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How do you plan for back to school?
Do you have any tips, tricks or treats to help others prepare for back to school season?


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  1. slehan

    I want to go up in a hot air balloon.

  2. slehan

    Would have been good to win this. sigh…

  3. Jerry Marquardt

    I always loved the science class the most of all subjects in school. A calculator is still on my to-get Back to School list right now.

  4. laura588

    I plan for back to school by having mini school drills two weeks before it starts It helps us to know what we have to work on so we will be out the door on time.
    Laurie Emerson

  5. AEKZ2

    I prepare for school by looking out for sales. Also, I stock up when the school supplies go on clearance.

  6. Kim Pinch

    We start finding and labelling things a couple of weeks ahead of time so we can spend the last night before school having fun.

  7. Teresa Moore

    I like using store coupons like JCPenney’s 10 off 10 or 10 off $25 purchases so I can start buying jeans and shorts for school over the summer and save money!

  8. Kyl Neusch

    Prepare everything the night before

  9. Tamara R

    I start shopping as soon as the sales start so I can stretch out my spending over the summer.

  10. Ryan L

    I ask the good lord to have mercy.

  11. Amanda Hoffman

    Go early and don’t forget the list. Look for sales also that will help with the cost

  12. John H.

    I would say watch for the sales.

  13. Jennifer H.

    We make sure that we get back to school shopping done early.

  14. kathypease

    I always shopped clothing clearances throughout the summer so we were ready by the time school started

  15. clynsg

    Since I am at the great grandmother stage, I can do as little or as much as I desire to help with the school preparations. Generally, I stick to making certain that all of the supplies are ready to go, but at least I don’t have to shop for them!

  16. mizztara71

    I’m finished with school and I don’t have any kids. I do shop early for my nieces clothing and supplies and I take advantage of sales and the no tax weekend.

  17. kevinpuls

    I buy my kids’ school supplies the week after school starts, b/c the grocery store ends up getting stuck with inventory so they now need to discount stuff.

  18. Lisa

    Prepare everything the night before, including lunches.

  19. Jayne Townsley

    We weed out last year’s clothes that don’t fit to make room for new school clothes.

  20. Kimberly Murley

    I always do an inventory each year as to what we have left over for last year and what we need for the next year. Pencils, erasers, exercise books, etc. Get the routine in order for the next week. Go to bed a little earlier, and wake them up a little earlier it helps with the transition.

  21. Jackie

    I like to do as much as I can in the evening (set up coffee maker, pack lunches, make sure backpacks are packed) so that the morning is a little less stressful.

  22. Nadine

    Start the morning and evening routines at least a week before the first day.

  23. Leslie Davis

    Start early to avoid so much stress.

  24. Brittney House

    I like to make sure to get the back to school sales and coupons to save some money.

  25. Seyma Shabbir

    We plan a small party with past classmates!

  26. Renee Grosskreuz

    I use coupons and stock up throughout the year.

  27. alona y

    I always stock up on basics the year before when there are huge sales after school has started.

  28. Ed

    Glitter Glue is a given!

  29. Sammi Dotti

    I’ll prepare everything the night before.

  30. Jennifer Reed

    I prepare for back to school by starting early getting supplies before they are picked over and stores are too crowded. I also start my kids on an earlier bedtime and wake up time about 1 week before the first day to get them used to that schedule.

  31. Stephanie Liske

    We just take it one step at a time. We keep whatever was not used from last year so we can re-use.

  32. Danielle Papsis

    I love shopping the BTS sales but keep an eye on prices.

  33. Amanda Lea

    We are only on day 4 but so far so good! I pack her meals at night and have her school clothes laid out the night before.

  34. Francine Anchondo

    Make out a list of what the kids need and check for deals.

  35. unconditionalparentingspectrum

    We’re homeschoolers, so our planning is a never ending process lol!

  36. lyn212

    I really have to prepare everything the night before.

  37. roseann archer


  38. Mindy Bel

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I don’t prepare for back to school 🙂

  39. Jessica W

    I always start early. You should be looking for supplies on sale throughout the year to save the most amount of money.

