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This OR That Holiday Giveaway Hop!

This or That Holiday Giveaway Hop!
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Holiday Giveaway Hop

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What gifts are you hoping to get this year?
What gifts are you looking to find for your loved ones?
What would be your Ultimate Holiday Gift?
What do you want for Christmas?

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  1. Maria B

    – I like getting gift cards to restaurants and stores for this Christmas.
    – Gift cards, toys and clothing on some items on my loved ones Christmas list.
    -My ultimate gift would be a new car.
    – I like some new clothing.

  2. Mary Gardner

    I am hoping to get a new purse for Christmas this year.

  3. molli taylor

    ugh. i went through a terrible break up and he got super vindictive, so i’d really like to replace some of the things that meant something to me.

  4. Linda Walker

    I have a lot of wants but not real needs. I would love to have a peaceful Christmas and just spend time with family.

  5. pollylee

    I would love to get a new laptop this year!

  6. Jen B

    I’d like a quilting ruler.

  7. golden storm

    i dont really know what i want for christmas,,its more just wanting my family to be around and to make it special

  8. Courtnie Miller

    I’m hoping to get some new shoes.

  9. Lauren Becker

    I’d really like a planner for next year. I need a good one!


  10. julie murphy

    I want my bathroom finished.

  11. Thomas Murphy

    I want a new TV.

  12. sheila ressel

    I would like to get a food processor for Christmas.

  13. Tiffany S

    I would love to get some new hunting gear for Christmas this year.

  14. KateS

    I’d love to get some books. For my mom I’d like to find something for the kitchen since she loves cooking and baking, and for my brother something for the car. My ultimate holiday gift I think would be a Kindle Paperwhite – that’s what I want for Christmas!

  15. sohamolina1969

    I want giftcards. My family will get giftcards,

  16. jenn sparks

    I’m hoping to get a juicer this year so we can be healthier and get more vegetables in our diet. We both would like new winter coats year.

  17. piroska

    I’m hoping to get some new winter boots this Christmas.

  18. barbg

    I would like to have a watch for Christmas. Mine has quit working and I miss wearing one. I know everybody with their new phones don’t need one anymore but I do not have a cellphone.

  19. Lana Bradstream

    I want a new smartphone and a bath robe

  20. Randi S

    Honestly, I’m one of those people who don’t need a lot for me… I just want my family to be happy with what they’re given more than anything. I wouldn’t mind a few Bible Journaling Supplies but aside from that, I’m good! 🙂

  21. rochelle haynes

    I would love to have new furniture

  22. Wendy Caddy

    I’m hoping to get some Christmas cookies from my daughters. They are all good bakers. If you’re talking store-bought, then I’d like some coffee, orange marmalade, or some food for my cats.

  23. Ellen C

    I would love some new boots for Christmas. I need to get my children some new books. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Cynthia R

    We’ve been looking for a house, it would be great to have one, start buying furniture for it. Honestly I don’t want to receive much until we have our house. For others, I’ve got some small items to buy, but not much.

  25. Christy Maurer

    I would love to get a gift card for new carpet lol! But since my kids are the ones buying for me, that’s not happening!

  26. Jo

    A really good waterproof camera

  27. Ellen Stafford

    This year I am hoping for things for my new home. I am mostly buying gift vouchers for the family because I live far from them it’s easier to send plus my niece is getting older now and likes to pick her own clothes.
    Ultimate gift would be a new tv for my new home as I don’t have one yet
    I just want my family to be happy at Christmas.

  28. jlindahlj

    I would love a Ninja Coffee Machine.

  29. paige chandler

    I want a new phone. Please Santa!

  30. dave

    A cell phone, a mixer,a car, a vacation

  31. Amie Gaudet

    What gifts are you hoping to get this year?

    I am hoping for gifts that put a smile on the faces of my kids and my husband.

    What gifts are you looking to find for your loved ones?

