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Rain Rain Go Away April Giveaway Hop

Rain Rain Go Away
April Giveaway Hop

April Giveaway

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The signs of Spring are popping up in all sorts of places, how has it been in your area?
Do you enjoy the rain? Why or why not?


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  1. Lynne B

    I’m sorry I missed you in this hop! I wish I had more time in the day! πŸ˜‰

  2. Linda Kish

    I like the rain. It makes things grow. It finally ended our drought. Yay!

  3. Colette S

    I like the spring rain, but I don’t like the flooding.

  4. AEKZ2

    I love rain, but it doesn’t rain much in the Phoenix area. We’ve been in the 90s lately.

  5. Jessica Whitehouse

    Rain is ok, but I don’t like storms.

  6. amanda whitley

    i like rain as long as its not freezing rain. i like the feeling and sound of it.

  7. Shannon

    I don’t mind a little rain to cool things off but I don’t like storms.

  8. latanya t

    no, it makes traffic horrible

  9. Mickey Pappert

    I love the spring….watching the trees bud, and the daffodils springing up….The rain just makes them all grow faster and greener! <3

  10. Breanne

    Everything’s starting to look more and more green here! And I love rain.

  11. Piroska

    We’ve had most of our snow melt, and then a couple of days ago, it snowed again. That’s how April is, here. Fickle!

  12. Theresa

    We have had a lot of rain this year which has led do beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. After years of drought, we are loving it!

  13. coopersmommy

    I don’t really enjoy rain, but I am thankful for it because my family farm needs it.

  14. bunnyclem

    I love the rain! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Mindy Bel

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I don’t really like the rain…

  16. alona y

    I’m really used to the rain because it rains so much where I live, I love the crisp and fresh air and all the lush greenery that comes from it.

  17. wen budro

    We definitely are seeing signs of Spring here. There’s still some snow on the ground and cold weather. But at least I’m not slipping and sliding on ice.

  18. slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at excite dot com

  19. JanD

    It’s been rainy lately and I’m fine with it but not so much when tornadoes are attached to them.

  20. Tara Darity

    I enjoy the rain most of the time! Spring is on here. Flowers all in bloom.

  21. Jan Lee

    I don’t mind the rain as long as a tornado doesn’t follow it, lol It’s been half and half here, some days rain some days sunshine πŸ™‚

  22. elizabeth miller

    I like the rain as long as it isn’t on a day where I have a lot of errands. I like it because it makes the sun so bright for days after it stops and washes everything off.

  23. Anna

    I enjoy the rain, I like any weather ☺

  24. Lisa Canada

    Sometimes we get too much rain and it ruins my garden but I know we need rain to survive. πŸ™‚

  25. Lisa Mandina

    At first it was really cold for awhile, now it’s getting to be really spring like. And I love it!

  26. Daniel M

    sure i like the rain, been to dry we need it here

  27. mrsmchappell

    I like rain. I enjoy the sound of it!

  28. aaron reck

    A lot of pollen I’m very allergic too but it’s been great if a little dry. I think it needs to rain more.

  29. bluecat731

    I don’t mind the rain. What I hate is hot, muggy weather.

  30. Jeanna Schirm Massman

    The Cacti are blooming here in Arizona. I love rainy days because we don’t have many and the rains makes it a little cooler.

  31. adriiss

    I do enjoy it,love the sound of the rain.

  32. Becca

    We’re still getting some snow and hail. I hope it is finally done!

  33. Lindsay A.

    There are a lot of trees in bloom here – especially cherry blossoms, so beautiful. Other flowers all over – daffodils, tulips, crocuses. The rain is something we are used to (PNW), and it doesn’t really dry up until July-Sept!

  34. Seyma Shabbir

    I do not enjoy the rain but I love it watering my garden!

  35. jlindahlj

    The weather has been nice the last week. Not too much rain (I don’t mind the rain because I know it helps melt the snow and feeds the plants). My lilies are popping through the ground and so is my rhubarb

  36. janicecrespo

    The weather is starting to get nicer around here. Yes, I actually do like the rain, it helps replenish the Earth and gives it a nice shower.

  37. Samantha Penrod

    I love the rain. Flowers amd birds are out.

  38. Heather B

    The kids and I have been doing a LOT of puddle jumping so you bet we like the rain!

  39. maleficent m

    i love rain! the flowers are just starting to bloom here


    yes we get so little rain that I enjoy a rainy day

  41. Juliee Fitze

    I live in Ontario and our tulips are starting to flower.

  42. Georgie C.

    I dont enjoy the rain unless it’s late night and in bed. Spring is in full bloom here trees have flowers, grass is so green and the warm weather abides.