  40. Erica B.

    I wait for a good deal.

  41. Daniel M

    no kids so no plans

  42. Anne Higgins

    Bribery to get to bed earlier as the school year nears – 1st one up gets to choose breakfast. We shop together throughout the summer and get ideas of what we need and want to purchase watching for these items to go on sale. Always give options (not a free run) to items to purchase and not just a trend because a friend has this or that. Be practical.

  43. Robyn Bellefleur

    I start when I see the sales happening in the flyers.

  44. Amy delong

    We start early for supplies and clothes,also make sure everything is ready the night before makes a smooth morning with 3 school aged kids

  45. Laurie P

    as long as we keep out routine somewhat, everything works out smoothly.

  46. Zoey

    I’m done with school, but I used to go back to school shopping every year with my grandma for a couple of new outfits.

  47. Carol

    I don’t have any kids and don’t have any back-to-school plans.

  48. Richard Hicks

    We try to shop early to avoid the crowds and find better bargains

  49. Crystal Ward (@Crystal11)

    No back to school prep here, but I do like snagging office supplies when they go on clearance!

  50. Stacy

    Shop early! If you start buying supplies slowly, it won’t be such a big expense all at once. You probably already know basics that you are going to need, so stock up when you see them on sale. Also take advantage if your state has a tax-free weekend. Usually that is when I buy shoes and clothes for the entire family.

  51. susan smoaks

    i plan for back to school by starting as early as possible and making a list and checking it twice.

  52. Erin Madigan

    I don’t have any kids and don’t have any back-to-school plans.

  53. Jan Lee

    I try to shop the sales and use coupons ahead of time when the kids aren’t around for things that I know for sure they will need for school. I also try to plan lunches and dinners ahead of time to save time and meltdowns. We change bedtimes about a week ahead of school starting, again to plan for time changes and more sleep needed 🙂

  54. Jodi Hassel

    I try to shop sales as much as I can to save

  55. Lana Bradstream

    I get them on a schedule at least a week before

  56. golden storm

    i always used to start getting the kids back into routine for about 2 weeks before school starts again

  57. Maria

    I try to shop sales as much as I can to save as with 3 kids it’s quite expensive

  58. Christina T

    We shop for the best sales and use coupons, we also see what supplies are left over from last year.

  59. Lisa A

    We starting implementing early bedtimes and waking them up early in the morning.

  60. Mya Murphy

    I don’t have children so this doesn’t apply to me.

  61. dave

    watch sales and compare prices before going shopping.

  62. floridagld

    I get the kids list, leave home..grab the sales ads..knock it out one afternoon..boom and done

  63. Jeanna Massman

    We try to get my grandson’s supply list early and shop the sales all summer.

  64. elizabeth miller

    Start moving bedtime back to what bedtime will be for school in 15 minutes increments each week for 4 weeks before school starts.

  65. Sarah Hall

    We usually start putting bedtime earlier about two weeks before school starts and try to get them interested in books again.

  66. Leela

    I watch sales and compare prices to stock up for the whole year.

  67. Solange

    I usually start shopping early and look for the sales.

  68. Denise B.

    We homeschool; so, we don’t really do the back-to-school thing. We get pencils, pens, erasers, and ruled paper as needed.

  69. tracy k

    i plan to go to target for the sales

  70. sandra

    I wait for the school supply lists from the teachers

  71. Jessica Cox

    I shop on the tax free weekend, it helps some, I have three in school this year, so hand me downs are really popular at my house.

  72. Meme

    We start a couple days before school starts getting on a going back to school schedule of getting up early and going to bed early.

  73. msrodeobrat

    I like to order our school supplies online to avoid the super crowded stores!

  74. Kamla L.

    Start getting the kids back to appropriate school bedtime and wake-up schedule at least a cweek before school starts.

  75. beth shepherd

    I start in early summer by buying school supplies and then start home schooling in early August by adding a few books a day.

  76. Deborah W

    I would suggest going to bed earlier and getting schedules adjusted ahead of time. Practice the morning routine earlier than before school starts.