    I am always searching for things that are either useful or that will make them smile when they look at them even if it is a month later

    What would be your Ultimate Holiday Gift?
    That would be a trip to the Carribbean but that is highly unlikely

    What do you want for Christmas?
    I actually want a nrw daily planner.

  32. Mita

    a new DSLR camera

  33. Marcia Monteiro

    I was hoping to get a Notebook (the small computer) so I could take it to University and make my life a lot easier. My cat will get a new fluffy pillow that I’m knitting 🙂 Also, I wish my mother health.

  34. 19cs91

    My ultimate holiday gift (and I mean ULTIMATE!) would be a Tesla Model X.

  35. brenda c

    I don’t have anyone to receive gifts from. I am hoping to be able to put a few items under the tree for my daughter.

  36. Peggy Johnson

    I am hoping for a tablet this year

  37. Nikolina84

    I really want to be with my family for Christmas…

  38. Michele L

    I would like to get two really tough dog beds. My dogs chew everything up – even their own beds!

  39. Mary Cloud

    My ultimate gift would be a Vacation somewhere fun during the Christmas Holidays

  40. Geri Sandoval

    I love to get a simple pair of silver pearl earrings

  41. kelly

    What gifts are you hoping to get this year? love

    What gifts are you looking to find for your loved ones? nothing but peace

    What would be your Ultimate Holiday Gift? hawaii

    What do you want for Christmas? nothing you have to buy

  42. Riri

    I would like to have an ebook reader and I think I will surprise myself with that.

  43. Ann Fantom

    I’m getting my daughter a jewelry box and graphing calculator. I just want a nice set of non-stick cooking pans

  44. Kimberly R

    I really need some new work clothes, though that’s not something I would get as a Christmas gift.

  45. Heather Williams

    I don’t need anything this year. I would like our house to get some flooring soon! We were flooded a few weeks ago and hope that the insurance money comes through so we can have floors by Christmas!!! My hubby needs boots, so I am looking for those. And aside from that, I wish there was a gift just could get for my mom to show her how much she means to me. How do you gift someone so awesome?!?! And mostly, all I want is to see my son enjoy the holiday. Not too much to ask, right? Hahaha

  46. Liz R

    I am wanting to get my daughter the vtech activity desk.

  47. Tamra H

    I am hoping to get some camera equipment this year, fingers crossed!

  48. Melissa

    this year for christmas i would love a new ipad. im gifting clothes, jewelry, makeup and more to family and friends.

  49. chelsea w

    I really need a new laptop but I think I may need to keep dreaming lol!

  50. Jennifer Rote

    My Ultimate Holiday Gift would be a washing machine. Mine is on its last life. lol

  51. Cathy French

    I want a lot of things but realistically I am asking for a staples gift card, new slippers and new coffee pot.

  52. Veronica Lee

    I wish for a new DSLR camera.

  53. ov099

    What gifts are you hoping to get this year?
    What would be your Ultimate Holiday Gift?
    What do you want for Christmas?

    Well, all of those are the same answer – that I really am graduating after this semester…. too anxious about it! LOL

  54. Fe M.

    I would like to be able to treat my kids to lunch on Christmas; we haven’t had the time to go out as a family for quite some time now.

  55. Anastasia

    No gifts this year, giving or receiving 🙂 Just no money for it!

  56. jalapenomamamn

    I am hoping to get a Wii this Christmas.
    Looking for fun toys for the grand kids.
    thank you
    form name Barbara Montag

  57. missbobloblaw

    I’m easy to please- I’d love coffee for Christmas!

  58. rsbrandt44

    I would like to get a new laptop because the screen on mine broke.

  59. Lynne B

    The ultimate gift would be a new job!

  60. Mel Borhi

    Id like to get some spa relaxing gifts like loofah and body wash also some massage oils and some aromatherapy candles for my bedroom.

  61. upstatemissy

    I really would love an Instant Pot for Christmas. My husband thinks that gifts should be personal and not a house gift. I think I have convinced him that it would be personal because it would free up a lot of time and besides I love kitchen gadgets and small appliances.