  43. Corey Hutton

    Rainy, a snowy day here and there. But it’s better than sweating your ass off in the heat.

  44. Teresa A Thompson

    We are having beautiful weather and warm temps.

  45. Jamie Williams

    I love the rain. It helps me relax if I focus on the sounds of the raindrops.

  46. Nikolina84

    Oh, no, I hate the rain – I love it when it’s sunny and warm!

  47. Tiffany S

    We’ve had some rain, and the weather has been getting warmer.

  48. darby

    I am not a huge rain fan because it is harder to do outdoor activities


    I don’t like rain, it makes me sad.

  50. amweeks

    It’s finally getting warmer…I love the higher temperatures! And I don’t mind the rain during the week, but don’t want it to spoil family fun on the weekends!

  51. Stephanie Dawning

    I enjoy running in a light rain, as long as it’s pretty warm. Once you’re wet through, a cool, misty rain feels really good as the miles go by.

  52. hannah

    lots of rain here lately, but boy is the grass getting green! I’m enjoying the birds chirping and nest building

  53. Christina T

    I love the rain and I love to take walks in it.

  54. Amy delong

    Rainy,but today 84 but usually rainy I don’t mind it

  55. Katie Bellamy

    It’s been so rainy here. But the grass is getting greener!! πŸ™‚

  56. Christine Labelle

    Let’s see. Last week we received a foot of snow. Yesterday it was 76 degrees. So spring is just what it normally is in northern New Hampshire!

  57. Pam

    I love the rain because I know how much the earth needs it.

  58. mahditanoshi

    It’s been quite rainy lately, and I love it. I even like to nap to rain videos.

  59. wendy hutton

    been a mixture of rain and snow here the past 3-4 days but it is nice as its greening things up and gets rid of any filth on the grass and roads

  60. Jay Jackson

    I don’t mind the rain, it helps water my garden for me.

  61. megapixelsetc

    I enjoy the rain a lot. I love the smell and the cool air that comes with it. I live in a country that only has a wet and dry season. It’s actually summer here right now, and it’s really hot. Some rain would be nice. πŸ™‚

  62. Rox

    I don’t mind the rain as long as it doesn’t go on for days and days and days.

  63. Terra Heck

    I am not a fan of rain every day but I don’t mind it once in a while. I enjoy hearing the birds chirp during Spring. Thanks.

  64. nannypanpan

    We just. Had a sunny nice day after. Lots of rain. Know rain is good for plants but I hate it

  65. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    its raining here. and i do not like the rain. it restricts you by keeping you indoors.

  66. gracefulcoffee

    It has been rainy and cloudy. I do like the rain on occasion πŸ™‚

  67. Jillian Too

    I love the rain because it creates a soothing sound.

  68. Linda Walker

    I hate cold rain but love summer rain.

  69. Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    I actually do love the rain. The smell is my favorite & the feeling in the air.. I love how it makes the grass green.

  70. Robin Abrams

    I love the rain. I think the sounds of rain hitting the metal roofs is so relaxing. The weather here in Ohio has been crazy, snow one day rain the next

  71. BusyWorkingMama

    I do enjoy the rain, especially when it washes the pollen away!

  72. pollylee

    We enjoy the rain because of last year in California we had a drought so we welcome the showers!!!!

  73. Vicki Wurgler

    we are having a great spring-no rain. yesterday I raked and cleared up my flowers beds

  74. bn100

    no, have to walk in it

  75. Karen DeVaney

    I hear birds chirping again and there are flowers popping up. I don’t mind the rain because it never rains for long here. We get a lot of sunshine.

  76. Mia J

    It has been raining here quite a bit and there are all colors of beautiful flowers and blossoming trees.

  77. Brooke Banks @The Broke Book Bank

    I love the rain. Always have, always will. We’ve got monsoon season around here and it’s terrible for flooding, but I can’t help but feel my spirits lift even if it’s just a sprinkle.

  78. Heather

    No, but I enjoy the green that comes after the rain!

  79. KJ Skib

    It depends if I like the rain. I don’t like it when we have things to do but if I have no where to go, there is nothing as cool as a thunderstorm.

  80. Andrea Williams

    Still having wide ups and downs in temperatures and can’t make up my mind if spring is really here!

  81. Melissa

    i don’t like the rain i love being outdoors with the sun shining.

  82. Carolyn Daley

    Everything seems to be in bloom here. Not much rain in the past couple of weeks.

  83. barbg

    This weather. in Indiana is just crazy! It has been so cold lately even this morning. I mean, coat weather. Then today it may get 73 degrees! I hate having to go back and forth between using the furnace and the air conditioning like that.