  77. cindy norman

    start buying school supplies early and then watch for clearance items after school starts for next year

  78. Teresa A Thompson

    Prepping the night before always makes for smoother mornings for me.

  79. cynthia dawson

    i try to get ready with supplies early so i dont have to rush last minute

  80. Patrick Siu

    Stock up when you see a sale, don’t wait for the last minute to do all your shopping.

  81. veronica lee

    Never buy school supplies at the last minute! And start the kids on a routine a week before school begins.

    1. veronica lee

      I subscribed via vlee62[at]mail[dot]com

  82. Amber

    I prepare for back-to-school by making sure the kids are getting enough sleep and having them pick out their first day of school outfits.

  83. Julie Murphy

    My kids are old enough that I send them. WOoo Hooo!

  84. gracefulcoffee

    My best tip is to get shopping early for supplies. Also, look for good deals 🙂

  85. nafeza2526

    I try to be organized and pre plan my agenda

  86. H. Sandrine

    This year.. I’m moving out to another town for school… I started buying school supplies years ago xD ! When there’s a huge discount, I buy for years so that I don’t need to worry about that item anymore ahah

  87. Shannon Alexander (@MikeAWife2)

    I wait till last minute…. I haven’t even decided yet if my kids will be homeschooled this year or not

  88. Laura

    I recommend going through old supplies to see what you have. Only buy what’s needed and stick to a list. Throughout the year, it’s helpful to keep a list of prices so you know if something is really a good deal at back to school time.

  89. Marina

    My favorite back to school tip is to lay out my bag and clothes for the next day at night. So in the morning I’m not rushing

  90. Sandy Klocinski

    Set your kids’ sleep schedules back to “School Time” two weeks before the first day.

  91. Jodi Hunter

    I start early and buy along and along so I am not overwhelmed.

  92. Cynthia Conley

    As a teacher, I always hoped parents would wait for the official materials list to shop so they would purchase the correct items.

  93. Journeys of The Zoo

    This is our first year homeschooling so I don’t have any tips or tricks. I have our curriculum ready so I figure I’m pretty much there. Thanks for giving. Besos Sarah.

  94. Cindy Merrill

    A mom’s best friend is a good steel thermos- nourishing stews or even cooked oatmeal can be sent with your child to keep them going during the school year.

  95. Adrienne Gordon

    I start getting the kids into the school routine a week early.

  96. DawnaN68

    I would try and start to buy things a couple months early and hit as many sales as I could

  97. Abigail Gibson

    I took my nephew school shopping and my only suggestion is to buy supplies in bulk when super cheap to last all year.

  98. Cheryl Chervitz

    Try to find the best sales, and we have a tax free weekend in MO that helps save.

  99. Stephanie

    Definitely use cash back and rewards apps when doing shopping so you maximize your savings! (like Ibotta)

  100. Alexandru Rusu

    I buy notebooks , books and pens before start to school.

  101. texasinak

    I always try to think of meals for lunch that we can prep the night before. I also get out on tax free weekend

  102. reviewsbyabby

    Always buy on promo and try to start sleeping earlier in the buildup towards the day

  103. Jackie Mercer

    I try to make meal plans that include easy lunches for myself and my kids. I reserve Sunday afternoons for baking so that our breakfasts are stress free and healthy!

  104. Amber Hites

    Make sure they get back on the “school schedule” well before school starts back!

  105. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    start shopping as early as possible.

  106. wen budro

    I get started with back to school shopping early so it’s less stressful. I also make the first day of school fun with special treats like after school cookies and a movie.

  107. Rebecca Orr

    I usually start shopping early. I find clothing deals all year long. For supplies, I try to buy extras to donate.

  108. Randi S

    We always meet with my son’ teacher the year before to help ease the transition (he’s special education)/

  109. aaron reck

    For sure use the class shopping list and then maybe do some more research online. Thanks so much. I would take paypal.

  110. Katrina Angele

    I shop online to get the best deals for back to school.

  111. slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at excite dot com

  112. slehan

    Start the bedtimes a week before school starts.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  113. Ann Fantom

    My back to school tip is start getting your child back into the school schedule a few days before school starts by getting on a regular bed and wake up schedule

  114. bn100

    buy school supplies

  115. Swordlily G

    I actually don’t see anything tragic in preparation for school. It’s not like you have to get that many things, spread it through August and that’s it.

