Sep 07

Reason for the Season Giveaway Hop

Reason for the Season Giveaway Hop

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How has your summer been?
Are you looking forward to fall and the upcoming Holiday Season?

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  1. Kim H

    I love the holidays but not the cold….

  2. Brandy Jones

    Summer is not my season. So I don’t really do much. I love fall. It’s just so pretty with the changing leaves and the crisp air. My boyfriend and I go to so many fall festivals. I plan to go to a corn maze this weekend.

  3. Daniel M

    summer hasn’t been very good hope the fall is better

  4. clumsycruiser

    Summer has been great. But, I’m really looking forward to fall!

  5. Kelli Bryson

    Great summer but definitely looking forward to cooler weather

  6. Lisa Voyce

    My summer was good…got to backpack in New Hampshire and Maine. I always enjoy the Fall due to the cooler weather and the changing color of the leaves.

  7. Kamla L.

    My summer was very quiet and relaxing. I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays festivities.

  8. Katie Bellamy

    I’m ready for the Halloween festivities!

  9. Anne Higgins

    Summer was good – got to see the grandkids more often which is great!. Don’t enjoy the heat and humidity so fall is great – been in the yard a few days this past week and look forward to being outdoors more as the seasons change.

  10. mary ballerin

    Summer was good. I took my pugs to Chicago for a staycation and to help raise funds for pug rescues, it was a fun-filled weekend in a beautiful hotel. My fence finally got completed, after three years. In August I adopted a 13 year old pug whose family of twelve years was re-homing him. I have a grumble of pugs now, and it warms my heart to give Otis a furever home with my two young pugs.

  11. Jeanna Massman

    I’m looking forward to the holidays. I’m already planning.

  12. Christina Sparks

    Yes, I am looking forward to fall, but it already seems like it going to be two weeks of fall and then winter is going to hit.

  13. Tara Darity

    We had a good summer but definitely looking forward to fall and the holiday season!!

  14. Sarah Mathias

    My summer has been enjoyable, but the fall is my favorite time of year. I love Halloween.

  15. Ellie Di

    My summer has been good. I had the chance to travel to the Black See for almost a week and it was a fantastic holiday: five years have passed since the last time I saw the sea, I was so excited.
    I’m looking forward for Christmas of course! I’m already practing my cookies decorating skills so this year I’ll surprise everybody with home made delicious biscuits!

  16. Sammi Dotti

    Sorry, I put in the mandatory enter https://it.pinterest.com/sammina/ instead of Sammi Dotti!

  17. Sammi Dotti

    I had a good summer in Croatia with my lovely boyfriend. For this season I’m finding a new job!

  18. Kiara

    I had a great summer!

  19. heather s

    Great summer, visited with relatives. Yes, I love the holidays and decorating

  20. Annamarie V

    My summer was OK, I’m looking forward to the holiday season because we are expecting a new puppy.

  21. Zoey

    I enjoyed summer, but I love fall. It is my favorite season.

  22. binabugged

    worked way too much OT this summer..where the heck are all the workers? SIGH, am glad its getting colder as that means we should slow down enough to only 5 hrs OT a week lol

  23. lyn212

    Summer was really good but went by too fast. I’m not looking forward to the holidays yet.

  24. robinmblankenship

    Summer was busy. I am looking forward to Fall and cooler temps and Halloween.

  25. Kyl Neusch

    very nice summer!

  26. elizabeth miller

    My summer was awesome. I can not wait until the holidays. I really love the holiday season.

  27. Crystal F

    My summer has been fine. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Holiday season. It’s my favorite time of the year.

  28. nafeza2526

    My summer has been very hectic and adventurous..i like fall and having the cooler weather also excited for the upcoming holidays and festivities!

  29. Jodi Hassel

    Summer was good, too short!

  30. LB

    Summer was ok. Can’t wait until Christmas!! Cooler weather is right around the corner 😀

  31. pollylee

    I am ready for some cooler weather but here in Northern California we still have hot weather in September. Ready to bring out the fall wardrobe and get ready for the holidays!

  32. Debbi Wellenstein

    We spent a couple of weeks with family and friends this summer. I have not yet planned anything for fall or the holidays.