  84. James Robert

    The grass is now green again which I like. The rain, not so much. Seems to take away my energy.

  85. Kim P

    Thank you!

  86. Kayla Klontz

    We’ve had a lot of rain, which I don’t mind, but I can’t wait to get a few nice days in a row!

  87. Jackie

    There are buds on trees and the grass is turning green. It’s been chilly here, and rainy. I prefer the rain to snow.

  88. Angelica C Dimeo

    I enjoy the warm weather but not the rain

  89. Lasonda

    Warm weather has arrived and I enjoy the rain because it is good for my lawn and flowers.

  90. Maria B

    I like drizzly rain and not the heavy dowpours especially driving in it.

  91. sheila ressel

    I like the rain because it makes all of my plants lush and green.

  92. rhonda r

    I love the rain!! The sound is so soothing and I could never live where there was very little rain.

  93. Wendy Jensen

    Spring is slowly coming and I enjoy a good rain overnight to freshen things in the morning.

  94. Erin Madigan

    I enjoy the rain when I don’t have to go out and do anything.

  95. heather eg kaufman

    The weather is nice & warm.

  96. mmalavec

    I love rainy days especially when I am inside reading a book.

  97. Randi S

    The weather here in Indiana cannot make up its mind…spring, winter…rain, snow… thats just one week!

  98. Carol

    It is raining a lot here in Kansas.

  99. Lauren Becker

    I like the rain here and there because it can be relaxing.


  100. Nicole Martin

    I love the rain! I love sitting on my porch and just listening to it… It’s so relaxing!

  101. anastasia2013

    The cherry trees are blooming! Lots of signs of Spring πŸ™‚ I LOVE the rain! I wish it rained every day πŸ™‚

  102. jovination2010

    I love the rain as long as it’s not storming . it’s nice to hear it coming down , it relaxes me

  103. Michelle L

    I dont like rain but it brings may flowers

    1. sunshaine66

      Hope I win this

  104. Susan Smith

    I don’t really like the rain but it’s better than snow.

  105. Shannon

    It has been rainy in Illinois. I don’t like the pain I have from the rain.

  106. Ashley R.

    I love that the rain means I don’t have to water my garden so often, but it also means I mostly stay inside.

  107. Andrea

    It’s been raining where I am! We like to jump in the puddles.

  108. jeanette sheets

    flowers and tress are in full bloom in hky nc,we have had alot hard rain lately which i love

  109. Cheryl Chervitz

    I live in the KC area, it has been raining here for almost 2 weeks. I enjoy the rain for a day, then its just too gloomy.

  110. Lois M.

    Just as long as it isn’t a hurricane, a normal rain but for days at a time, or major thunderstorm right over head – sure, I love the rain!

  111. Stephanie

    I don’t like the rain because that means it’s cold and dark out. I prefer the sun so i can wear sandals!!!

  112. Tamra H

    Spring is starting to spring up around here, we have a few things growing in our garden. I like the rain because it helps those things grow!

  113. Kelly Nicholson

    The signs of Spring are popping up in all sorts of places, how has it been in your area?

    the rain is making a come back thats for sure..love the rian

  114. Kelley Moore

    I don’t think we are going to have spring this year we still got lots of snow!!!!

  115. Emily Ann Benzing

    It has been pretty warm where I live, with only a few days of rain. The pollen is very bad around here too, so my allergies make me feel like I’m sick. I love rain and wish it rained more often

  116. Jessica Cox

    Its still been cold here in Tennessee it’s in the 40’s today, but I am ready for it to warm up

  117. sandra

    I love the sound of rain, but I dislike being in it

  118. The Demure Life

    I love the rain! I find it calming


  119. Cynthia R

    It is definitely warming up but we have had so much rain we haven’t spent much time outside yet. And the pollen is everywhere. Still glad winter is over.

  120. jennifer horn

    I like a few days of it, but it’s rained almost every day for 2-3 weeks here. I’m ready for sunshine!

  121. Debra Guillen

    It has been cool and rainy here. I don’t mind the rain if I don’t have to get out in it.

  122. Journeys of The Zoo

    They’re calling for snow today where I live (Ontario, Canada)! I love seeing the birds out and hearing their sounds. Not long now. Thanks for giving.

    I follow on StumbleUpon (JourneysofTheZoo).

  123. rochelle haynes

    It is raining a lot here in Chicago

  124. jeepingeos

    The temperature is starting to warm. So we are beginning to green up.

  125. Lulu

    I don’t like rain. I can stand it when I’m home and there’s a warm tea and books and tv shows . But when I need to go somewhere and it’s raining-oh now(

  126. Kristen

    I like the rain unless I have to drive somewhere. It’s slowing down here..we’ve had some nice sunny days and blossoms are popping out everywhere.