  62. Steve Weber

    I would love the new iPhone 7 for Christmas.

  63. Tainan Lu

    I am looking for boots

  64. Charity Cram

    I would love the BFG on blu-ray for Christmas, and would like to give LEGOs to the kids for Christmas!

  65. sohamolina1969

    I am looking for toys.

  66. Jackie

    I would love to receive a warm pair of flannel pajamas
    Thank you!

  67. Dan Denman

    I would like to receive books or gift cards. My kids like movies and gift cards. My grandson likes toys and books. My ultimate gift would be a signed first edition book from one of my favorite authors.

  68. Rachel

    I hope to get an electric toothbrush!

  69. Stephanie

    I would love a new dehydrator and an essential oils starter package from Young Living! I’m looking to give my little toddler some Melissa and Doug toys.

  70. Natalie

    I would love to get a new pair of running shoes for Christmas this year!

  71. Allie

    I just want everyone to be happy and healthy

  72. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    i would like to have some new gadgets like laptops, tabs, phones etc and some fragrance.
    my ultimate gift would be to get one million US dollars.
    and i would like to give my nieces and nephew games toys etc.
    and also i would like to have some books.

  73. Heather in VA

    My ultimate holiday gift would be for my family to clean and organize the house while I’m at work!

  74. Kathleen

    I am hoping to get cash and/or gift cards for gifts. The gifts I am looking for this year are Hatchimals (like everyone else lol) and deals on video games. My ultimate holiday gift would be a large 4K tv or a new car. What I want for christmas is cash or gift cards.

  75. Jody

    I’m dreaming of a quiet, joy filled Christmas season. That’s all I want. 🙂

  76. Candice

    I am not even sure what I want. I would love to have a robot vacuum for carpet, but mostly just want a relaxing holiday with family.

  77. Alexandru Rusu

    For Christmas i want a new smartphone 🙂

  78. Will G

    I hope to get tools!

  79. Kelly

    We are very modest in our Christmas “wants”. I just want some new socks and a pair of warm pants.

  80. Kristen

    I’d love a new bed frame.

  81. Stephanie

    I really need a new book cabinet.

  82. Maureen

    I would love to have a new car but being realistic a pair of exercise shoes would be great too.

  83. James Robert

    I am a dad raising all 5 of my kids alone so all I want is for them all to be happy. I am working on their Christmas, one is wanting a laptop so still need to find a deal on one of them.

  84. Jammie Morey

    I am hoping to get a new camera. I have my eye on a Nikon!

  85. shelly peterson

    I would love a laptop.

  86. SaraAB87

    I would like some computer accessories for Christmas.

  87. Lulu

    I want a new laptop and a purse)

  88. sihem

    i want to get a newphone

  89. Pamela Gurganus

    I am hoping to get a jewelry box.

  90. Kelly D

    I am hoping to get a new purse. The ultimate gift for me would be a new laptop.

  91. Michele Behlen

    I want some new pots and pans.

  92. Lisa Brown

    I am hoping to get a new sheets set this year.

  93. Tamra Phelps

    Hmm, I guess I’d like to get a new laptop (not holding my breath, though, ha!) I’m still looking for a good deal on a toy drone for a nephew.

  94. grandgiveaways

    I’m hoping to get lawn statues.

    name on rafflecopter: mami2jcn

  95. Jeffrey

    I’m looking for clothing item for my two boys, they are quite particular and its only getting worse as they get older!

  96. Shannon

    I am really hoping to get a new computer this year

  97. feeroberts64

    I want some new slippers, and some books I’ve been wanting for a bit now. I bought my grandson a train set. He just loves trains. I bought my granddaughter a Hello Kitty karaoke machine with her favorite singer, Justin Timberlake, the Trolls soundtrack. She’s going to flip!

Thank you for your comments and input! ~ If you need furter or immediate assistance please contact me via email at: info@FreebiesDealsandSteals.com

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