  33. Julie Bickham

    Well last week we just moved into a new house. I have already started to decorate for the fall season!

  34. Lasonda

    My summer has been good. I’m looking forward to fall and cooler temperatures and I love the holidays and enjoy decorating for the season.

  35. Lisa Weidknecht

    My summer has been busy and I am looking forward to busy holidays.

  36. Julia Barnes

    My summer was nice but I’m looking forward to the cooler weather in Fall.

  37. The_Not_So_Perfect_Mom

    Summer here was short and hot. I worked most of the summer. I’m glad its cooling off and I am home doing homeschool with my kids. 🙂

  38. Cynthia Conley

    I had a very nice summer and I wish it would never end. I hate cold weather.

    1. Ashley Chassereau Parks

      I am definitely looking forward to the cooler weather!! It has been so hot here in SC. I can’t wait to take some Fall walks!

  39. Melissa

    I had the best summer. I love fall and all the upcoming holidays. Looking forward to cooler weather and halloween.

  40. msrodeobrat

    Our summer has been exciting and fun, but i am looking forward to cooler fall weather! I also love football season 🙂 We are looking forward to the holidays because of course, its my favorite time of year, but we are also expecting our first baby during the holiday season!

  41. Richard Hicks

    Had a great summer but now look forward to cooler Fall

  42. Adrienne Gordon

    Summer has been crazy, can’t wait for family at the holidays!

  43. alice minx

    Yes! I love the cooler weather and prepping for the holidays!

  44. James Christian

    I thoroughly enjoyed my summer because I found myself with lots of free time to pursue the things I wanted to do. I am even more excited for winter though because the climate becomes much more bearable outdoors!

  45. Elizabeth Brooks

    Yes I love fall. So many fun things to do

  46. Jason Vaughn

    I moved over the summer so that really took all of it up

  47. Debbie P

    I had a nice summer and I am very much looking forward to fall and Halloween and the wholr holiday season!

  48. Amber

    Summer has just been ok but I’m looking forward to sweater weather and seeing my family for the holidays.

  49. mrsmchappell

    I’m sad to see summer go, but I love fall and Christmas, too!

  50. Chrystal D

    I’ve had better summers to be honest!

  51. aimee place

    looking forward to fall because my little one is due in just a few weeks

  52. Paula Michele Hafner

    Summer has been busy. I have one daughter expecting and day. I have another daughter getting married in a few weeks. I look forward to the Holidays especially since we will have our first grandchild!

  53. Gina Ferrell

    My summer was good! I’m looking forward to the fall and the cooler weather I love wearing my jeans and sweaters and definitely the holidays.

  54. susan smoaks

    summer was nice, it’s always my favorite season

  55. Cindy Merrill

    Summer was fine, but I’m looking forward to Fall, our Senior meal program closed because it’s located at a school- and they’re reopening the program this coming week! We have many seniors who need this service.

  56. Diane Therkildsen

    My summer was great and looking forward to Fall

  57. Renee Richardson

    My summer was interesting. My divorce was finalized and we are navigating co-parenting. I am really looking forward to the holidays and spending time with family. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  58. Melody Gross

    Summer was great, but I’m ready for Halloween and Christmas!

  59. Amy Deeter

    Summer was nice. Went to a local fair and an amusement park for my daughters girl scouts. Not looking forward to the cold and the Holidays that much. I have seasonal depression real bad

  60. Sandy Klocinski

    My summer was good! I got to go to southern California and stay at a desert resort thanks to a gift from a friend. Other than that I was just at home relaxing. I’m looking forward to the Christmas holiday. Christmas is the best holiday because my daughter comes back home, we stay together, eat together, drink together and laugh together. Counting down to it!

  61. Teresa A Thompson

    My summer was good and I’m really looking forward to fall. I love the cooler temps and color changes.

  62. Stacy

    My summer has been full of events and spending time with friends and family. I am looking forward to the holidays because it means even more activities and time with loved ones.

  63. Terra Heck

    I’ve had a pretty good summer. I love Fall and wish it was that season all year long. I’m sure I’ll be more excited for the holidays as they get closer. Thanks.