  127. Lynn Clayton

    verry rainy i like the rain

  128. Charity Cram

    Last week I saw my first robin of the season! I like rain in moderation, but really like when it comes with thunder and lightening! Thank you for the chance to win!

  129. slehan

    The trees are blooming and the rain is good.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  130. James Coyne

    I like the sound of the rain because i hope it will bring thunderstorms

  131. Shelly Leatham

    We are getting some much needed rain right now here in NC!

  132. sohamolina1969

    I love all the blossoms and flowers.

  133. Rachel

    It’s been cold and rainy for the last couple of days. I don’t mind if it rains for an hour or two but after that I’m done.

  134. shirley

    I enjoy the rain, makes all that new green grass grow. Flowers and new leaves are popping up here.

  135. Stephanie

    Yes, there’s been several days of nice weather and rain.

  136. Charlene S.

    I enjoy a light steady rain. It settles the dirt and makes me feel good.

  137. motherofpearl81

    We are seeing the first signs of spring in Michigan but I really dread the rain this time of year.

  138. likewhoaaemmy

    I don’t enjoy the rain πŸ™ It makes me ache! But I love the smell outside AFTER it rains.

  139. rsbrandt44

    I’m in Mobile, Alabama and itbvrauns cats and dogs. I had a dentist’s appointment yesterday morning, and the dentist called and told me not to bother unless it stopped raining.

  140. ladymagnolia99

    I live in the south so things are popping out all over here too!! The trees are getting their leaves back and the flowers are trying to get their blooms. And in a week or so we will be planting our gardens and new spring flowers, because Easter is almost here.

    Judy Cox

  141. Natalie

    I like an occasional rainy day, but I don’t want it to rain every day! I like to watch movies on rainy days.

  142. Mary Cloud

    I don’t enjoy the rain because around here it either comes with floods or tornadoes

  143. melina r

    I do enjoy the rain, its calming.

  144. Steve Weber

    I love the rain!! it makes things grow.

  145. Ann Fantom

    We have been having some warmer temperatures lately, but with a lot of rain. I hate the rain. I think it is depressing when it rains

  146. willgriesmer

    It has been cold and rainy. I like rain once in awhile.

  147. Candice

    I don’t mind rain for a little bit, but too much makes me more down in the dumps.

  148. Kamla L.

    I like rainy days when I don’t have much errands to do. I don’t like rainy days when it is also cold. But when I can just stay in and curl up with a good book or binge on Netflix it is wonderful.

  149. Becky

    I love the rain! It helps water my flowers and garden. In NE Tennessee it has been beautiful and in the 70’s.

  150. Christopher Mason

    I don’t like the rain, then I have to figure out fun things to do in the house with the kid. Much easier letting her roam outdoors.

  151. Angela Saver

    All of the flowers and trees are blooming here. I enjoy the rain because I always love a good thunderstorm! Just don’t like tornados.

  152. Darlene Carbajal

    It hasn’t rained here yet. Just pure sunshine.

  153. Francine Anchondo

    It has been really rainy. Yes I love the rain .

  154. Lisa Williams

    It is very rainy and windy,but we have one daffodil out of several that has bloomed and stands alone.

  155. Jennifer W

    I love the rain as long as there is no thunder or lightning.

  156. Patrick Siu

    I hate rain the dog always bring in mud!

  157. Tami Vollenweider

    Spring is showing the signs here! My mulberries are coming in now. We planted a garden & have gotten plenty of rain to help it grow!

  158. Megan Parsons

    No I don’t like it. It’s dark and depressing.

  159. Kayla Norris

    So far in Florida we have gotten some rain. Flowers are blooming.

  160. Sue @ Crushingcinders

    Its Autumn in South Africa so the leaves are changing and starting to fall. I love rainy days especialy if I can curl up with a book

  161. jjohnson46

    I do enjoy the rain! It’s a nice break from the blazing hot sun!

  162. eisahvakohler

    All of the trees have been blooming! It’s been great, we’re getting a ton of fruit.

  163. Donna (@DonnaDMB)

    Stormy here in Georgia and I love a good storm. We have everything blooming, buzzing, and chirping around here.

  164. Janet W.

    Yes, it’s been quite a rainy day here in Georgia!

  165. Dan Denman

    I like the rain. I don’t like the hail. We had some golf ball sized hail that did some damage.

  166. Michele Behlen

    I do not like the rain. I like sunshine and blue skies.

  167. Karen Giasson

    I live in Maine so it has still been cold and rainy. I do like the rain because it will help stop the drought.

  168. tat2gurlzrock

    I like when it washes the pollen away because of my allergies.

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