A little disappointment = Great News For YOU!!!

First I have a little rant… then the good news….

June’s Subscribe and Win winners have not responded. June’s giveaway left me very disappointed. Per terms and conditions each winner had 3 days to respond. I received no responses at all. That’s one disappointment.

The second disappointment, was the verifying process. I Verify all entries!! I do not approve of cheating. So the one and only mandatory entry was email subscription (the name of the giveaway states that plainly) after the first winner did not respond I had to go through 3 people that entered all options, but NEVER subscribed. If they did, they did not confirm. So they may have lost out just for not confirming. 🙁 I do not know if you subscribed or not without the confirmation. That is the only way I can see. This is a very important step! However it only needs to be done once!! Once you have subscribed and confirmed, you are automatically eligible for all future Subscribe and Win Monthly Giveaways!! You also have the option of what kind of subscription you would like. You can choose immediate ~ (as soon as a post is published up you get an email),  daily ~ (you get one email a day with the list of post published),  or even weekly ~ (they send one email a week with all the post published that week).

But that’s wasn’t all.. the third time I tried to get a winner, I had someone who did subscribe, and did confirm, but the option they won for was being a twitter follower. So I go to verify and sure enough, not a follower. I think well I know twitter messes up sometimes, and check the other options this person claimed to have done, blog comment, nope none, tweet about the giveaway, nope again.

Okay so let’s discuss the term OPTIONAL entry. What this means is you get credit if you choose to do this task. You don’t’ have to do the task to win the giveaway, but you do not get credit unless you do. Not you get to click did it, and optionally choose whether to really do it or not. Kinda thought that was understood, but just in-case. However if you do have any questions on how my giveaways work, or do not quite understand feel free to email me at info@freebiesdealsandsteals.com, I am super easy to get along with and try very hard to make my Readers happy to keep coming back. But I can not and do not condone cheating in anyway! It is unfair to other giveaway entrance who do honestly enter and takes the odds away from them. Some of the people may think they have skated their way through all these giveaways all the time, but I am here to tell you that I and a lot of bloggers are starting to put our foot down on this issue!

So after my long rant.. The Good News!!

As per terms and conditions of the Subscribe and Win Giveaway and I quote

“After I have tried 3 times to contact a winner (yes this does happen) I will end the giveaway as a NO WINNER and add this prize to my next giveaway!”


So all VALID entries in the July Subscribe and Win Giveaway will be eligible to win, all of June’s Prizes as well, you can see them HERE!!

Have a great day!!


  1. Even your rant was nice. 🙂 Yay us!

  2. sounds good to me:)

    • Anna Galanos on July 14, 2012 at 11:55 am
    • Reply

    YAYE ME!

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