  64. Jen R

    My summer has been good overall. I got to take a couples long weekend to wine country and we took a week’s family vacation with the kids to a fun location. We finished our kitchen remodel and had great weather this summer so it has been a good season. I love the fall season for the return of routines and the beautiful weather and fall colors.

  65. spacey

    My summer was quite relaxing, but I wish we sped more time at the pool. However, I’m a fall child and looking forward to the cozy season 🙂

  66. Cheryl Chervitz

    I’m ready for fall and the cooler weather and autumn colors.

  67. Patricia Brewer

    Summer has been interesting. I’ve learned some new things, had new experiences. The fall is all about lower temperatures and saving money…And preparing for holidays. I love it!

  68. Jennifer Rote

    My summer was so boring! Not looking forward to fall.

  69. Heather B

    I love everything about fall so I am definitely looking forward to the changes!

  70. Michele Behlen

    I had a good summer and look forward to fall but I dislike what comes next. Cold weather and snow.

  71. Katrina Angele

    Our summer was ok. Got to go to the beach of few times. I am looking forward to fall and cooler weather. And thanksgiving!!

  72. Melina Ramirez

    My summer has been good. I am looking forward to fall and the upcoming holidays.

  73. gracefulcoffee

    I cannot wait for fall! I had a nice summer, but am so excited for cooler weather.

  74. Sarah Hayes

    summer has been fun. Im not looking forward to it ending

  75. Gina Marie

    I had a great summer, but I am so glad that fall is arriving. I look forward to the change in temps and the beautiful fall leaves.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  76. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    summer was ok. but i am waiting for winter. the weather is great.

  77. Dawn Ballo

    My summer was okay not too exciting. I’m looking forward to fall and the cooler weather but dont even want to think about the holidays yet.

  78. Tammy Shelton

    Great Summer with lots of travel. Looking forward to a slower Fall.

  79. Birdie Skolfield

    summer was great but way too hot looking forward to cooler nights out on the patio

  80. Riri

    My summer has been great, I already miss it. I don’t like the cold weather…

  81. Megan

    Ugh, I am so not ready for summer to be over!

  82. Ashley turicik

    This summer has been amazing but tiring, I’m 8 months pregnant with baby number four so it felt very long. I am very excited for the fall time and holiday season. I love decorating and all the fall festivities

  83. Dana

    I love summer but I love fall (pumpkin spice), winter (eggnog), and the holidays as well. I do so many traditions for them.

  84. jennifer bowen

    i’m so ready for fall and wll its ok summer is gone now i’m just a working on the fall and cantwait for halloween

  85. slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at excite dot com

  86. Holly Thomas

    My summer has been great but I am most definitely ready for the fall and the holidays coming up! My favorite time of the year!

  87. Debra Guillen

    Enjoyed spending the summer with my kids. Love the cooler temperatures of the Fall and that I can open my windows up and enjoy the outdoors. I always look to the holidays and being able to spend time with my family.

  88. mama_ofG

    I am ready for the holiday season. It hasn’t been the best summer but hopefully things will improve.

  89. Vicki Wurgler

    we had a good summer, Fall is a favorite season for me. I am looking forward to the holidays just not the cold of winter

  90. Motionless Trees

    I am definitely looking forward to fall and the impending holiday season. Bring on the cooler weather.

  91. latanya t

    It was quite boring. lol. I just worked

  92. Susan Smith

    I have had a good Summer, took a nice vacation. I hate to see it end.

  93. Linda

    The summer this year has been too hot. I am looking forward to the cooler weather of the holiday season.

  94. Julie Terry

    I am ready for summer to be over, it has been hot here and miserable. My summer has been full of chaos. I am looking forward to the coming months as me and my daughters start over in another state and I am hopeful that the chaos that plagued us this summer is now coming to a close.

  95. Jenny (@jnylala)

    Summer’s been great – finally able to travel a bit – but I’m ready for fall!

  96. Dedezoomsalot (@DedeZoomsalot)

    Summer was great — looking forward to the holidays. Life is a blessing.

  97. Linda Madden

    I do love summer but I’m ready for cooler weather but not winter.I hate winter!

  98. ladymagnolia99

    I am ready for summer to be over, we are having too many close hurricanes in my area!!! I love the fall because of the cooler weather and my favorite holiday is Christmas!!!!