  116. piroska

    I start at the beginning of August, and do a little at a time. Not so bad, that way. I can’t stand crowds!

  117. kari jasus

    we start our morning routine a couple of weeks before school starts

  118. JEN D

    Shop the sales – it’ll save you a bundle! If your kids are in a year where they may have a big growth spurt, make sure to divide up the clothing budget over the course of the year…if they don’t grow, you’ll have the money to buy their Christmas concert outfit, etc.

  119. sylvia

    This is my first year dealing with school, so I’m going to keep my eyes open for sales

  120. Katie Bellamy

    I look & compare all the ads when I go back to school shopping!

  121. Nicole Martin

    I watch for deals throughout the year.

  122. Rhonda

    I start picking up on things early and make a list!

  123. joanna

    I do my school supplies here and there all year long, they don’t get just a bunch of new stuff all at once

  124. heather kaufman

    I try to shop sales through the year.

  125. darby

    Not yet-I have a toddler!

  126. Ann

    Well, first– I don’t have any children of my own. And I FINALLY finished grad school a few years ago, so I’m a bit rusty on “back-to-school.” But, I also have a lot of experience with different kinds of schools.
    In general, I’d recommend trying to be organized ~at least~ a few weeks before the first day of school. Even the “little things” like putting your backpack in the same place at home every day– they’ll help build strong habits. You don’t want to be scrambling to find your homework when you’re running late in the morning!
    Another piece of advice: Use, and take advantage of, the resources (including people!) that are available. If the school [system] is swamped, under-funded, etc., then reach out into the community. You might find that success (and, different kinds of success!) comes more readily if you reach out and broaden your network/community.
    Oh– And, be kind! Help to create a positive environment for everybody.
    …Whew! :p

  127. rochelle haynes

    Use coupons and find stuff that is on sale

  128. Michelle Li

    no one heading back to school…

  129. Robin Abrams

    I am hitting all the good sales

  130. Lulu

    This is the first year my kod goes to school so I only made a list of the staff we need.

  131. rsbrandt44

    How do I plan for back to school? Two words: Dollar Tree.

  132. Maria B

    Look for sales and getting her school supplies early.

  133. heather s

    Make lists so I get everything done. Shop sales to save money.

  134. barbg

    No back to school chaos here my kids are grown. I do recall many hectic mornings though.

  135. pollylee

    I always did the Back To School shopping for clothes all summer long when they are getting marked down.

  136. Melissa Storms

    My best bts tip is to start working on your morning routine at least 2 weeks in advance. Also, I try not to buy too many clothing items before school starts, it only takes a couple of days for them to see what everyone else is wearing and change their mind about the clothing you already bought.

  137. Corey Hutton

    I plan by going to the store and buying the essentials.

  138. Lasonda

    I shop the sales and stock up on the basic school supplies.


    do all your shopping early and set out clothes the night before

  140. Lyndsey R.

    My biggest tip for back to school is to start on the earlier bed time a few weeks before school. I also like to write down easy lunch ideas and put them on the fridge.

  141. Ashley C

    I don’t have children, so I don’t have to worry about back to school stuff. However, I guess my tip would be to buy your supplies throughout the year. If there’s a great deal on something you know your child will need at the start of the new year, whether it’s pencils, pens, notebooks, etc… pick it up! And then just create a stockpile with it all.

  142. Amanda

    I take everything one day at a time and look for sales.

  143. Stephanie Shipley

    I plan for school starting back by matching up outfits for the upcoming week and putting them together. I also match up sides and drinks together for school lunches so all I have to do is make a sandwich and toss in a bag of sides/drinks.

  144. Bryan Vice

    Dont really have any tricks just try to get some supplies cheap and stock up

  145. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    I buy a mix of items, both new and from consignment stores all through the summer so it’s not a huge financial shock when September comes!

  146. Ellie Wright

    I buy a lot of school supplies that I know my kids will need at after season clearance sales. So when back to school rolls around I have only a few items to buy at full price.

