on these brushes for my honest opinion and I have to say I actually did not expect them to be so nice. This is one product that I feel is definitely worth the purchase price.

This particular Make-Up set includes 13 different brushes, nestled inside a leather like roll up carry/travel case with tie closure.

The carrying case has the feel of a soft leather and has secure stitching through out the whole case. From the edges to each individual pocket the brushes fit into. The brushes fit nice and secure, but not so secure that you have trouble pulling them in and out. The color is more like a metallic pink/purple with a sheen to it.

Each brush was individually wrapped and tucked inside the carry case. Some of the bigger and wider brushes also came with an additional brush cover with a thicker type plastic that I assume is meant to be used when the brushes are not in use. I love this added protection.

CHEEVA Makeup Brush Set2
The brush handles feel like they are solid piece of lightweight wood. Not plastic or hollow metal. I love that they have wooden handles and personally feel that makes them a little more sturdy, and not heavy at all. The metal band that holds the brush fibers in place, is a solid piece of metal, crimped to hold the fibers in place. There is no seam on the metal that you have to worry about popping up or bending over or falling apart.

The 13pc Brushes Include:
1. Large Powder Brush
2. Medium Powder Brush
3. Foundation Brush
4. Large Shadow Brush
5. Medium Shadow Brush
6. Small Shadow Brush
7. Fan Brush
8. Rounded Liner Brush
9. Flat Liner Brush
10. Thin Liner Brush
11. Smudge Sponge Brush
12. Dual Eyelash/Brow Combo Brush
13. Brow/Mascara Swirled Brush

The only con I see with this product is that they did not include washing instructions for the brushes. They mention in the description that they are easy to clean, but not how. Since the brush fibers are a synthetic material and not real hair fibers I would think there are certain brush cleaners you should not use, but I don’t know. Brushes that are maintained and cleaned correctly can last a really long time. The quality of these brushes are amazing and I personally feel the life of them could be extended with proper cleaning.

CHEEVA Makeup Brush Set**UPDATE**
I received an email from the seller with information on how to clean and care for your brushes. I just wanted to update my listing to reflect that information as I find it useful and maybe someone else would also! 🙂

Wash your face brushes at least once a week to avoid bacteria buildup.
Wondering how to deep clean your brushes? You can do it in 3 easy steps!

1. For brushes that have been used to apply liquid products (foundation, concealer, gel eyeliner), first rub the bristles in some olive oil to loosen up the product.
2. Wash off the olive oil and follow up with a dime-sized amount of baby shampoo. Keep rubbing the bristles in the shampoo until the water runs clear.
3. Squeeze out any excess water from the bristles and leave them out to dry brush side down so that the water falls to the top rather than the bottom (the latter could loosen the glue that holds the brush and the handle together).
*** END UPDATE ***

One recommendation: I would love to see the name of the brush type on the handle. This set is very eye appealing and I would see many girls just starting out learning about makeup getting a set like this for a gift. Having the type of brush it is, imprinted on the handle, would allow them the opportunity to learn and explore many different make up techniques, tips and tricks easier if they are not confused with which type of brush they are or should be using!


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One thought on “Cheeva’s Perfect #Makeup Brush Set w/ #Free eBook!

  • November 22, 2016 at 10:32 am

    Thanks for updating your post to include how to care for the brushes. I agree with you that this is a perfect set of beginning makeup brushes for girls.


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