    Judy Cox

  99. Lauren Becker

    Yes- I LOVE fall and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  100. Andrea Williams

    Summer was a lot of fun, but I am glad the kids are back in school and the fall schedule is in full swing.

  101. Chelsea W

    I had a great summer–lots of swimming and camping and BBQing! I am looking forward to the fall season because of the cooler weather, but also because of Halloween! I love decorating 🙂

  102. Jennylyn Gross

    Summer sucked! But I am looking forward to my granddaughter’s 1st birthday

  103. Piroska

    Summer was okay, but we’ve gone hard into fall. We’ve had 3 days of frost, already. And actually–I like it. My favourite season!

  104. Darcy L Koch

    My summer was busy. It went by way too fast. Now I am into fall cause it’s my favorite. I also have already started preparing for the holidays.

  105. rusthawk

    Summer’s been great! And the cool weather is finally here, so refreshing.

  106. Jackie

    The summer has been nice…pretty quiet. I am looking forward to spending time with family during the fall holidays.

  107. Jamie Williams

    Summer was great. It’s ending too soon. The only thing about fall I’m looking forward to is Halloween.

  108. DawnaN68

    I had a pretty good summer, I always look forward to the Holiday season.

  109. Corey Hutton

    How has your summer been? Hot, Can’t wait for Fall and Winter.
    Are you looking forward to fall and the upcoming Holiday Season? Yes, i love Fall and I can’t wait for the CHRISTMAS Season.

  110. Jenn Erin

    Our summer has been too hot for me (It has been good, don’t get me wrong) but I am so ready for the cooler weather! Fall is my favourite season too.

  111. margaret sarsfield

    My summer was a mess of moving and career upheavals. Fall is my favorite season and it can’t come soon enough.

  112. Dan Denman

    It was a good summer. We had a lot of good family time. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the holidays!

  113. Rachel

    My summer was pretty good. I’m not ready for fall yet because I love warm weather.

  114. Agnes DC (@magz_dc)

    Summer is always for kids and they sure did enjoy this year’s summer.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  115. Wendy Hutton

    summer was nice yes looking forward to fall as I hate the heat

  116. Lisa (@lisaleesaa)

    This summer has been nice as usual! We had a lot of quality time with the family. I’m looking towards the holidays though.

  117. Melissa Storms

    I was dreading the end of summer but now that it is a little cooler at night and still warm days I am looking forward to fall. I like the winter holidays because I get to see more of my family.

  118. ssjmommy

    I have had a wonderful summer. It went by way too fast! I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hopefully my grown children will visit during at least one of those holidays. 🙂

  119. Julie Lundstrom

    I have had a wonderful summer but I am looking forward to fall for it is my favorite season.

  120. Kaycee

    My summer was a roller coaster. Wasn’t all bad but not all good either. I’m loving the fall weather that has already started though!

  121. Trisha

    My summer was nice but definitely too short. I am not looking forward to the cold and rainy fall.

  122. Lois M.

    Summer was fine – and heck yeah, love those holidays… okay, love the food and goodies associated with them the most! 😀

  123. Sally Gearhart

    I had a great summer but I’m so ready for fall! I’m ready for cooler weather but I will definitely miss working in my garden.

  124. Kimberly R

    I worked for the summer, really have to get a vacation.

  125. progress001

    I look forward to musky fishing in the fall. Summer was way too fast and gone. I love the holidays!!!

  126. Ann Fantom

    We had an awesome summer. We did several day and weekend trips and one week vacation to the beach. I’m not really looking forward to fall and the upcoming Holiday Season. I’m in no rush for winter to arrive.

  127. Will G

    My summer was okay. It went way too fast though.

  128. nurselinda101

    I love this time of year. I moved from Florida to Tennessee and the weather is so nice here. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  129. jlindahlj

    I had a good summer. The weather was not too hot around here. I am looking forward to fall and the holiday season.