  147. edmontonjb

    We start getting back into a school day routine two weeks before school starts and take the kids to do some shopping to get them excited for going back.


  148. Tami Vollenweider

    My Son is all grown up now, so I have no little one to go to school!

  149. Leah

    I don’t have kids and I work at home so I don’t plan anything. Hee hee. 🙂

  150. Julie Lundstrom

    I usually make a list to help me stay organized. I also start preparing the week before. I try to make lunches the night before to help the morning go smooth.

  151. Christina Graham

    We homeschool year round so the only thing I do is stock up on the deals for pencils and supplies.

  152. megapixelsetc

    During the year, I buy school supplies when they go on sale and just put the supplies away so they’ll be ready for the start of the school year.

  153. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I plan for back to school by getting whatever clothes my kids need during tax free weekend and getting the supplies together for the year. We also stocked up on lunch food and snacks my kids will eat at Costco!

  154. Kimberly R

    I am looking out for sales before I start buying anything.

  155. Mary Cloud

    I don’t usually plan for Back to School – I just wing it last minute

  156. Soha Molina

    I wait until school stats before buying anything.

  157. Jennylyn Gross

    Buy as things go on sale

  158. Wendy Hutton

    my kids are grown so I have no back to school buying or planning

  159. progress001

    All my children have grown up and moved out of the house. Only tip I could say is reinforce on your children that they are leaders not followers!

  160. Wendy R.

    Buy enough basics (notebooks, filler paper, pencils, etc.) at the sales to last all year is my tip!

  161. kelly nicholson

    How do you plan for back to school? Do you have any tips, tricks or treats to help others prepare for back to school season?

    dont have kids,and for me its been years..all i can say is getting sleep was bad for me

  162. Jennifer Hedger

    I don’t really have any tips. I just make sure to get all the supplies early

  163. Cali W.

    Shop in late September when school supplies goes on sale. 🙂

  164. Stephanie

    We make a list of all the supplies we need and go back to school shopping early to find some good deals!

  165. Rachel

    I plan by looking at ads and shopping the sales.

  166. Steve Weber

    My tip would be to start getting on a schedule.

  167. Tara Darity

    I plan by making lists of items needed. I also check sales and collect coupons to help with cost.

  168. Melissa

    i use the same list every year for back to school shopping.

  169. Veronica L

    With having four boys going back to school in a few weeks, I am a firm believer in planning ahead and trying to get all back to school shopping done early enough in the summer to enjoy the last few weeks.

  170. Candice

    I try to shop the back to school sales often and early.

  171. Cynthia R

    I don’t have any back to school kids. I remembered though before school started checking out yard sales and thrift stores for back to school clothes.

  172. Riri

    I always watch the sales and sometimes I buy stuff online.

  173. Kim Avery

    Let the dollar stores be your friend! They have the basics you need and what you save can buy clothes and shoes with!

  174. willgriesmer

    I haven’t had to plan for it yet.

  175. Natalie

    My tip is to make a schedule prior to the start of school and pack all lunches the night before!

  176. Lisa Williams

    I start getting school supplies early,I watch sales I buy extra and I use coupons whenever possible to get more value for my money. I try to keep the kids on a schedule for homework,activities and have plenty of healthy snacks and water for all the coming and going.

  177. Kaycee

    Start a schedule early and stick to it!

  178. SaraAB87

    Shop early before anyone else starts.

  179. Cathy French

    My tip is to make a list and check the stores’ ads that you shop most often. Usually getting everything at once costs more, so go to different stores for the best prices.

  180. jeepingeos

    I start shopping the sales early. I pick up a few Summer type outfits to start school and finish off clothes shopping toward the end of Sept.

  181. mami2jcn

    I look for sales online and research before I shop.

  182. Lisa Brown

    I start early with the gathering of school supplies and clothing and shoes; try to hit the sales.

  183. Dan Denman

    We always hit the sales. You can find great prices on clothes and supplies.

  184. James Robert

    I start early like buying school supplies about a month ago and watch weekly what is on sale.

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