  130. kelly nicholson

    Reason for the season giveaway hop! How has your summer been?
    Are you looking forward to fall and the upcoming Holiday Season?

    looking forward to football,and maybe a trip later on

  131. Ashley C

    Summer has been awful for me honestly. Not to be a downer or anything, but I lost my dog early in the summer – June 17th – so, it’s made things really difficult. I’m ready for summer to be over with. And I’m ready to take on fall. It’s my favorite time of the year — cooler weather = hoodie weather ~ best thing ever! And I enjoy seeing the leaves changing.

  132. Ellie Wright

    I’m a hot weather lover so I’m not looking forward to the fall or winter. But I am looking forward to watching my grandson’s football games.

  133. heather kaufman

    My summer was busy, I am looking forward to cooler days.

  134. Candice

    My summer was so fast, it seems like a blur. I love the holidays and am looking forward to spending time with family.


    summer went by so fast but I’m looking forward to the fall and holiday season

  136. Lisa Williams

    I’m done with Summer’s hot sleepless nights but I will miss the sunny days, I’m excited about Fall coming and the cooler nights so I can sleep and I love getting ready for the holidays and trying new recipes for our holiday dinners.

  137. Jennifer L.

    My summer was great. It ended too quickly but that’s okay. I think the fall will be beautiful.

  138. Jayne Townsley

    Summer is my least favorite season so I’m glad to see fall! Love the holidays!

  139. Jan Lee

    Summer was brutal, lol Am so done with it. Ready for fall and the holidays!! 🙂

  140. Kelly D

    I had a nice summer and spent a lot of time with my kids. I am ready for the fall festivities, but I wish my kids had more time off from school.

  141. Cynthia R

    Summer has been busy and frustrating, we are looking forward to fall very much and hope to get out of town a few times.

  142. Joye

    I had a great summer. I live in Arizona so when it got to be triple digit temps I went to the beach in San Diego. I am lucky in that I have a sister that lives there so I got to do some visiting.

  143. Cathy French

    Summer was uneventful for me this year. I’m looking forward to fall as we have a reservation for a cabin in the woods on a lake and its going to be at peak autumn color season.

  144. monique s

    Yes, I am looking forward to it. Love decorating the house with the kids for fall and the holidays

  145. Laurajj

    Oh summer has been wonderful for us. We raised and released almost 600 monarchs this summer! Was so beautiful watching each one soar! I am anxious for fall and the leaves changing colors. Such a beautiful time of year!

  146. shelly peterson

    Summer was pretty good. I am not looking forward to the snow.

  147. Kim Avery

    My summer was great! My middle son got married and my youngest announced grandson #4 is due in December! Can’t wait for the holidays to begin!

  148. rita leonard

    summer is always great and always goes too soon.

  149. Tiffani P.

    We had a fun summer but I’m ready for fall. I’m looking forward to Halloween and going to the pumkin patch and fall festivals.

  150. Lisa Brown

    summer was great; looking forward to the fall season and halloween

  151. Natalie

    I have had a great summer but I am super excited to run a marathon this fall and I cannot wait for Christmas!

  152. Lulu

    My summer was ok, but I am goad autumn is here- fresher air, cozy knits snd hot chocolate are waiting:-)

  153. Mary Carmen (@mami2jcn)

    Summer felt too long. I’m ready for fall!

  154. Silvia Fugate

    Our summer has been good but way to try. I do love fall but I hate winter here. We get to -30 and with wind chills we have actually seen a feels like of -70!

  155. James Robert

    Summer was pretty good but kids had been gone to visit their mom for awhile. I don’t mind fall but not looking forward to winter which comes to quickly after.

  156. Ellen Stafford

    Summer has been good. The weather has been a bit hit and miss here in the UK but managed to spend a lot of quality time with my niece which has been fun.

  157. slehan

    Good summer. Not looking forward to shorter days.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  158. Charity Cram

    My summer went way too quickly, it always does! I enjoyed my sister and her kids visit. I’m not the biggest fan of fall, but do like the fresh donuts and apple cider at local farms.

  159. Kathy Ross

    I had a nice summer. Didn’t do much, but that’s ok. Not looking forward to the cold weather and all the holidays. But that’s due to not having certain people around for them anymore. And because I already have depression.

  160. Richard Brandt

    I’m ready to be dones with summer – this morning we had a cool breeze come along and it was like a breath of fresh air, only also colder.

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